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It has been a long time since I've put an update here as the platform has been unstable for a while...but I have been maintaining the archive and updating some of the old adepts as new qualities, powers etc have become available.  It can now be found here:

Archive of Adepts



With the new rules comes some new opportunities for making adepts...and much faster!  Here are a few I've come up with so far...and they may inspire me to create their full SR5 version at some point.

<<Cam>> Ghoul Swordmaster
<<Briar>> Human Matrix Adept
<<Linnet>> Troll Invisible Adept


To my mind adepts are one of the most versatile archetypes in SR, potentially covering a multitude of paths and different roles on a team.  I’ve started re-organising the SR5 archive around the Ways now that I have a number of different adepts statted up.  Any thoughts or comments are very welcome!

The adepts here don’t necessarily have the ‘Way’ that they have been listed under but I’ve grouped them under the category that seems to best fit their mindset.

Artisan’s Way
<<Song>> AR Hacker Adept [Sum-10] Note: she predates Data Trails so could probably do with a refresh
<<Jackdaw>> Pixie Hacker [Sum-10]

Artist's Way
<<Festivale>>  Phoenix Mysad, Singer and Face [Sum-10]
<<Midnight>> Cat Changeling Performer [Sum-10]
<<Cobweb>> Human Dancer & Socialite [Sum-10]

Athlete’s Way
<<Spite>> Human Dancer Adept [Sum-6]
<<Kit>> Elven Parkour Adept [Sum-10]
<<Corsair>> Orc Dancer [Sum-10]

Beast's Way
<<Feral>> Human Wolf Adept [Sum-10 Prime]

Burnout's Way
<<Watcher>> Human Anthropologist turned Infiltrator [Sum-10]

Invisible Way
Kit’s sister <<Kat>> Elven Cat Burglar  [Sum-10]

Magician’s Way
<<Satire>> Dryad Harlequin Mime [Sum-10]
<<Switch>> Changeling Telekinetic Mysad [Sum-10]
<<Spriggan>> Changeling Mysad [Sum-10]
<<Blossom>> Gnome Anti-mage [Sum-10]

Speaker's Way
<<Ethereal>> Dryad Warder [Sum-10 Prime]

Spiritual Way
<<Serenity>> Free Drake Summoner [800 Point Buy]

Warrior's Way
<<Cam>> Human Steampunk Swordsman [Sum-6]
<<Kiss>> Harlequin Whip Adept [Sum-10]
<<Stormcrow>> Human Jedi Wannabee [Sum-10]

Way of the Pattern* My own creation loosely based on old Earthdawn lore and the Magician’s Way rules
<<Silkie>> Human Social adept [Sum-6]
<<Echo>> Elven Nerve Strike Adept [Sum-10]
<<Silk>> Changeling Infiltrator turned Infobroker [Sum-10+Karma]

Other people's SR5 adepts
<<Alok>> Cyber-Dave's Elven archer
<<Prism>> Dinendae's Troll hacker
<<Derren Smith>> Csjarret's Human combat adept
<<Mikal>> 8-bit's Dwarf Beast Way adept
<<Muscle>> 8-bit's Troll Burnout Way adept [high life build]
<<Sharktooth>> Shrazkil's Dwarf Chaos mysad
<<Jack>> Human Spiritual Way adept
<<Hawatari>> Wyrm Ouroboros' Legendary adept
<<Crash>> Kuirem's Troll Biker Adept

I love adepts, they are by far my favourite SR character and I’ve played lots of them over the years and the choices have only become more varied with SR4.  What follows are links to at least one adept type for every Way, and sometimes more than one, mostly for my own benefit but some might be useful to other people.  Some have developed with karma from their starting point (additions are marked in red) and some are starting characters …although a word of warning, some are more optimised than others and reflect my personal tastes (if you want truly impressive adept builds check out UmaroVI’s archetypes, I’ve linked them here with UmaroVI’s permission). 

Where the adept doesn’t have the Way quality I have listed them under the category that most closely reflects their mental outlook, in my opinion at least.

I have tried to avoid creating adepts that all use the same powers (after all there are enough that it should be relatively easy to avoid repetition) but there are certain powers that will make more than one appearance because they are ideally suited to running…any suggestions on ways to mix things up would be great!  A number of these builds have already been scrutinised here on the forums and I’ve tried to incorporate people’s suggestions where possible.  I’ve highlighted in blue characters that haven’t been commented on…just in case anyone wants to wade in.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions very much appreciated!  And if you have a striking adept build that you would like me to list here then send me a link and I’ll post it alongside mine (with full credit to you of course).  Other peoples’ adepts are highlighted in red.

And I’ll keep on adding adepts as they are completed…plenty more to share!

Artisan’s Way
•   <<Silk>> Changeling augmented Pattern adept & infiltrator with a smattering of matrix skills.  400BPs with 50+ karma
•   <<Angelus>>Human VR Hacker. 400BPs
•   <<Key>>Human AR Hacker & infiltrator.  400BPs
•   <<Pixel>> Xarin's Pixie drone rigger and inspiration for Opium below.  400BPs+ karma
•   <<Jackrabbit>> SwampFox's wheelman/smuggler.  400BPs+ significant karma

Artist's Way
•   <<Toymaker>> Troll Enchanter and tech tinkerer. 400BPs concept character
•   <<Brand>> Human dancer, master of disguise and part time terrorist.  400BPs

Athlete’s Way
•   <<Rush>> Human dancer and acrobat.  Gymnastics feats coupled with Face skills.  400BPs
•   <<Scratch>> Human free-runner, gang runner & courier.  Focused on gymnastic feats.  Written for a low power game.  400BPs
•   <<Kit & Kat>> Elven couriers and info dealers. Twin concept characters.  400BPs

Invisible Way
•   <<Opium>> Pixie rigger who interacts with the world solely through her drones.  400BPs + karma
•   <<Cinnamon>> Drake Infiltrator. 400BPs
•   <<Mouse>> Human pickpocket. Written for a low power game.  400BPs
•   <<Rattrap>> SwampFox's Human Infiltrator.  400BPs + significant karma

Magician’s Way
•   <<Bale>> Human augmented combat and surveillance mage.  400BPs + karma
•   <<Mirror>> Human null mage.  400BPs
•   <<Maus>> _Pax_'s mystic adept, face abilities and flashy magic. 400BPs for a low powered game.
•   Transhuman Mystic UmaroVI’s Dwarf cybered mystic adept focused on magically-enhanced physical combat and B&E.  400BPs

Speaker's Way
•   <<Velvet>> Vampire, anti-vampire campaigner.  Focused on social and unarmed skills.  400BPs
•   <<Picasso>>  Elven unaugmented face with disguise skills.  400BPs
•   Negotiator UmaroVI’s Elf cybered adept with a mix of social and physical combat skills. 400BPs

Totem's Way
•   <<Relic>> Orc archer, neo-primitive & eco terrorist using archery and survival skills.  400BPs
•   <<Nightstalker>> Makki's Shinto adept face.  400BPs

Warrior's Way
•   <<Switch>> Human mystic adept, telekenetic.  Focused on knife fighting and secondary social skills.  400BPs
•   <<Hellion>> Human augmented adept (inspired by X-23), former Ordo Maximus enforcer, magical spurs with secondary infiltrator skills. 400BPs
•   <<Domino>> Elven augmented blade master, former Paladin in training.  Blades and secondary social skills.  400BPs
•   <<Fade>> Elven ascetic.  Unarmed and secondary social skills.  400BPs
•   <<Tenchi>> SwampFox's Harumen gun bunny.  400BPs+ significant karma
•   Former Neoprimitive UmaroVI’s troll augmented adept who uses archaic throwing weapons to great effect. 400BPs
•   Gunslinger UmaroVI’s human augmented adept focused on mastery of pistols.  400BPs
•   Martial Artist UmaroVI’s troll augmented adept focused on melee combat and social skills. 400BPs

Burnout's Way
•   <<Escapade>> Human augmented adept, face with secondary infiltrator skills. 400BPs[/spoiler]

I'd like to suggest that all the augmented ones be moved into the 'Burnouts' list whether they have that Way mechanically chosen or not, as that is where they are headed.


--- Quote from: All4BigGuns on ---I'd like to suggest that all the augmented ones be moved into the 'Burnouts' list whether they have that Way mechanically chosen or not, as that is where they are headed.

--- End quote ---

That's a heck of an assumption to make.

I always choose my 0.99 essence points wisely and plan ahead.

Check the second link in my sig for two new adepts (this time with actual ways), the Qi Master and the Bio-rigger. ;D


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