Technomancers are broken?

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Technomancers can compile a sprite with suppression. Suppression holds off any alarms for sprite force/2 combat turns. That is an eternity in hacking time, where a technomancer has at least 3 actions per turn. Now they can run an exploit and shoot for admin every time. It doesnt matter if it takes them 3 or even 4 tries. If the target system detects them, it cant do anything about it for a very long time. Now they have admin and at least a few passes to act (possibly 8 or more actions assuming ip echoes and/or high level sprites). Am I missing something? What do admin privilege's really do? Are they not as OP as they sound?
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What edition are you referring to, because that doesn't even remotely sound correct for what wrote for 6E.
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3 actions per turn has got to be a reference to 3 initiative passes, which would mean a 5th edition context.

So.  An edition-agnostic point:
 "admin privileges" doesn't mean anything more than what you can do with 3 marks (5e) or admin access (6e).  You're always a hacker.  You're never actually an admin, no matter how successful your hack is going.

On Suppression:

First of all MarnelKelis, your characterization is slightly incorrect.  Per the Suppression power (p. 257 SR5) it delays the deployment of IC.  It doesn't mention anything about suppressing alarms.  This means meatbody security personnel still get notified, and it also means any spiders in the host are immediately aware, and it also means any spiders that are responsible for security in that host but are not currently in that host are also immediately aware.  All it does is what it says it does: it puts a delay on IC response times.  Spider response times, assuming they're not already in the Host in question, are unaffected.

EDIT: Suppression works the same way in 6e (p. 194, SR6W). Everything I just said for 5e is also gonna be true in the current edition as well. The difference being that in 6e you probably never have a host w/o a Spider on active duty.
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