[Post-Dragon*Con] Missing Awards from SRM 03-11 and CMP 2010-04

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« on: <10-12-10/1558:12> »
This is a bit late in getting posted because I'm a slacker. :)  But it was brought to my attention that SRM 03-11 and CMP 2010-04 that were at Dragon*Con were missing some awards, and Kai and GMs told folks to keep an eye on the forums for those postings...  So here you go :)  Enjoy!

SRM 03-11 - Food Poisoning - Affiliate Rewards:

Ares: 100 Rounds of APDS ammo.
Aztechnology: An Aztechnology Panther LS (AZT equivalent of a Mercury Comet).
Horizon: Rating 5 Maglock Passkey (Will not work on any Horizon facility maglock).
NeoNET: Transys Avalon Commlink with Novatech Navi Operating System.
NYPD Inc.:  Blue Manhattan Pass applied to any one SIN (or Fake SIN).
Renraku: Rating 3 Fake SIN.
Saeder-Krupp: Rover 2068.
Shiawase: 20 Doses of Gamma-Scopalomine.
Spinrad: Heritage Line armor in style of userís choice, Rating 6/4.
Neo-Anarchists: 5 Kiloís of Rating 15 Plastique.

CMP 2010-04 - Humanitarian Aid

Money Awards:

2500• Base Pay. 
1500• Bonus is all 3000 Vaccine Doses are retrieved.
Negotiation Bonus of 200• per hit, 5 Max Hits.

Also, Horizon P2.0 Invitation

Rep Awards

+1 Street Cred - For joining the P2.0 Network
+1 Noteriety - Losing the Vaccine

Karma Awards

1 Karma - Delivering the Vaccine
2 Karma - Stopping the Master Shedim
1-3 Karma - GM's Discretionary Karma Award for Roleplaying, Rules Knowledge, etc.

Affiliate Rewards & COntacts

None, as this was not a Season Mission, Affiliates and Contacts are awarded.