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« on: <10-04-21/2239:03> »
Hi, I'm learning how Edge action Fire from Cover works. There is this saying "Full cap attacks can be performed without -2 dice pool penalty.", but when I look at Che state, it says nothing about -2 dice pool penalty. dice.
Can anyone explain it to me? Thanks!

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« Reply #1 on: <10-04-21/2256:24> »
That got errata'd.  The new text reads as follows:

• Fire from Cover (Ranged Attack, must be in
Cover IV): You sneak an attack out while
maintaining your cover. Attacks from cover
may be made without spending a Minor Action.
Cost: 2 Edge

The rulebook is now up to the third corrected printing.  It's available in pdf, and soon in hard copy.  It just dropped a couple weeks ago in Gen Con.   Errata can also be found here.
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