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--- Quote from: Raizer13 on ---Gender Transmorphism, no rules

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That's because they're not needed. If a player wants to play through transition then it is a role play choice. We chose to not put any cost or restrictions on it so that it didn't take away from character resources, and play it in whatever way they and thier group feel comfortable with.

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I just came here looking for this. I wasn't sure if it was an at-will thing or if specific circumstances triggered the change.

In regards to the Metasapient Centaur attributes on p. 90, there are 2 attributes that I can't seem to find. Magic Sense and Search. The closest thing I can find to Magic Sense is Mana Sense.

pg. 55, Complete Character PACKS

Transport Rigger and Drone Rigger are missing Essence Cost information.

p133 Extended Overdrive has a per-level Karma cost but unlike any other quality with levels, no mention of how many levels you can take.


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