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« on: <07-29-14/2355:45> »
Is it fair to assign a lifestyle cost to cover owning a plane (or any big ticket item like subs, etc). I'm thinking a fee to cover bribes/licenses, hanger space, fuel, regular maintenance, etc. But, not to cover combat damage or overseas flights or upgrades. If yes, then what would be a fair amount? Is $5000/m reasonable? The T-Bird in question is in poor repair and the PCs will have to fix it up, a bit, before it will fly. But, this is for once they have it up and running.

I have no idea what the upkeep on a normal cargo plane would be - I just think it would be expensive. ... I do know that it cost farmers over $250 fill up their tractors and over $1000 to plow a field - that is the only thing that I can compare it too.

How do other GMs handle this kind of thing?


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« Reply #1 on: <07-30-14/0106:31> »
If you are just looking for a hand wave fee to cover the minutiae, then $3000-$5000 a month for such a big ticket item is not unreasonable.  But it better play a part in the runs they get, otherwise it's dead weight for the players to unload for a large payday...
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