Cybereyes (Built In Camera

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Yeah, good points, chummer.


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I don't see any reason why you couldn't have all your cyberware internally connected by wire to your datajack, which would then act as a hub. Would make a lot of sense, actually.
This is not how the matrix work in SR5.

In this edition devices just access devices directly. There is normally not router or server or master device you funnel the communications through (if it helps you might to think about how blue tooth devices worked back in 2021, but instead of 10 meter handshake range all devices have world wide hand shake range.... google 'mesh network' to get a pretty good idea of how devices in the matrix in this edition are connected and goggle 'cloud computing' to get an idea of why devices get more powerful and offer wireless bonuses whenever they are connected).

If you want wireless bonus from your smartgun system (smartgun + smartlink) then you need to connect your smartgun system wireless while working in concert with DNI.

Having said that, there is another option. If you get an Internal Router augmentation then you can turn off wireless in your eyes and still gain the wireless bonus of your smartgun system (you still need to have DNI and a wireless enabled smartgun, it is only your eyes that can remain wireless disabled).


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In terms of "off-line" storage for regular grade cybereyes, I just house ruled that they were able maintain 1d2 hours of information before you had to upload them wirelessly to an external source (for us, it was our commlinks), which could then transmit the data onwards to another source (a hacker's server, a Johnson's dead drop, etc) or just scramble it and hold it for later. Alphaware holds 1d2+2 hours of storage, Betaware holds 1d2+4 hours and Deltaware holds 1d2+6 hours, with ascending levels of clarity (higher pixel rate).
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