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Street Wyrd: Spell creation example lists wrong spell description

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pg 52. The spell description for Comfort Zone describes a vehicle tire damage spell.

Elsewhere on pg 52, one of the paragraphs for Stone Fist references the vehicle tire damage spell when it should reference Comfort Zone:

--- Quote ---Step 1: Select a Spell Type
As with Tire Shredder, this spell manipulates reality, so we’ll put it in the Manipulation category.
The base DV is 1.
--- End quote ---

Since Comfort Zone is a Health spell, this sentence could just read "This spell manipulates reality, so we'll put it in the Manipulation category."

More from Street Wyrd
pg 114, Scholastic Mage quality

--- Quote ---Cost: 1 Karma or 1,000 nuyen per Knowledge skill
Game Effect: During character creation only,
mages can buy Knowledge Skills for 2 Karma
each. They can also buy Knowledge skills with
their starting nuyen (p. 68, SR6) at a cost of 1,000
nuyen per Knowledge skill.
--- End quote ---

Inconsistent Karma cost

Shinobi Killfist:
It's out?  I literally looked 2 days ago for it and it had no estimated release date.

Yep, only realised it because of this very thread here. CGL canīt even properly announce a release anymore...

Not gonna lie, though: On a quick glance, the new rules seem suprisingly well thought through and consistent. The Tire Shredder/Comfort Zone blunder is goofy, but itīs just an example for the spellbuilder toolkit anyways.


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