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Threads becoming chat rooms.

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I don't think getting off topic is so bad, so long as people keep in mind what the thread is about and try to get back to it. Hiacking threads with irrelevancy is a problem, i agree.

People should be getting the answers they need AND people should be having fun and enjoying themselves. I agree that for the most part we should be focused on the subject of a thread, but let's be shepherds and not fences. It's better to guide people than to attempt to tell them what to do. If a things are slipping away from the original subject then why not lead by example and post something about the original subject. Or if things have been off topic for a while, say something like "I think we are getting pretty far off topic here."

This is just the way I like doing things. It's gentle and no reasonable person gets upset by it. Food for thought.

And, if you notice a particular off-topic subject keeps popping up (like the Firefly references), I suggest creating a thread on that topic in the Off-Topic boards...

(see what I did there? ;))

Usda Beph:
Honestly I don't try to threadjack anyone. But I am a joker at heart, and can bearly contain my desire to try and get folks to spit Dew at their monitor in laughter. I will try ti play nice with other's topics. As for ones I start... If I have my answer already I'm fine whith whatever direction the thread takes. For those I have personally derailed. I am sorry. :)

I'm not sure if the op is linking to right topic(link takes me to a topic about contact), becouse from what i see page 3 is still pretty much on topic, they are after all still talking about contacts.
Also thread rift is pretty standard on all forums, when it bothers you, you should just gently push the topic back toward the original topic, but often there's no need for that as the original topic has allready been resolved and the current conversation is quite interesting. ;)


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