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From your GM/player experiences, what earlier edition modules would you recommend as an easy conversion for 4th edition.  I am looking for materials for a new campaign but do not have the time to draft everything from scratch.  For the new edition, I have started Ghost Cartels.  I picked up Emergence but unfortunately is has no game ready content.

Thanks again for your help!  I'm glad these forums are here.

honestly any edition mod is easy to convert if your just looking to go quick and dirty if the npc has a predator ues the predator 4

For stats most npc's are low powered enough to just say ok quickness of 3 is now split to be agi 3 rea 3 intelligence 3 is split to be log 3 int 3

Just do it as easy as you can no need to fully convert if you ask me

Thanks Casazil.  Yes, I do want to keep it simple as I am also learning the rules.  I will look through some older modules that include npcs stats & gear so I can convert just the important bits easily.

Any you recommend as a great, fun adventure?
Any I should avoid as broken or TPK nightmare?

The ones that stand out to me from the old school are Mercurial, Bottled Demon, Dragon Hunt and Imago. I had fun in those, but it's been a while since I've gone through them, so I don't remember if they were broken or not...

I have never played or run any of the mods till now so....

As it is so far we've run silver angel (from the 1st edition gm screen) not bad

DNA/DOA this one has some parts that can get sticky but if players think things should be ok

now running Mercurial should finish this weekend so far pretty good but then again i have vet players so .


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