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Title: Favourite runs
Post by: Ace on <10-11-17/0917:52>
Every now and then you get an idea for a run that just makes you smile, you share the idea with people who aren't in your campaign and they love it (even if they have no experience with Shadowrun), then when you actually run it, the players love it.

I want to share with you my favourite run and I'd love to hear your own stories of runs that everyone enjoyed.

The set-up is simple, there is a famous collector who has a warehouse in Kent, Seattle (south of Renton). The team needs to break into the warehouse and steal a leopard which they are to transport across town to Tacoma where it will be shipped to it's buyer across the sea. They need to ensure that the authorities don't follow them to their destination. They are also encouraged to take anything else they like from the warehouse as it would make the subsequent investigation into the leopard's whereabouts that much harder. The warehouse has standard electronic security (locks and cameras) and is guarded by a bound air spirit.

Once they break into the warehouse the team discover that their target isn't a cat;
It is a Leopard 2A8 Main Battle Tank (see 4E's Euro Wars Antiques).

The team must now drive it across town to the smuggler who hired them.

Also of note for this run, for the locations and routes between them I found it quite useful to use Google Maps, the players and I could see the road layouts, how to avoid certain areas and once I got them into a certain area I knew I could ambush them with an enemy of one of the runners.

It wasn't a long campaign that I ran (only five runs) but this was by far everyone's favourite to play.
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: The Wyrm Ouroboros on <10-16-17/0315:06>
Monster Island.  A corporation is, for all intents and purposes, creating kaiju, and you've been hired to go in and swipe as much DNA code as you can.  It becomes Jurassic Park, but with dinosaurs twice as large, fast, and mean, and which can do funky paranatural things, like breathe fire - or lightning ...

Fantasy Island. (

The Security Test. (
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: GeLrIrToCrH on <10-16-17/1957:50>
I always thought desert wars would be fun. Hired by a corp to mess with the others or hired by some old retired runners that just want to throw off this years odds. Plenty of options to steal/sabotage/disable new tech/battle suits/tanks etc
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: sidslick on <10-19-17/1624:31>
In a similar vein to the Desert Wars, the Rad Wars in somewhere like the SOX or around Pripyat (Chernobyl).
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: Mirikon on <10-19-17/1656:00>
Going into the SCIRE during the Shutdown.
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: Reaver on <10-19-17/2141:33>
Going into the SCIRE during the Shutdown.

STILL have nightmares from that run.

We started out with 8 runners. 4.75 of us made it out of there. (Damn optional damage rules!)
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: legionof1 on <10-19-17/2206:00>
4.75  ;D, i have this image of a bag of left limbs only.
Title: Re: Favourite runs
Post by: Reaver on <10-19-17/2211:57>
4.75  ;D, i have this image of a bag of left limbs only.

no far off.

Our Sammy lost his left arm at the shoulder to one of Deus' friendly drones. We were able to keep them from bleeding out, but still missing an arm, which meant they were almost next to useless for a large part of the run.

But, he is very happy with his nice shiny chrome arm now.