Tangled Currents - Black Bart

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Tuesday, 19 November, 1400; Parkwood Blvd and Acadia Ct, Puyallup, Seattle

Bart walked alongside Louie Large, who was large for a troll and talked a lot. He was talking right now.

"So she says, 'Where you think you're puttin' that?' And what do you think I said? Huh? What do you think I said?"

Bart shrugged, knowing that to open his mouth would only be to get interrupted. Every question from Louie Large was rhetorical.

He was happy to listen, though - they'd picked up the package Marj had sent them for, and it was almost Miller time.

"I said, 'I ain't puttin' nowhere till you beg for it, chica!' Hah! Can you believe the mouth on me, omae? Can you believe it?"

And then Louie's head snapped back and the rear of his skull exploded outward in a spray of brains, bone, and blood. Two elves in Princes colors appeared ahead at the end of the alley, blades bared, but it didn't distract Bart from the shadow descending around him - looking up, a third keeb was dropping straight down on him from the roof.