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--- Quote from: Magus on ---No Karma for you!!   :P

--- End quote ---

You stay outta this you Rock n Roll Lizard Troll or i'll make sure you get BONKed!

Edge would be cool but I also like the Karma thing

I think either karma or rep score is good, just one thing troubling me though, I hope nobody gets the idea of spamming "smite"(bad karma) to everyone just because he feels like it :-\. And also, do you get kicked of the forum or something like that if you get too much bad karma? ???


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---If you look below the Karma, there's an applaud/smite link. It's a way of tracking you're 'likeability' on the forums, kinda like the 'Rep Score' on JackPoint in the sourcebooks.

Hmm... JMH, any chance Karma could be re-named 'Rep Score'?

--- End quote ---

I'll check!

Jason H.

Edit: And done!

Sweet!  Thanks, JM!


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