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I keep finding video's and articles of things that remind me of Shadowrun. So instead of making a new thread for each one, and cluttering up the place, I'm gonna dump them here for all of you.

EDIT: I'm collecting the links posted here and around this forum in one spot. Each link will have the poster's name attached to it, if it has no name it was me. If you want to read the comment about the links or you wanna comment about a link look thru these pages. I'll still post the link first in the comment and then come collect then again every week/month or whatever.

If you want to leave a link here feel free. Also feel free to discuss them. Thank You.

EDIT: had to split this thread, also check the next comment down please.

(Gathered 7-11-12)

First up:
What looks to be some pretty cyberpunk corp matrixSec.
 Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system

And a Music Compilation from the old Shadowrun Sega game.
unununium88's channel

This! This right here is why I want humanoid Biodrones...... (Updated 8/13/12 - added links to the episodes)
Sync, EP #2, EP #3, EP #4, EP #5(Finally! we get to see how they did this.),EP #6, EP#7, EP#8, EP#9, EP#10, EP#11

Here's another soon to be web series that gives a good look at what it was probably like in the first days of Crash 2.0.
H+  (EDIT:Starts wednesday August 8th)

News archive/stock market of real world international crime. (from:Anachronaut)

Couple of Videos from Skrillex he seems to like the Shadowrun/cyberpunk style.
First Of The Year

Here's an article for today. We are getting closer to autopilot all the time. Now if they could just look into combining a bunch of these technologies and get me my rigger interface that would be awesome.
Blind Drivers Race Around Daytona

Here's what seems to be an archery adept......
Iza Privezenceva

Researchers hack our Military drones.  (From: Sichr)
[ ]

Un-named agents, double crosses, and universal video surveillance.
The File

I think we have have found out what happened to "The" Fruitcake!!?
The Gift

New drone developments:
Gecko Tips Drones

Some Industrial Music for the backdrop while you play.
Morrison's Prophecy

A look into what could be happening in the North Sea.

And some leftover examples of Changelings after the comet.
Winged cats

New web series I found. Looks like some of the barrens areas.
Electric City Edit: changed the link. The full series is live.(7-19-12) 

New Robocop We have pics of the ED 209 and and aerial drone plus a cool trailer.

Drones, Lonestar types, Universal surveillance and magic/psionics. (from: Black & Schir)
The Raven

(Gathered 7-19-12)

Hacking cyberpunk-style video by Ayria.
My Device

A different look for a riggers drone.....
rcsuperhero vertical take off

And another super Luxury Yacht to use as Smuggler headquarters/infiltration target/Defend mission.

Here's the basis of GridGide!
[ ]

Urban Stealth, Ultra-tech gadgets, runner teams, combat lasers,

Barrens-ish ruins, Team of weird specialists, big guns and strange critters.
Code Hunters

Maybe a per-cursor to Urban Brawl?
Justice - New Lands

Gang violence, bad ass "OG" Street Sam.
Thomas Jane's short Punisher Fan Film.

Hate crime against a "cybered" individual...  (Thank you Canray for pointing this out)
Worlds first Cybernetic Hate crime

(Gathered: 8/13/12)

This one is a repeater drone. and the link is dropped off by CanRay!
Wi-Fi Extending Robot

VR everyday and hacking versions, cybereyes. Very cool Short.

Barrens Life, and cool Post Apoc scenery.
The Silent City

German Saturn commercial.
Evolution of Technology

Summer wars is a movie that gives a good example of what happens when the matrix gets really messed up and hacked big time. Also shows some cool cyber combat and AI fighting. (from Basic)
Summer Wars

Futuristic personal transportation.
Orbit Wheels

Wrist computer!! (from Canray)
Computer Bracelet

Resonance or Dissonance realms? (from Sichr)
[ ]     [ ]

primitive Ruethinium/chameleon coating. A good example of what chameleon paint jobs would look like.
Mercedes' Invisible Car

I dunno if this is Shadowrun-themed per se, but I'm definitely gonna look for an excuse to include this in my next campaign somehow! (From Dampfish)
Tank that can drive on water.

This, on the other hand, feels like some Shadowrun technology in its cradle.(From Dampfish)

DARPA touts it as Captain America, but I see the beginning of the Adeptus Astartes. (from ArkangelWinter)
DARPA Supersoldiers?

(Gathered: 8/20/12)

Small unit tactics and well placed snipers with Hi tech firepower.

Some news from the cyberpunk video game once known as "Adrift", now called "Remember Me".  It takes place in a cyberpunk Paris and seems to be a mix between Blade Runner.....and Total Recall... (from Marzhin)
Remember Me Trailer

Scramjet technology. Referenced in the SR novel House of the Sun.
The Waverider

Relatively cheap disposable furniture for a safehouse!! definitely sounds like some dysotopian merchandize
KARTON Paper Furniture

DNA data storage. Helpful for Technomancers.  (from Basic)
Harvard cracks DNA storage

Check out the Iconography and the layout of this stuff. It's like they are hacking nodes to make music. I could definitely see this in Dante's Inferno or Penumbra.
The Future of DJing

Hackers & Doctors backdoor the human brain, successfully extract sensitive data (from Basic & Sichr)
Hackers backdoor the human brain, successfully extract sensitive data

Scientists create self-healing protective coating, deliver killing blow to screen protectors (from Basic)
Scientists create self-healing protective coating, deliver killing blow to screen protectors

Scientists create self-healing protective coating, deliver killing blow to screen protectors (from Basic)
CSI-style super-resolution image enlargement? Yeeaaaah!

The first few minutes of this could just as easily be an Ares Firewatch team prepping for a hive bust. Which really is what i think of when I watch these movies.
first 10 minutes of Starship Troopers: Invasion

Okay First post got too long so I'll continue the list here.

(Gathered: 9/07/12)

Damn cool cyberpunk Web series. You got your nano tat's , fixers, hacking, street names, megacorps...... I like it. thank you Kat9.    (From Kat9)
Amanda Hades

Electronic nose detects harmful airborne substances Olfactory sniffer :D (from Basic)
Electronic nose detects harmful airborne substances

The start of commlinks ? There can only be one: Smartphones are the PCs of the future (from Basic)
There can only be one: Smartphones are the PCs of the future

Is this how form fitting body armor got started ? 'Bullet-Proof Skin', Made With Spider Silk And Goat's Milk, Created By Scientists
'Bullet-Proof Skin', Made With Spider Silk And Goat's Milk, Created By Scientists

Here's a trailer for a cyberpunk hacker movie from the people that did the Amanda Hades series. I found out the director is a fan of Shadowrun too.
Ghost Dive

Instant fashion, or vendor machine clothes...... (from Mara)
Spray on clothes?!

Cyberarms! and this Vid is from 2008, i wonder how far they are now?  (from Onion Man)
Dean Kamen's Artificial Arm

Another Cyber arm, this is tied into the nervous system tho!!  (from Charybdis)
Man Controls Robotic Hand with Mind

Daily life of the Corp drone. Probably not too far off.... (from Crash_00)
A Day Made of Glass...
A Day Made of Glass2...

Hacking in a 3D environment? Heck yes! (from Gerafin)
Useing a Kinect to hack in 3D

These would make Deus proud. (from Trenchknife)
the Swarmanoid Homepage (from grimjaws)

I'm including this link for the Cthulhu cyberarm...... (from JoeNapalm)
6 Amazing Prosthetics

What will the 2050's bring? apparently Mega-cities......(From Grimjaws)
America 2050

The Beginnings of the Shadownet. (from Grimjaws)
NPR segment on Harespaces
Wiki on Hacker spaces
Hackerspace community

Proto Grid guide. (from grimjaws)
Predictive Parking

here's NPCs and plotlines galore in this thing, topped off with a good song and some excellent dance. (from Wakshaani)
Janelle Monae: "Many Moons"

The video for "Superstar" by love inc reminds me of Shadowrun so much I'm thinking about making a adventure  based on it. (from Fabe)

Cool VR/AR vids. (from Kat9)
Augmented (hyper)Reality
Augmented City 3D

Milspec TacNeted commlinks. (from ArkangelWinter)
military to get secure Android phones

Rigging weapons mounts is getting closer and mention combat drugs. (from zhivik & Deepeyes)
soldiers controlling weapons with minds

Homemade home defense drone. (from Fabe)
Intruders Beware

Another drone, this one for surveillance. (from grimjaws)
The ĎHoverMastí

MicroDrones. The grandfather of the Flyspy! (from JustaDude)
Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee)

England considering "LoneStar".... (from James Meiers)
G4S to run first private security police station

Article describing ancient India's Dragons, dragon hunters and techniques and possibly a Caer. (from Fizzygoo)
Indian Dragon Lore.

Early Urban Brawl. (from Canray)

Biodrones? Maybe these are from that that Invae black project at Ares......;) (from Golan2072)
Cyborg Cockroaches

Proto-type Datajack! (from Golan2072)

Another version of cybereyes in the works. (from Golan2072)
The Bionic Eye

Devil Rats!! (from Angelone)
Rhino Mice

Burning Chrome soon. Harvard creates cyborg flesh thatís half man, half machine (from Basic)
Harvard creates cyborg flesh thatís half man, half machine

Stealth tanks.....
IR masking.

New web-series, DRONE, just started this week uploads every thursday.  Mega-corp shadiness (prolly Ares), anthros, augmented combat.
DRONE ep 1, DRONE ep 2,DRONE ep 3
Drone ep 4

The shameful, and better off forgotten, beginnings of TrogRock??!??!???  ;)
B Project

Hover Bike Is as Awesome as It Looks, But Youíll Never Fly One (from WanderingJewel)
speeder bike.

Cyber eyes! here at last! (by Kat9)
In World First, Scientists Surgically Implant a Working Bionic Eye In a Blind Patient

Wow!!! you need to check this one out!! Excellently done, excellent effects. Typical corp family complete with housekeeper drone. And good example of corp advertizing.
Watch this in full screen mode! (From Schir)

(Gathered: 10/06/12) 
DARPA's newest drone model....... It runs faster than we could ever hope to......... :-\
The Cheetah

Air powered cars........ Perfect for those corp salarimen..
The Air Pod

super fashionable commlinks????
the O.R.B

Real Life Street Samurai (from Basic)
Samurai Stranger Saves Cops In Scrap

New Biodrones (from Ethan)

New biological replacement for plastics and some metals.
Nanocrystalline cellulose

Theoretically combining Brain-hacking and Ingestible Sensors (from ArkangelWinter)

This is what the corps might run into trying to take peoples land in SR. It doesn't exactly work as well anymore...
Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Make It Bun Dem

(from FastJack)
Looks like the Outback Manastorm is starting up.

I wonder what kind of foci these would make!!
Secret source of Russian "Impact Diamonds" revealed!

Ok, not sure if this really deserves to go here. The ABSOLUT GREYHOUND Ad. (from FuelDrop)

Researchers create single-atom silicon-based quantum computer (from Basic)
Researchers create single-atom silicon-based quantum computer!

(Gathered: 12/24/12)

Mike Pondsmith is working with CD Projekt Red to create a Sandbox Cyberpunk 2077 game. (from TheWanderingJewels)
Cyberpunk 2077[/quote]

The future of robotic warfare. (from Scihr)
Innovators: the Future of Robotic Warfare Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

You don't need to wear a longcoat or jacket to conceal your pistols. (from Kat9)

Well, you guys wanted real Cyber limbs and now we have them. Although they say about 10 years till they hit the market.
Man with first mind-controlled bionic leg climbs Chicago's 103-story Willis Tower

A Free for All Urban Brawl extravaganza!!!!!!! With Sheidm!!! (from beowulf_of_wa)

I so think this is awesome :) to show how hacking can do damage in shadowrun. (from Basic)
"Watch Dogs Trailer"
Watchdogs game footage

This is  online show that shows pretty cool hacking stuff. (from Basic)
" Cybergeddon"

And here we've found our power source for all those boltholes we keep hiding.
Urine-powered generator

Singapore is coming closer to SR now! (from TheWanderingJewels)
Singapore Builds First Vertical Farm

Definitely could be something from a threats book. (from Basic)
Ingress - It's time to Move

First steps toward the SR matrix bandwidth. (from Basic)
First teleportation between macroscopic objects leads the way to a quantum internet

Desktop Fabrication coming soon (from Basic)
NASA 3D prints rocket parts ó with steel, not plastic

One step closer to Bionics. (from FastJack)
Artificial Muscles

Soon the AI will Rise (from Basic)
Computer AI successfully identifies why abstract art evokes human emotion

uavs | Popular Science (from Sichr)

More Cyber limb goodness! Can't wait for some of this to be affordable.
Mind-Controlled Artificial Limbs Coming Next Year

Well looks like we are starting Echo Mirage............ Bring on the Crash Virus!!!!
US military train to prepare hack defense

Looks like we are getting closer to optical computing. (from Basic)
World's Smallest Nanolaser a Breakthrough for Optical Computing

More steps towards SR matrix computational power.. (from Basic)
Qubits and binary data successfully squirted down the same fiber, at the same time: Here comes quantum cryptography

AR contacts. Looks like we are getting closer to having a Image link. (from Basic)
Curved LCD paves way for augmented reality contact lenses

The start of empathy software? (from Basic)
Smartphones become capable of sensing human emotion

Futuristic craziness in the barrens!
Skull and Shark

Looks like some one made an Optical chip. (from Basic)
IBM creates first cheap, commercially viable, electronic-photonic integrated chip

Just designing AROs (from Sichr)

Programmable NFC stickers. Though at this point in SR (2074) this might be old tech. (from GrimJaws)

This show seems shadowrunish. (from Basic)
Clean Ops The Chronicles of V/b]

TRUE SKIN looks really cool and heavily cyberpunkish. (from Basic)

The Awakening is nigh!!! Is it Ryumuyo? Or at least him trying to conceal himself?
Dragon appeared on the sky

Another dragon seen in the sky (from Basic)
Dragon appeared in the sky

More Cyber-limb news. (from Xzylvador)
Yet another step closer to artificial limbs and a direct neural interface.

Wonder if it comes standard with rigger adaptation. (from Lotofsnow)
Carbon Motors' new police truck

(Gathered: 10/31/13)

Interesting survey on arms market. (from Sichr)
Small Arms and Ammo - Imports and Exports

It looks like the start of digital drugs? (from Basic)
Donít try this at home: Researchers use tDCS to release your brainís strongest opioid painkillers

No more stealth planes..... :o (from TheWanderingJewels)
Unjammable Quantum Radar

Well looks like we can expect RFIDs sooner rather than later.... And they look to be just as bad as the SR ones. (from Smileinbob)
Hitachi Develops World's Smallest RFID Chip

Looks like somebody beat Ares to it! (from Xzylvador)
The smartgun: Linux-powered Rifle

I wholeheartedly recommend not just GITS fans to pay attention to this Anime, if you dont know it already. (from Schir)
Psycho Pass

Another link, this time to the gear that our runners would be using for everyday life.
TEC Jacket 2.0

A little Awakned monstrosity for us. (from Sichr)
Monster Roll

The acts of Go-Gangers, all they need is some random violence.
Idiots Takeover a Highway

More Drones!! (from TheWanderingJewels)
The Battlehawk

Flying Micro drone :) (from Basic)
Tiny, Hackable Quadcopter Drone Launches Pre-Orders

Gel-packs are born!
Z 10

Hey look, doesn't this milspec company sound Familiar? (from Sichr)
Ares Security Vehicles

Is this the start of Echo Mirage? (From Basic)
Cyber Patriot

Bionics hand...shouldn't be too long before we can get a version with a hidden hold-out pistol... :) (from AJCarrington)
the first bionic hand that can feel

Uniforms integrating electronics. (from TheWanderingJewels)
MIT's Army Combat Uniform

Micro Drones! (from TheWanderingJewels)
Death from a swarm of tiny drones

Very much freaking me out. Communication between two rats over the internet through DNI. (from Xzylvador)
Brain-to-brain interface

The newest item that every Street Sam needs!!! Let's stat this thing up!!! (from AndyNakamura)
TAZER Sword!!!!!

Rising Terrorist and Eco-Terrorist networks. (from Basic)
Mexican terrorists wage war on nanotech, but itís PETA we should be worried about

And it tastes like food, too! (from FastJack)
'No Eating' Diet

Crazy russian BTL clip. (from Schir)
Biting Elbows - 'Bad Motherf----r'

Hey CanRay, you gotta make an addendum to Safehouses now!!
Luxury Shipping Container House

Sounds like the start of cyber ears :) (from Basic)
Upgrade your ears: Elective auditory implants give you cyborg hearing

Another step to empathy software :) (from Basic)
Kinect-based system diagnoses depression with 90% accuracy

First step towards real "walker" drones/mecha.
The Mantis.

Well looks like the Gov't might actually be getting around to that "corporate extraterritoriality" thing after all...... Dystopia here we come!!
EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers For Corporations

So, uh, Aztechnology created DikoteTM?
Diamond coating made from Tequila

A tiny implant using LED-light to alter brain chemistry, making it create dopamine. (from Xzylvador)
Though-altering implants

Looks like AR interfaces  are coming along nicely.
Touch Screen Paper and other RL objects.

I think this fits shadowrun pretty damn well. (from Basic)
EPIC 2015

Is this the start of the first internet crash? (from Basic)
Creating the first virtual organisms: the OpenWorm digital life project

Based in the Future, (Check). Drones, (Check). Cyberware, (Check). Dystopia, (check). Karl Urban, (check)!
Fox may have another hit here. Lets see how long they take to kill it.
Almost Human
Show Page

It looks like we will bypass optical computing and go right to quantum computing. (from basic)
Chinese physicists create first single-photon quantum memory, leading to quantum internet

This is great Cyberpunk Montage :) (from Basic)
Cyberpunk Montage

The start of a biomonitor? (from Basic)
Low Energy Radio for Vital Signs Transmission for the Ear to the Smart Phone

another step closer to Hacking in VR. (from Basic)
DEFCON20 Kinectasploit v2

A Hermetic Priest doing a Banishing and using Wards.
Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf

Yes this is shadowrun 4th edition hacker. (from Basic)
Watch Dogs - Exposed

A 2003 documentary study of mainstream Cyberpunk films of the 1980s created by director Andrew J. Holden. (from Basic)
The Cyberpunk Educator

One step closer to the return of corporate script as payment. (from Fabe)
McDonald's Employees forced to take debit cards as payment instead of check/deposit.

Excellent near future distopia in a Corporate/Feudal north America that stylistically has a lot to mine for an SR GM. (from Crunch)

This a great little film you guy's should watch it. (from Basic)

okay, more like RFID trackers, but still... (from FastJack)
RFID tags for sale

Brain Biotechnics.... (from Basic)
MIT successfully implants false memories

This looks like a great short cyberpunk book. Seem pretty close to shadowrun.
PostHuman - sci-fi action animated short film directed by Cole Drumb

Well the Corp's are now getting their army's.............. Maybe Our timeline was just a little skewed.....
Monsanto buys Blackwater

Some very "Bladerunner" cyberpunk here. Pay close attention to the Cyber and AR that the cop is using, that would be some good reference for Lonestar or Knight Errant.

What have we got here? Maybe an some Azzie ritual Magic?

Maybe mundanes shouldn't screw with obliviously magical artifacts hunh?

Well looks like we can get that Vision Magnification mod that we all love now.
Telescopic Contact Lenses

Those damn Delta clinic doc's and their crazy procedures. I'll let one of you chummers try this out first...........
First-ever human head transplant is now possible

And now a VERY SR "Threats" type story. I could definitely see this tying into the current 5th ed matrix story thread. The rest of this site is also great for SR run ideas or campaign ideas.

The image gallery is pure Cyberpunk. (from Crunch)
Chinese Air Pollution.

Well we are now in the age of neural interfaces.....All we gotta do now is get the nerve ending interfaces right and we can have our cyberware.
Emotiv Insight

Looks like a smartgun system now. (from Basic)
Shooting Guns With Google Glass

"Dragon Corpse" washes up on shore. (from Chrona)
"Dragon corpse"

This guy fires 10 arrows in 3-4 seconds ;) (from Xenon)
Forgotten Archery

Well here is a look at what Lonestar or Knight errant will look like.
From the future with love

More real life drones.
SWORDS Combat Robot

And oh look "AR" spam Now....... awesome.
Estimote Becons

And here ya go. World ruling Mega-corps, Dystopian barrens, Crazy Ruunners and lots and Lots of Gunplay.........
Bounty Killer

E-racing cars. (from Crunch)
Formula E to use Qualcomm technologies in electric cars

Digital Shenanigans. (from fastjack)
Digital trading resulting in new digital ecology
The original article

So are we in for shape changing reutheinium suits now?
New camouflage coating uses squid protein to become invisible to infrared, night vision

Very Cyberpunk. Lots of good Shadowrun materiel in here.

And maybe an evolution of Urban Brawl.
Round 6

Various fashions for the discerning runner (from TheWanderingJewels)
Crisis Wear
Lip service

True Skin. (from Lusis)

I feel like the new indie Game Super HOT is a pretty good depiction of Wired Reflexes or Increased Reflexes in action. (from Chrona)
Super Hot

Smartlink wireless ON. (from Tagami)
Internet-Enabled Contact Lens

I see a parallel between the gangs in this story and their use of the internet, and SR gangers and possible use of the Matrix. (from Lusis)
Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago

COOL Cyber limb tech. (from Lusis)
Amputee Controls Artificial Leg With Thoughts

Rename Them Echo Mirage (from Basic)
For hire: Elite ďcyber mercenariesĒ adept at infecting Windows and Macs

The basis for Grid-Guide.
The Future Roads.

Psycho steampunk razorgirl, on drugs. Joke aside: Shadowrun animated series. Make it happen. Now. (from Marzhin)

Cutting edge Genome work. (from Lusis)
Biology's Brave New World

A head camera that starts filming based on the intensity of your brainwaves. (from Marzhin)

Milspec Brain-Tech. (from Lusis)
Pentagon agency to spend $70m on brain implant research
DARPA developing implant to monitor brainwaves in real time

The visualizations used in that Daedelus video remind me a lot of the hacking from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Which is awesome.

And a Music Compilation from the old Shadowrun Sega game.
unununium88's channel

This! This right here is why I want humanoid Biodrones......


I really think this would make an awesome reoccurring villain against a group of PC's.....
Hell I'm pretty sure Blackwing is one of these for as many times as my group killed his ass in the early modules.......

--- Quote from: TheNarrator on ---The visualizations used in that Daedelus video remind me a lot of the hacking from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Which is awesome.

--- End quote ---

That's what i thought too.

I've got a few more links to throw up, but I'm trying to find them all again.


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