Are there weapons / spells / tech that deal in Infrasound?

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« on: <03-13-21/1326:42> »
I was just wondering if there's a mechanic in the game system for Infrasound; frequencies below traditional human hearing that cause physiological / mental damage based on exposure.

I did have a DJ character that used a modified Fireball spell that was a burst of feedback that did stun damage, so that's where I'm starting from as a concept. but I'm wondering about doing it in the form of a sonic gun. or a form of Digital Bullet that does the same via the comlink.


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« Reply #1 on: <06-14-21/1303:32> »
in my mind it makes more sense for this to be a debuff, like if your version of Chaos was making deep vibrations that unnerve the weak-willed. Sonic bullets? Check with your GM, maybe reskin a silenced something or other gun with gel rounds, make it bassy enough to knock people over.
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