Fast Food Fight 5.0 *spoilers*

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« on: <12-29-13/1310:27> »
Search and Google didn't help... Just ran the intro encounter. Couldn't figure out how to run the automated defense guns. As such they didn't play much of a role.  Where are they on initiative? How do you role hits and damage? How can they be hacked or destroyed. Thanks.


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« Reply #1 on: <12-29-13/1334:08> »
Well, the sad thing is that all of Fast Food Fight is poorly written.  Or rather, since it was released before the game actually was, it has loads of stuff that doesn't make sense, is just plain wrong, or isn't explained.

But in your situation, the guns would be drones with Targeting autosofts installed.  This would mean they have a dice pool of 6 (assuming they're Device Rating 3) when firing.  The quick start thing doesn't say what guns they have installed, so you can pick.  I'd go with the Fichetti Security 600, as it's an affordable light pistol with a large clip size, meaning it'd be good to put in a turret and won't be exceedingly dangerous to the new players.  For reference, that's a DV of 7P, accuracy of 6, which are the only two stats you'll really need.

They would also have an initiative of 6+4d6.  The enemy hacker has to use Send Message (a Simple Action) to give them commands, but from then they will act on their own initiative pass like any other NPC, shooting once per pass.

A hacker can gain control of them by using Hack on the Fly or Brute Force to roll Hacking + Logic or Cybercombat + Logic (respectively) to place a mark on them.  With three marks they can use Control Device as a Complex Action to make one fire at whatever target they want, but the hacker has to roll Logic + Gunnery to hit.

Alternatively, you can just shoot them.  Being stationary, you could rule that they don't have a way to dodge and so the attacker's test is unopposed.  Looking at the drones in the core book for reference, giving the turrets a BOD of 4 and 4 Armor seems reasonable.  They'd have a Condition Monitor of 8, and remember, drones are immune to stun damage.
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