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Using the Dawkins Group in a game


Has anyone used the Dawkins group in a game? Looking for plot hooks and inspiration. I like the idea of a team of focused corp-backed infiltrators leveling the playing field for Horizon, and their sneakiness means I can throw them just about anywhere, but I need a way to actually integrate them into a run or long-term story.

You are talking about as NPCs in a run, or as the basis for a campaign?

As NPCs the challenge is that when they are doing their job right, you have no idea that the people you are dealing with are part of the Dawkins Group.  It is like dealing with undercover spies, in a way.

I'm talking about using them in a run.

I once added some "wrong place, wrong time" action to an otherwise routine meeting with Mr. Johnson at the Grey Line restaurant in Seattle. During the players' meeting, another team of runners assaulted the restaurant looking for a Dawkins Group operative who was supposed to be there at the time. The players could have kept their heads down and let the other runners go about their business, but instead they intervened and gained the Dawkins operative as a contact.   


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