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After a long campaign with lots of houserules my players and i have decided to play a campaign completely RAW (no matter how stupid the rules are).

So far i have been able to to keep the the combat encounters challenging, despite their ridicules builds
(Four-armed 20Monowhip Fomori, Pixi Voodoo Summoner, Nosferatu, Commanding Voice Adept).

The non combat parts are more difficult because i can find absolutely no counters to powers.
Wards, counterspelling and even perception don't work on powers and with
Influence, Compulsion, Fear (Nosveratu)
Commanding Voice, Voice Control (Adept)
Flying, Concealment (Pixi)
Confusion, Influence, Psychokinesis, Search and Weather Control (Spirits)

they can do anything even to the most powerful and well protected NPCs without the most perceptive astral perceiving bystander noticing something.

For now i have been able to save my overexposed important NPCs by distracting the players with events at the right moment but they are catching on and it takes only one player to say "i ignore the rampaging troll gangers and keep watching Damien Knight through my Binoculars" and Ares needs a new boss...

Anyone got any RAW ideas how to limit Powers?

Honestly, the best solution I have ever found to rampant twinkery as a GM, is to use the PC's dirtiest/cheapest tricks against them.

Its not always popular, but it tends to get the point across.

Sniper rifles also work.  Even concealment has its limits.

Do the magically active ones all have masking or not?

No masking =astral surveillance = target practice, or simply long range tracking.

Simply put they have to sleep at some point.  Just as they can (ab)use their tricks, so can NPCs.  If they are good at the patient game, and remain focused on the task at hand, so too can the NPCs. 

Beyond that, divination metamagic can provide interested parties with leads, which can be refined with investigation.  It may take time, but if they are "that damned slick" or untouchable, folks who use the shadows will want to know.

Add to that matrix investigation etc and unless they are always off the grid, results will turn up.  Its all a matter of effort skills and motivation.

Nomad Zophiel:
Drones. They don't get magically commanded, confused etc very easily. One baddie with a Tower blimp that has ramped up sensors and a cluster of smaller drones makes for an evil amount of surveillance. If Damien Knight is an example of the kind of people they're bugging, then the personal security for Damien Knight is the perfect example of the people who will be looking for them. They can afford absolutely anything in any of the books and get it legally. They can also do legwork of their own to track the PC's. Everyone you listed has at least one level of Distinctive Style. They all have to sleep sometime.

After some legwork, the KE guys are going to know to bring a combat mage and to turn off their cyberears, or just send a drone/spirit armada. Or they could sneak into the PC's houses and plant claymore mines under their beds. Or some guy they meet on the street could be an agent who's keeping them busy while the sniper, drone missile etc gets into position. You get the idea.

Realistically, just about anyone can get close enough to kill just about anyone else. Look at Presidential assassinations. Except with Kennedy they were all basically nobodies shooting at close range. Being able to spy on/kill someone isn't the trick. Surviving it is. There are a lot of things that even a normal person can do. Its a matter of impressing upon the characters that the consequences mean they probably don't want to do it.


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