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<ooc> actually you're heading to the Shogun AR bar to sell the Temop to the Bratva. Uncle Hiro wants a minimum of $25k per kilo but if you are able to negotiate more than $40k per kilo the team gets to keep 10% of the overage ;-)

Jan Schaefer

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"Shit. Plan C time again," curses Jan as he runs for the truck.  And then curses again, since he accidentally got in the driver's side, thinking it was the passenger.  Nikushumi pauses and begins to speak, but Jan interjects "I'm moving, I'm moving, get in! Get this fragging thing leaving, go time!"  Nikushimi clearly agrees as he hastily straps in, but of course it's T who gets the truck in gear.

After fastening his seat belt and making sure the pursuit plan is engaged and understood by the whole team, Jan begins broadcasting both via Tacnet and commlink (for those who are not on tacnet).  "Wyt, Olaf, if you with us can up catch, now would be a good fragging time!  How long can it take to teach a dead man swim bathing!?" He pauses to breathe, and tries to think where to start.


It was a hell of a night- Pulling away from the SWAT raid, there was no pursuit.  None.  Who could explain that?  Watching the haughty elf gag thru a soydog from the Stuffer Shack was funny, but not funny enough to break through Jan's paranoia and suspicion.  Why was there no pursuit?  Did the police literally not care that a half ton of drugs was getting away?

Meeting the Russians at the AR bar started off well enough, but sure enough that went to hell in a handbasket too.  After sharing a bottle of vodka around and dropping a few names, Igor and his muscle seemed remarkably friendly.  Of course, the elf pressing her assets (both dorsal and ventral) all over Igor probably helped.  Igor even offered to throw in a couple of not-too-rusty AK 97's as a goodwill gesture in the deal.  And then, of course, the cops showed up.  Again.  In numbers.  Luckily, the Russians were smart enough not to start shooting, and the cops didn't even hold it against Jan that he tried to go invis and hide under a parked car.  And that was the wierdest part, of course.  The most racist and xenophobic cops in the world, finding foreign meta runners with drugs, guns, and money- who would expect to walk out of that with all their teeth?  And walk out was exactly what they let the runners do.  They practically gave them hot cocoa on the way out of the paddy wagon.  What the frag was going on?  The team pocketed a sweet commission on the sale, even after the big batch of drugs tested far less pure than the "free sample".  (It's probably lucky that Jan has not had time to think through why there was such a difference.  Or why the packaging on the big batch had no holes in it at delivery time, after T's drone presumably dipped its shiny mechanical beak into the shrink wrapped goodies.) 

Jan's paranoia and caution went over the top.  Clearly Ping was testy with him for suggesting that the team was not going to be able to be scalpel precise or ninja stealthy in NT, or that Sacristan should be warned not to expect as much here as in HK.  No doubt Jan is in for another scolding about the sass he gave Sacristan while they took the next job- to assassinate the leader of the Capsule gang, Takendo Sato.  Jan's pleas for 2 or 3 days were on deaf ears, at least according to Ping.  With the stubbornness of a dwarf, Jan is prepared to debate yet again that her response was ambiguous, if Ping gives him half a chance to object again.  But the plan went ahead- to sneak Ping into a quickie with Sato, then take advantage of the privacy to kill him and slip away. 

The drek hit the fan sooner than anyone expected when Ping's highborn instincts proved a mismatch for the biker bar where they found Sato.  She had to resort to magic to get a jilted jagoff to leave her alone within a minute of entry.  And her initial hope that Sato would fall into her lap (so to speak) were dashed just as quickly when Sato negotiated Ping's price and then fobbed her off on a subordinate.  Jimmy's willpower and libido were taffy in Ping's hands as she spelled him into asking Sato for a threesome, but her spell was not enough to overcome Sato's urgent need to... to what?  Jan's musings end abruptly as his memory returns him to the present moment, chasing Sato and his go-gang buddies to parts unknown.


"Listen, I had a thought while Ping in that bar was.  Some three thoughts alzo.  First, we really should have talked to Uncle Hiro.  And to Deng.  When we so quickly a new mission accept, naturally forget we things.   Ping, can you raise Deng and give him a quick update?  Is this a good time?"  Jan continues without pausing.  "Next, I think it can be that we set up are.  The police let us go twice, but they did our pictures release.  I think that it a warning is.  We need a low profile keep.  One time more we go forward without enough intel!  And with our strength divided, and the enemy together!  This is a recipe for catastroff.  I cannot believe that you me out of getting the weapon cache talked have.  Unbeliveably!  Scheisse, drek, dermo, merde! Kurva!"  You've never heard Jan resort to polish swear words before; he must have had extra soykaf on the way to the bar.  Or maybe the decorations on his sewer worker's uniform are a little too authentic, making his vocabulary match its ripe smell.  Anyway.  If you permission give, I want with Gangrel to speak.  Find out if the Capsules friends or enemies of theirs are, and if enemies, learn more.  Fast.  Time for stealth is over.  We have told that it ok to loud beben!  I want no more surprises!"

For almost the first time, he pauses long enough for someone to get a word in.  Clearly he's worked up into a lather.  Those that know Jan might not be too put off by his rant, and won't worry about whether he will stay with the group no matter how nasty the drek gets.  But the newer team members might not realize that this  kind of fuming and bitching is not too unusual for Jan.


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<ooc> nice post +1 karma!


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While the rest of the team focuses on their respective legwork, T decides it is a good time to start checking out the sites and scenes in Neo-Tokyo.

He stops by a local corner store and picks up a pint of Japanese whiskey and a bottle of expensive non-soy ginger ale. He chugs 5/6 of the ginger ale and wipes his lips with an "ahhh" provoked by the burn of the ginger.

Pouring the pint into the bottle of ginger ale fills it perfectly to the top, almost as if he knew exactly how much of the liter to drink before pouring the pint in. He smiles, satisfied with this result, and tosses the empty whiskey bottle in a nearby bin.

He pings an automated taxi on his deck, and it pulls up beside him in under a minute." Kanda", he says to no one, "in Takonashi", and takes a swill of his cocktail, leans back, and enters an online Paigow tournament he registered for earlier in the day.

The early rounds are a grind, just don't bust your nut, and try to stack up with as many sure fire plays as possible. There are plenty of people throwing chips around early, and if you can bait them in, you are looking at a big advantage when the tournament moves into the money.

He steps out of the taxi, takes down the last bit of his drink, tosses the empty bottle in a bin, and walks toward the door of the restaurant. He grasps at air for a second as he reaches for the door handle, and, not taking the time away from the game to read PUSH in Japanese, he gives the door a firm pull. Unphased and clearly distracted, he moves into the restaurant, and only snaps out of his focus on Paigow as the host asks him "Table for 1" in English. "Yes please, very excited to be here" he replies in Japanese, trying to save face after realizing his etiquette is giving him away like a beacon.

He sits down at the table, orders a glass of scotch, and takes turns glancing back between the Paigow tournament and the menu.

When the waiter comes back with his scotch, he orders a placenta sampler plate, Elf, Ork, and what appears to be a delicacy, awakened shark placenta. Just 1 spoonful of which will cost him •1000, but what the hell, he is trying to resurrect the old Tarus, and he knows, and says internally, 'this is something the old me would have done'.

Thoroughly enjoying the meal, he finishes, orders another drink, an Armagnac this time, and the players in the Paigow tournament begin to fall out. As he notices the tournament getting near the money, he requests the check and pings a cab to take him back to the condo. He also pings his Segway to meet him in the garage upon arrival.

When the car arrives, he is fully immersed in Paigow, and the automated vehicle has to ding thrice before he realizes it has come to a stop at his destination. He steps out, incredibly distracted, hops onto the Segway, and straps himself in.

At this point, several of the players at the final 2 tables are in full VR, and as soon as he gets onto his self stabilizing transportation, he will do the same.

The night draws on, and the final two tables become 1. T is short stacked, but he is DEFINITELY in the money.

(I do not know Paigow at all, otherwise I would describe the final few hands here)

T ends up in 4th place and takes down a •15,000 prize for his trouble. He jacks out of VR, and burps up a little placenta/Armagnac flavor. He swears it tastes even better now that he knows he didn't pay for it with the last cred to his name.


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<ooc> excellent post +1karma! <ooc>


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Standing over the now unconscious Jimmy, Jiao leaned up against a rather filthy wall, uncharacteristically. Apparently some kind of water spell malfunctioned as tears started flowing down her cheeks....It always works dammit! She screamed inside of her head. Sex always worked back in Hong Kong and mainland China but Neo Tokyo played under a different set of rules. Everyone wins and enjoys getting fucked...That's supposed to be the agenda! Looking down at her volumptious assets in her tshirt she gave them a quick adjustment trying to understand what went wrong. Casually she found nothing and ran her hands over her ears and remembered that she was hiding her heritage. Her elven heritage.

If someone from the path of the wheel saw me now... She shivered at the thought of that and hoped and preyed no one from her magical clan of sorts would know about this failure. Thankfully the rest of the group hid back. Hurrying back to her motorcycle she realized she probably had a long drive at top speed to burn rubber, at least she could take solace in taking her self disappointment on rubber.

Even the new Oni caught on that she was unsure of her original face which brought her painstaking memories back, during the stereotypical shopping and recon work. I can't even hide my goddamn secrets from an orc...a fuckin' orc. Will I ever get back to the bar I so loved? Will I ever raise the money? Or am I continuing to spend it on useless baubles of fighting? Is that my new home?

Finally having gotten back to her motorcycle, she took her overclosed helmet out of it and slapped it on. She'd have to use the age old excuse for allergies when she finally caught up with the bad guy...or who knows maybe never even take it off. Never the less she couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched much to her dread.

<ooc: the mentor spirit discussed before />

Pushing onward, Jiao continued driving. She just kept driving but stuck in this vicious goddamn loop. The ONLY reason we are in this situation is because I FAILED...No one else ever FAILS... She reflected back on how they did entry into the bar and the battered clothes she has on now. She feels like a common whore. Another shiver went down her body. Hell I've been trying to hide my magic for so damn long maybe to the world I am a common whore.

No more reflection....No more stalling. It is time to go. Time to save the friends she failed. And with that she resumed her hectic driving down the freeway.

<ooc: I thought of some cool ways the mentor spirit may be able to react but want to wait til I'm in person to discuss it. />

Jan Schaefer

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(translated from German by Wusystems Multitalk 3.0- your smart value leader for realtime and written translation!)

Dear Rudi,

What a month it has been.  I canít believe how much has happened in that time.  I barely got out of Berlin safely, but just as Jens foresaw, it was much easier to fly from Bulgaria than from anywhere in Germany or Austria.  No security at all.  I wrapped Sylvi in a foil blanket and checked her into luggage.  Hong Kong was 6 hours away only.

His contact got me work immediately, as I previously wrote to you.  The team took a short time to settle about, but we are one big happy family.  Happier than ours, which does not say much, but you know what Dostoyevsky said.  Speaking of which, I must remember to see if Frau Reid is still alive and teaching, the most amazing teacher. 

We sometimes add and lose a member, but the stable core seems to be Olaf, the Dresdner troll, Wyt, the Nippon swordsman, and Jiao, the racist face.  Oh?  Racist?  Yes, itís good old times again, she would fit in wonderfully in Paderborn.  Never mind, I can handle it.  Our upbringing made us both strong to this kind of talk.  Iím glad to get out of Japan, of course, they are all like that and not just the elves. 

But I get ahead of my history.   In Hong Kong we quickly found ourselves with two paymasters- the first to place us in the employ of the second, as a false servant.  But we have actually served them both so well!  There has been too much excitement, trouble follow us constantly.  But always we overcome, usually without even a scratch on the jacket.  The swordsman and the troll are amazing in a fight, even better than you in close quarters.  Today or ever.  We have faced spirits, drug lords, Yakuza, Shedim (yes!), goddamn Helldogs, triads, and even more spirits.  The mightiest spirits I have ever seen, I am sure by a factor of one or two on the Heitzlmann scale.  One time we only got away because it didnít want to chase it (never offer me tea again), and one time only because our rigger found a nearby Gau-kanone (untranslatable-  from context, probably some kind of gun-  upgrade to Wusystems Multitalk 4.0 for enhanced idiomatic and technical vocabulary, only 50 nuyen a month for the first three months- click here!) to cut a wildbeastsummon in half.  Oh, did I mention the rigger?  We have come halfway across the world the wrong direction, to his home, in Los Angeles.  He seems a good sort, as good as Heidi was with rigging and almost as good as you with hacking. 

I wonít tell you all the details, but we have steadily working.  We have gained the trust of our employers, at three levels.  The gang who thinks we are working only for them, based in the Americas with worldwide connections.  The gang who hired us to work for both gangs and report on the other, and the boss outside that gang. Who, I fear to say, may be over three thousand years old.  No more will I say about that, it is only speculation and rumor.  We have not, god be thanked, dealt with that employer first hand.  We never make a deal with that kind of employer, no matter the pay. 

The latest operation was almost typical from what we have encountered recently.  First, the boss (the one that thinks they are the only boss) says ďwe have to recover this material from local police corporation, and by the way, we have no idea how the bullen (from context, this refers to police, not cows or bulls- Upgrade to Wu T RESET COMMAND RECIEVED, SKIPPING) found this shipment, we donít care, go get it anyway.  The rigger had a contact here in Los Angeles and we  quickly through him found a local with enough knowledge to get us close.  Even got us in the garage.  Iíve been practicing my invisibility spell, I got the swordman and the local concact invisible from cameras and guards, we get the package with almost no trouble, although one guard decides to interrupt his nap to see why the garage door opens and closes itself twice, ha!  And then it goes kiwi.  It always goes kiwi.  Or maybe I just never wite about the boring ones. 

I know you, Rudi, you donít want to miss any details.  But I need to sleep, so I will only tell you the high points.  Remeber the tea remark?  Servant of demon in Hong Kong, who seemed once to be loyal and innocent local child guide for tips, gave us bad tea in Hong Kong, closest to death our face has ever been.  Urchin was servant of major spirit.  Seriously major.  Time to bend the shoes!   Only foe we have left standing in a while.  So, in Hong Kong, two weeks ago, we have in Japan since then, last we saw him. So, why is this child slinking around this exact police station at four in the morning?  Time to leave, quietly, I tell the team.  Quickly too, but donít run.

At that time two orcs and something I never figure out what attack the troll waiting in getaway car.  Troll eats gunfire including De-U round (Yes!) and smiles, asking for more.  But some invisible thing- could not ever see on tacnet- paralyzes him.  Knowing he has fireproof armor, wurst grilling time and orcs begin to run.  Did I mention no cover and two assholes strafing us with machine guns from the side the whole time?  I have luckliy only a new stain in my pants, not in chest area of my jacket, or helmet.   Fireballs left and right, they donít back off until the swords man cuts off one of the arms of their leader.  Leaving THREE.  Oh, have I got your attention now?  See attached pictures.  She says we killed her sister and will have revenge.  Funny, donít remember seeing any other dry land octopuses lately. Like I say, we remove one of the extra arms, she goes down, and her playmates have had enough.  The little treacherous squirt from Hong Kong now has his brains decorating the gutter.  Too bad, maybe would have liked to ask him how he finds us.  Some day I will tell you the funniest part of this whole story, but I really have to go. 

Tomorrow we play defense at big hotel for ďhonest businessmenĒ who do business with stealth planes and submarines.  Just like good old days, eh?  Thank god no Mafia or dogs, otherwise it might ruin my mood. 

Rudi, I know you needed that last chunk of money I sent.  I hope you didnít share any with Mom, and donít tell me if you did.  I would rather imagine her begging for her wine than staying home with it.  Closest to honest work sheís done in ten years if she is on the street.  Never mind.  I will send more soon.  Some day, you will get to Africa. Soon I may be able to return to Berlin and try again to make it happen for you.   but for now the money is too good, and the word is that Stephan and Fritzi havenít stopped looking for me yet.  Tell me if you hear different.

Stay low, dear brother, stay quiet, and above all, stay safe.  I will write more details when I have time.  But for now, here is a picture with me, troll and swordsman I have mentioned, and an Oni we briefly made friends with in Neo Tokyo.  Best noodles I ever had, except for yours of course!

Your loving brother,

Karl (but if I call you this week, call me Jan.) 
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<ooc> excellent post! +1 karma added to your sheet.


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The escape pod dropped away from the 25th  floor, the sounds of gun-fire quickly dropping off as it hit terminal velocity.

Togís hands moved quickly to reload his pistol as his mind raced through the next steps needed to get the team to safety.

 Assemble in the private parking section and get mobile was the most obvious answer. Unless of course the strike group had another squad waiting for them, given how thoroughly they had taken apart his teamís extensive preparations itís likely they would have that base covered too.

Tog took a deep breath to steady himself and crab-climbed his way up to the roof of the drop pod, making his hands, feet and knees magically ďstickĒ, holding him above the top of the door.

Wyt had been the first to exit with the principleÖ

ďAny action down there buddy?Ē

He waited for a response as the drop pod continued itís free-fall towards ground level.


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<ooc> some post-session info for you to hang some RP on <ooc>

Wedged in the cramped drop-pod with the principle propped against the wall with a knee and shoulder bracing her in a upright position Wyt scanned the team's tac-net, looking for a camera feed that would give him some intel on what his summoned spirit was up to on the 25th floor. Nothing. Reviewing the various camera feeds it was clear that the entire team was either already in motion towards the underground parking structure or was about to be. Judging by the team positioning dots it looked like Olof would be the first to arrive followed by Bloodhound, himself, Jan & Jiao, then Tog with Tarus bringing up the rear.

Pulling his attention away from the tac-net he took stock of the principle's condition.  She had a bad gash across the top of her scalp that was still bleeding profusely, should he dress that wound now or wait until they arrived in the underground parking structure? It had taken all of what, 15 seconds, to hustle her out of the hail of bullets and into the drop-pod, she couldn't have lost that much blood in such a short time. As he contemplated the idea of applying first-aid her eyes fluttered open and broad grimace quickly spread over her face.

Wyt was stunned, she was knocked cold just a few seconds ago, so much dead weight.

"Who are you?" she said rather pointedly as her suddenly quick hands grabbed his wrists in a vice-like grip of uncanny strength.

"Well, answer me or I will rip your arms from their sockets and watch your life-blood pour out like the falls of Yumbilla."

Just then Wyt's tac-net pinged with a message from Tog "Any action down there buddy?"
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Jan Schaefer

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Dropping down the chute with Tog, Jan's mind whirls.  How did the commandos know to come straight for the one-third of the building that was occupied?  Who was the mole- was it the spider?  One of the attendees?  Even, perhaps, Sacristan?  And, ultimately, how could they still accomplish the great goal- finding the source and nature of Tempo?  How were the last two months of activity related?  Why were there shedim in the South Philippine Sea?  Why were the Aztlaners so brazen about placing their operatives in Pueblo territory?  Why were the demons of the Kowloon Walled City still pursuing us?  What was going to happen to that four-armed woman's hand in the freezer upstairs?  Where had she vanished to? 

And, back to the most important questions:  Were there going to be any foes in the basement?  Would they gain enough time to get away from the pursuing commandos?  How long until High Threat teams responded?  Would it be smarter to keep the assault rifles or ditch them? 

(Edit 6/25:  Jan is in the elevator with Jiao, not Tog.)
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(Hidden datafile found in one William Viginere)

<File located: LastWill.xhtml>
<Unencryption running>
<Error: Access Denied>
<Error: Syntax Error>
<Program BCypher.Alias running>
<Shutdown: Access Denied>
<Decryption Complete>
<Display available data? Y/N/A>

  Ahoihoi chum. Curiosity killed the cat, you know the phrase? Know the rest? No? Then carry on.

  You got this, which means you're probably the slot that got me. How much did they tell you? You won't answer that. If you got this I'm dead after all. So you opened this up to find out more. You're next on their list now. I don't know who you are but you might as well know a bit of who I am.

  When I was young, I used to be pretty good with tech. Both my folks spent all their time slaving away so I was raised by the stuff, literally. Still recall some of those first e-toys and all the fun we had. Once my folks found out though, that stopped pretty quick. Worried I'd end up getting taken into some lab and prodded until I could only drool and hope for death. At least that's what I figure, they never talked about it to me. Keep your head down, do as you're told, bright future ahead. Suppose it's true if you never ask what's behind the light.

  Know what's good about being raised by machines? You can learn all kinds of things about them. All kinds of things. Not talking about servos and gyroscopes and that, that's just mechanics. You learn well and you can figure out their why. And you know chummer? They're just like people. They do what they're programmed to do, just like you did.

  If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a smart-ass. You probably already shot me once just for spite from something I said or did to ya. No hard feelings. Pranks and puzzles were always my thing. Got a few still primed in fact, but that's later.

<Access Denied: Unable to close file, file in use elsewhere>

  Touchy touchy.

  I was Ivy League, you know? Physical too, not just some 'trix course. So sit back down and respect your elders. There's a good kid. Anyways, where was I? Oh yea. Literature and Criminology. That means I know how folks like you, like us, think, and studied historic examples both real and fictional. Don't argue, you killed me. Orders are only motive. Besides I've been watching how things work since before Big D was a citizen. I lived through SURGE, through the LA quakes, and Crash 2.0 and you opened this file so deal with it.

  After graduation I ended up working for... Well, you know. Bet they didn't tell you I had your job, neh? Analyst first though, admittedly. But got sent into the field undercover after some time, was pretty good at it too. False names, data gathering, profiling... Sleeper agents could've looked up to me on some cases. Because I know people. Just like software, we end up getting coded by our experiences, programmed in how we act, what we do, and why. The only surprise is hidden code. We all got that too, things we didn't know we knew or ways we'd react until the program hits an error. But those can be adjusted for, by the right programmer.

  Sure you can tell, things took a turn though. No big sob story. I got close enough to that bright future to see what was holding the light, and I quit. That's all you need to know. They don't like their property walking away, and I'm sure you got a report on all the chrome that naturally had to come with. It's where you found... this. And you just had to peek, neh? Thanks.

  See, here's the thing. Bet you saw the file, said to yourself, "Self, I bet there's a bonus in it for me if I get this for'em." "But Self, if it's still on him when you hand over the once-twitchy meatsack, why would they pay?" "Good point Self, I should take it so I can make sure." "Not a bad idea if I do say so myself. But how do you know it's got anything worthwhile?" "You should open it." "But I'm you." "Good point." And here we are.

  You know what else I like though? A good pun to go with my surprises. And if my skill is anything like you hope it isn't, this will be a most excellent knee-slapper. If your intel was good, you had wifi down for the block when you made your move. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But I bet it isn't now. I bet you didn't bring some primitive landline to tell your superiors your job is done. But I bet you wish you had now, because you've heard ghost stories...

<Force Shutdown Denied>

<Force Shutdown Denied>

<Force Shutdown Denied>

  I know how people think. I know how I think. Deus ex machina. This might work. It might not. You don't know, anyone you tell won't know, and the more you mention it the faster you'll find yourself inhumed. But I'll know. Pretty funny, neh?

<Program BCipher complete>

<Shutdown Complete>


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<ooc> nice bground post +1 karma!


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Incoming Data Feed
Source: Tog
Subject: How to secure your comms/ Pan protections for non-deckers

Hoi team, posting this to our shared tac-net, a parting piece of working advice from Tarus.
Note: I've implemented this on my personal comms already.

///begin transmission///

The Basic Package:
Nixdorf Sekretar running Diagnostics Commlink App; Device Modification, Add a Module (Program Carrier, Wrapper),2 Electronic parts (get consumed), 10 Standard RFID tags,  Total cost 5,401 Nuyen, up to 12 Devices in your PAN. 

Step one, Create your Pan.  Add the devices that have a wireless bonus that you always want running, starting with your Data Jack. 

Step two, if you've got spaces left in your PAN add RFID tags until you hit the PAN limit of devices.

Step three, go through and Wrapper everything important to be less important.  Wrapper the RFID tags as important stuff.

Step four, set your Nixdorf Agent to do a continuous Matrix Perception test on your Commlink and ask for a list of Marks.  Put the output in a tiny AR window, it should always read 4.

Step five, turn on your Diagnostic App. 

Example Samurai set up:

Nixdorf PAN, Device Rating 4; Data Processing 6; Firewall 2; Running Wrapper and Diagnostics.
Nixie the Agent; Computer 4 Pool 8 ; Hacking 4 Pool 8 ; Cybercombat 4 Pool 8; 

     Device                         Icon Wrapper
1.   Datajack                          Chipjack   
2.   Cybereyes                      Olfactory Booster
3.   Wired Reflexes                   Skill Wires
4.   Reaction Enhancement   Cyberears
5.   Earbuds                         Earbuds Ė because if they're hacking your earbuds you win.
6.   Ingram Smartgun             Concealable holster
7.   RFID                                Cybereyes
8.   RFID                                Wired Reflexes
9.   RFID                                Reaction Enhancer
10.  RFID                        Ingram Smartgun
11.  RFID                        Datajack
12.  RFID                        Fingertip Monowhip

How does this all work?  So a hostile hacker spots your PAN, if you're not a decker you can't run silent enough to stop a hacker from spotting you so don't waste your Nuyen trying.  Run silent when you're up to no good, but don't expect to actually slip past anyone actively looking. 

Odds are the hacker will likely go after one of your decoy RFID tags.  The Diagnostics app will immediately alert you to the matrix damage and you shut off your wireless.

If the hacker is the more patient sort they'll do Hack on the Fly and get some marks on your RFID tag first.  Since the tag is slaved to your Commlink PAN the hacker will also get Marks on your Commlink.  Your Agent will spot the Marks on the Agents next action, and you'll shut off your wireless.

So really, if the hacker wants to do anything clever, they need marks.  Your Agent spots the marks and you shut off your wireless.  If the hacker is brute force, they'll spike something, your Diagnostic app will alert you, and you'll shut off your wireless.

The worst that can happen is you piss off a patient brute force hacker.  They take several turns doing a matrix perception test on every Icon in the group.  Then go all out on something important.  If they can take it out in one shot, not much you can do, other then yell at your teams decker for not spotting the guy creeping on you in cyberspace for the last two minuets. 

Advanced packages.  If (when) you've got a little more Nuyen to burn you can get a second Commlink like the MCT Defender or the Transys Avalon with a higher Firewall rating.  Put your Program Carrier mod on the higher Firewall device and use that to set up your PAN.  This will give your devices a few more dice to resist any Matrix damage and lower the odds of getting one-shot by a hacker.  Also buy more RFID chips and have the Nixdorf running a completely dummy PAN for the lulz.     

Please note the lower Device rating on the MCT Defender.  Not recommended for heavily cybered character, but for Mages and Adepts will be fine.  Also note, Deckers/Riggers should be doing something similar but with better hardware and RFID chips scattered around the team wrappered up as something critical.

So there you go.  Jot down your list of important wireless bonus things, what you've wrappered them as, and some RFID decoys and set the Agent to autopilot when it's not out tracking down Catgirls for you.  This isn't fool proof.  A bastard GM will find clever ways around it, a really determined hacker will eventually figure out a way to make you miserable.  But, just getting randomly bricked by a security spider will be unlikely.     

///end transmission///

As a point of reference my setup looks something like this:

Distraction/ search Commlink-
Nixdorf Sekretar running Diagnostics Commlink App
Nixdorf Agent to do a continuous Matrix Perception test on my Transys Avalon Commlink and ask for a list of Marks.  The output is in a tiny AR window, it should always read 4 (the marks that I, as owner, have on the commlink)

Transys Avalon PAN commlink-
Modded with a program carrier running Wrapper (to disguise PAN members, see below).
It hosts the Novatech Tactician increasing itís Firewall by 3.
Stats: Device Rating 6 / Firewall 3 / Total Firewall 9
Device / Icon Wrapper:
1). Mono-whip / fingertip light
2). Smartlink / olfactory sensor
3). Voice Modulator / datajack
4). Fichetti / Concealable Holster
5). Remington / biomonitor
6). Ruger / Tamagotchi
7). Savalette / Armani Belt
8). Streetline / Throwing Knife
9). Maglock Passkey / Ruger
10). Autopicker / Streetline
11). Contacts / Fichetti
12). Jammer / Remington
13). Sequencer /
14). Sleeping Tiger /
15). RFID Tag / Wired Reflexes
16). RFID Tag / Cybereyes
17). RFID Tag / Fingertip monowhip
18). RFID Tag / Savallette Guardian

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"Disaster is following us", thinks Jan to himself.  "Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.  First we get attacked by a major commando group in Los Angeles.  Then airborne attacks in Caracas.  Now Bogata- both commandos and air to ground fire at the same time.  We are, where the Azzies always attacking, standing.  Every time.  And most often with about a day or two delay.  It is time, for electronic and magical spies to search.  We must our employer notify- we should an experienced outside decker hire.   And a mage who can see if astral seekers looking at us are.  Speaking of which, when bloodhound has us joined, then is when the trouble started.  Could he be the spy?"

Jan begins to privately voice his suspicions to Olaf and Jiao.