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I've had players try to derail , red herring, left turn, or hijack a campaign in hundreds of different ways. I just have to post about the best one I've seen.

The players had decided among themselves to play a robin hood style of the game. This effort was spearheaded by a female character playing a pacifist shaman and a male character playing a holier than thou street sammie. In game the two started a romance that eventually led to the two becoming like a surrogate father and mother to the other players. One session the female character announced that she had a comm call and the player literally left the room. A few minutes later the player comes bounding into the room, smile from ear to ear, hopped into the lap of the sammie player looked at him and said "WE'RE PREGNANT!!!"

Now as a GM how would you handle it?

Cumulative penalties to actions until labor takes her out of the game.

Cumulative penalties until all the stress from teh pregnant girlfriend on his SR team until she pops for him.

A hell of a lot of Lifestyle adjustments as we add baby boy/girl to the mix.  I mean what, a Shadowrunning couple with child has to have a pretty flexible babysitter and increased cost.  I would recommend a lifestyle increase of +1 at least and a min of Low for a semi-healthy child.

Hit them in the nuyen count, that is what I say!   8)

Don't forget random rolls for morning sickness & stuff.

Rebuild her character sheet, Call it Name(Pregnant)

Rejigger her stats for this new phase in her life, and give her nausea aswell.

Hand her normal sheet back after she recoveres from the birth.

I had similar experience with my character, only the pregnant one was an NPC.  It was interesting times . . . how the hell do you get a Deer shaman to stand up for themselves?!

And then . . . SURGE happened . . .


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