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Below is a summary/recap of the first session of Dreamchipper:

Quick recap of our last game:

Tex, a Orc Gun-Fu Adept with a love of cowboy movies
Walker, the face, ex-corp, loves his guns
Chang, wujen
Zero, inflitration expert
Shadowhawk (on call, away on business) (Decker)

Two weeks after the events of Gone but not Forgotten

Downtime Actions:
- Walker fixed his car in just two days (18 hours) of hard work) (cost 9% of car value)
- Walker heard back from his contact about the guns.  Apparently the Vory have been selling Ares weapons, particularly to the Cascade Orc smugglers.
- Tex spent time with Papa Broston in the Tacoma Orc Underground
- Frakker still recuperating from his injuries, Dr Heidi debating on whether to find and install a
- If Air-On-Fire wants a new Knowledge Skill - Spirit Possession, he can purchase 2 levels of this for 4 karma.
- The team had no further Lone Star DPI detectives... for now.

The Mission

Scene 1 -
Location - Reno nightclub, downtown Seattle (reputation as a recruitment location for shadowrunners)
Time - 9pm Saturday Night

Walker met with a Ms Johnson who offered a job in recovering stolen goods and wanted someone who was discrete.  Walker showed interest, so she arrange for a second meet later that night at The Banshee.  She then left, followed by a street sam bodyguard and then a low level spy type.  Tex and Zero, who had been keeping to the shadows of the club, left and followed the spy.  Walker met with Chang and they left for the meet at the Banshee.

Scene 2 - The foot chase
Zero tailed carefully, but Tex was made and the spy went for a dash.  He proved a capable runner and Zero was left behind while Tex maintained her pace.  Annoyed at the foot race, Tex tasered the spy on the streets of downtown.. but managed to avoid any Lone Star patrols spotting the action.  Zero pulled up with the car and they bundled the skinny, dirty spy into the back seat.  After a few minutes of failing to intimidate him, they put Walker on the phone.  Walker offered a 1000 nuyen and the snitch, aka Ferret, spilled his guts (eck) and told them he had been hired over the phone to tail Ms Johnson and report in to his Mr Johnson.  The team got a phone number and sent it to Shadowhawk to trace.  Hawk found that he would need to hack Renraku (who provided the LTG for Seattle) and thus the phone number for now gave no further leads. Dumping Ferret back on the streets, without pay, Tex and Zero headed to the Banshee to play backup.

On the way...

As the runners hurried towards their meeting, three go-gangers in Blood Rumbler colours roar by on their
bikes. The runner's noted that they must be brave or fools because it was in the heart of Crimson Crush

Scene 3- The Banshee part I
Location - The Banshee, Touristville, Redmond Barrens (classified as E security level by Lone Star)
Time - 1am Sunday morning

The Banshee, a hole in the wall bar with aggressive security (iron door, choke point, weapon inspection), and actually a out-of-the-way meet location.
Walker and Chang went in, while Tex and Zero watched the outside.  Walker and Chang went through the outer bar, the inner bar and finally the back room where they met Ms Johnson again (aka Roxanne Wunter) and the real Mr Johnson, Urian Manes.
The Job-
Global Technologies, a small simsense and skillchip outfit out of Bellevue, was broken into Friday night.  The small enemy shadowrun team used an inside man, Tee Hee, to steal three prototype chips.  GT was the heroes to recover the chips by 9am Friday and return them to Roxanne at the Banshee.
Reward - 120,000 per a chip recovered intact, possible a much smaller reward if recovered unusable.
The information available from Mr Johnson:
- Tee Hee was the lead programmer.  Apparently he is the absentminded type who was kicked out of his own apartment recently due to forgetting to pay rent.
- Tee Hee wiped the system before he left, so the company doesn't have any info on the Prototypes anymore.
- Urain describes Tee Hee 'like a son' and seemed at least slightly emotionally attached to the boy genius.

Scene 4 - The Banshee Interrupted
Zero and Tex see an eurocar westwood pull up and three orcs in expensive suites get out.  The middle orc is especially large and extra ugly, even by Orc standards.  They enter the club and the two runners follow behind but stay in the outer bar.
The large Orc, Junior, entered the meet and interrupts Urain.  Moments are tense between the two, and Junior eyeballs the team (and Ms Wunter...) before leaving.  On the way out Tex tries to shoulder barge him.  He proved a bit stronger and goes for a grope on Tex with his left hand.  Tex edges a block of the grope and the two eyeball each other for a moment before Junior spits his toothpick at Tex and leaves.  Tex bags the toothpick.
Urian soon leaves and Roxanne gives the team a box of Tee Hee's personal effects, her personal phone number (to Walker...) and promises a video tape of the attack.  Roxanne also explained that Junior is the son of the founder of Global Technologies, but that his father gave the company to his partner (Urian) and not his son, causing the obvious tension between the two.  Roxanne soon left and the team as a whole went through Tee Hee's stuff.

Junior's background
Junior grew up with everything a boy could want. He was popular with his classmates, and he looked forward to fulfilling his father's dreams for him. Unfortunately, junior goblinized at the age of 13. His horrified parents coped with their new son as best they could, but it soon became obvious that junior would
never be the same.
He grew up rough and mean. By his 18th birthday, he was spending weeks away from home, usually In the Ork underground. His father was quite surprised when, at the age of 19, Junior announced he had been accepted to the University of Washington (at the same time as Tee Hee...). Junior studied business, but he was expelled three weeks before graduation for mauling one of his teachers. The man eventually recovered, but Junior's career chances were ruined. He was not allowed to finish his degree. His father took pity, however, and hired him to work for the new simsense company. Junior used every trick in the book to rise up the ladder, eventually heading the company. When Martelli Entertainment was put under the Global umbrella, he was livid.

Scene 5 - The Banshee Clue Discussion
The team looked at Tee Hee's gear and found the following Clues
- Tool Kit - inscribed with "Future Good Luck, Flair"
- Holocube - Photo of a Dr Hendrix aka Flair
- Herbal Tea - Orion's Special Blend, Orion's Organic Grocery, Seattle.
- Lighter - "Breadboard Quaff and Stuff"

Scene 6 - The Betrayal
Walker called Karen King but she was still under house arrest.  He then called Mel Cosi.  Mel had heard of Global Tech, they made the skillsoft for the Colt L36-Mark VII.  They had, several months ago, also presented a new personality based skillsoft, but the prototype didn't work very well and Ares didn't invest.  Mel did hear that the UCAS military had instead invested in the project.  Mel and Walker made a deal for 100,000 nuyen to examine he chips in a special facilityy, providing that the chips were handed back so that Walker and team could collect their nuyen from Global Tech.

On the way...

Rounding the corner, Zero pull up sharply as he saw a member of the Blood Rumblers spraypainting
"Blood Rules" over the Brain Eater gang symbol that normally adorns the wall of a building. Zero kept driving to keep up with Junior...

Scene 7 - Junior's Pad (2am Sunday Morning)
Zero followed Junior from Banshee, and while Junior drove like a madman, he proved poor at spotting a tail.  Junior and his boys went back to his luxury pad in Queen Anne hills in downtown Seattle. Zero broke into the luxury apartment building, found the vidphone terminal and juryrigged a bug to monitor Junior's calls.  The team also asked Shadowhawk to hack Junior's personal computer, which contained substantial orc porn, but also a deleted email to HSE (Hollywood Simsense Entertainment).  The team also quickly realised that Junior was the one who hired Ferret.  Walker mentioned that Junior should have hired them...

Flair (the team also investigated Flair)
Dr. Hendrix is a former professor at the University of Washington. A pioneer in the field of Matrix geometry, he is considered one of the great minds in his field. Norris was one of the most popular, and most difficult, professors at UW. A man of both style and knowledge, his classes were filled to capacity with the brightest minds of the university. Norris was instrumental in developing many of the theories now
commonly used in the Matrix. Norris also had a wilder side, however (Is every professor at UW secretly a shadowrunner?). One of the original shadowrunners, Norris operated under the name of Flair, making
and breaking some of the best ICE available at the time. The professor ran out of luck, or skill, however, and suffered massive neural feedback while working on an independent project against an up and coming Aztechnology. The accident left him In a coma, which lasted a little over two years. When he awoke,
he found technology had left him in the dust. Though still a capable decker, he lost his edge and was released by the university after his first year back. Bitter at life and the University of Washington, he was forced into accepting shadowruns as his only means of support.  He apparently spends most his time at a decker hangout called 'The Breadboard' in the Redmond Barrens.  Rumour has it he has taken a White Hat role with HSE (Hollywood Simsense Entertainment) and has been celebrating.  He has got himself a classy joygirl for a big HSE celebrity party later this week.

Tee Hee (The team investigated Tee Hee)  Mad Monk, Walker's contact had this to say:
Tee Hee was the brightest and most highly sought decker in the graduating class of '48 at the University of Washington. Since his employment at Global, he has, almost single-handily, turned the company into a market leader. Not that he would know it, however. When not in the Matrix or talking about computers, he's about as useful as fused circuit board.
Despite a brilliant mind and outstanding credentials at the University of Washington,Tee Hee was not well liked by either teachers or fellow students. Somewhat of an intellectual snob, he had few friends. His decision to work for Global came as quite a shock to those who knew him, especially in the face of an
outstanding offer from Aztechnology.
Since he has been at Global, the company has undergone a complete Change. Now considered a fast riser in the local skillsoft market, the company has Tee Hee to thank.
I haven't seen him much since the old days at UW. , think he keeps in touch with an old prof that used to
teach classes In Matrix geometry. Hendrix was his name, but he liked to be called Flair.

Walker also check around to see if anyone recruited a Shadowrun team recently...
Marcus Cooperman, aka the Face, recruited a team recently..
Yeah, he's a hard one to grab nowadays. Heard he's working on something big. Heard from a friend
he even called in a few markers and scored Griffin, a corporate razor from downtown. Must be heavy to
need that guy.

Walker asked around for more info on Cooperman
Most of the shadier members of Seattle's society have heard of Marcus Cooperman, the Historian. He has an uncanny ability to find out what is going on in the city. No one knows much about his past. He just sprang up in the Barrens, larger than life. He loves history, especially medieval history. Any gift related to the subject is sure to get you on his good side. He is known to be a primary fixer for the Blood Rumblers go-gang.
Cooperman moves through Seattle's high society as well as through its underground. He seems to have no friends, but everybody knows him. Justifiably paranoid, he is never seen without his bodyguards. If you need to get in touch with him, leave a message at any Seattle hot spot, and he'll find you.
For the last few weeks, Cooperman has been hard to find. He isn't returning calls, which is highly unusual for a man of his profession. Rumor has it that he's onto something heavy, but nobody can get a handle on just what it is. He has recently been seen in the company of some Blood Rumbler toughs.

Sleeeeeeeeeeppppppppp (yes, the team does that sometimes...)

Global Technologies - 11am Sunday Morning
After some solid sleep, the team rocked up to Global Technologies to watch the video and look for evidence.

Global Technlogies
    Home OffIce: Seattle, Washington
    President/CEO: Urian Manes
PrIncipal Divisions:
    Division Name: Back Door Technologies
        Division Head: Roxanne Wunter
        Chief Product/Services: Military, commercial, and private skillsofts and memory modules
    Division Name: Martelli Entertainment
        Division Head: Thomas Martelli
        Chief Product/Services: Entertainment simsense modules
Business Profile:
Global Technologies is a rather grandiose name and not at all the truth. Since its inception in 2036, the company has managed to make only modest advances in the highly competitive field of skillsofts. Its only office is located in Seattle's Bellevue district, where 127 employees, mostly deckers, have turned out a series of mostly lack luster products.
Recently, however, the addition of several new employees just graduated from the University of Washington has changed the morale, product quality, and focus of the company. Its latest product, the Colt L36-Mark VI/, is the premier hand-gun skillsoft in Seattle today.
The Entertainment division was recently brought under the corporate umbrella. Once a separate company, it almost went bankrupt from fierce competition by Hollywood Simsense Entertainment before Global bought it up. Urian Manes hopes to revitalise the division with an influx of Global nuyen.
Security Forces:
Global Technologies maintains no military assets. The numerous guards who work for the company are all hired from Knight Errant Security, a division of Ares Macrotechnology, as needed. Global typically hires security deckers and mages, as well as standard muscle
Available Info:
Global Technology has been around for 15 years but has never done anything really impressive until recently.
Two years ago, the new CEO, Urian Manes, stole a hotshot College decker right out from under the nose of Aztechnology. The new guy, Tee Hee, was immediately sent to work in the company's new think tank. Two years later, Back Door, the chipware division, is sitting on the hottest firearms skillchip in the city, the Colt L36-Mark VII. The company is poised to become a major player in the field, if it can follow the Mark VII
with another success.
Three years ago, Global reacquired one of its independent companies, Martelli Entertainment. The president of Martelli, son of Global"s founder, was livid. junior found his authority and prestige severely diminished by the move and has been bitter ever since.
Global is rumoured to be working on something big for the UCAS military, although the exact nature of the product is unknown. Global has not declared a dividend in four quarters, highly unusual for a company riding the wave of a best-selling product. The think tank, consisting mostly of the company's new college graduates, is believed to be on the edge of another breakthrough. If allowed the chance to grow, Global could live up to its name.
This Friday is the company's annual board of directors meeting. At the meeting, policy will be set for the coming fiscal year. It Is also the time most upper level personnel changes take place. Despite being one of the founders, Urian could be replaced if the directors think he has mismanaged their investment.

The footage showed three runners and Tee Hee.  One runner was clearly a female mage with long blond hair, the other a very chrome street sam, the third appeared slightly unfit and not particularly... impressive.  The mage was clearly hit during a shoot out with security and was the last to leave the building.

Looking for blood, the team found a caked over fresh puddle, which Chang used to ritually track the mage.  Chang took almost five hours to track the injured mage down... but about five minutes into the ritual, Walker had used speed dial to find the same information:

Freya Goldenhair, elven mage for hire
Freya is an Elven mage, contracted by Cooperman as extra muscle for the Global shadowrun.
Freya spends little time in Seattle. Her skills are highly sought, and she can usually get the price she demands. Only those with lots of juice can acquire her services. When not on a run, she stays in Sinsearach, although only the fixers with the best connections know how to reach her.
Freya has run several high-profile jobs in Seattle, mostly for Hollywood Simsense. She has always come out of these snatch and-dash missions unscathed.
''Yeah, she's got the rep. Got a pretty good temper, too. Remember the light show over at Hollywood
last December. Way I heard it, Freya decided some sap named Pengrave needed a payback. But I heard she almost took a fall on her last run. Sounded like her sponsor tried to cut some corners on the pickup. Glad I'm not in his shoes."
"I ain't sayin, you understand? I'm just sayin I heard a skirt matching her general description crashed into Dr. Bob's Quickstitch over on Fourth. She was leakin' pretty bad. 'Course it's hard to tell with a meta, might have been justa flesh wound."

After waiting for Chang to reawaken for his trance, the team headed to Dr Bob's Quickstitch.
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Dr Bob's Quickstitch, downtown Seattle, 6pm Sunday Night

Dr. Bob's Quickstitch is something of an institution in the Seattle area. Staffed by barely trained medics, Dr. Bob's is on the front line of the constant fighting that goes on in Seattle.

Working long hours for little pay, Quickstitch teams see some of the worst cases under the worst conditions. They do, however, have an excellent reputation among the city's shadowrunners
for quick and quiet repair work.

Security is tight at Dr. Bob's. Cynics point out that the clinic injures almost as many people as it helps, but that can't be avoided. Violence is a way of life in the big city. Most of the defences are automated, but the clinic maintains a small security detachment.

The team arrive at the clinic and after flipping the nurse 10 nuyen, Walker is allowed to see Dr Wilmoth, AKA Dr Bob.  Walker was taken to Doc's office and began the expensive bribe process for information.  However, it turned out Dr Bob was... very expensive and far above what Walker was willing to pay (though he managed to skim 1,000 nuyen with just two questions).  Walker tried to intimidate the Doc.

While the Tex and Zero waited in the.. waiting room, they overhear two joyboys talking. "I tell you Raymond, it's not safe to work the streets anymore. Simon was found all cut up in that alley. I know he specialised in servicing razor ladies, but this was too much service if you ask me."

Meanwhile Chang went Astral and watched from above.  In the Astral he met Freya, who agreed to to talk to the team if the runners would just pay the Doc.

However, in the real world, things got a bit heated and Doc tripped his panic button (actually he leaned his knee against it the whole time).  The room locked and filled with neurostun.  Walker took a lung full before putting on his respirator.

With the alarm going, Tex picked the lock into from the waiting room and Zero and Chang moved into the administration area.  Three guards came at them, but the three runners took them out without much sweat.  Zero stepped into the corridor to the patient rooms and faced a mage and a cybered street sam.  Moving quickly, his stunned them both and then Tex finished them off.  They let Walker out and found Freya's room.

She was not impressed.  Tex gave her contact at Lone Star and the inbound patrol was diverted.  Shadowhawk was again contacted on his holiday and his Agent ran the 'They're in trouble again' protocols and switched the alarm off.  Chang and Walker sweet talked Freya into listening to them and in exchange for 15,000 nuyen (to cover the hospital expenses), she gave them what info she had:

On Cooperman
'That jerk face is a rat, plain and simple. He'll do anything for a little extra piece of the action. He's not so much in it for the nuyen as he is for the power. I suppose that's why he went on the run. He must have figured those chips would make him more powerful , for all the good it'll do when I get hold of him.
"He's really into history, considers himself an expert in the field. Blessed Lady, if you ever get him started, he'll talk your ear off. The battle of this, the general of that. Can't quite figure it, but
he seems to have a serious lock-on for Genghis Khan. Why anyone would want to imitate that smelly barbarian is beyond me. In any event, he loves all that old stuff. The more obscure the better."

She also mentioned that there were two other runners, Griffin the street sam and Val the rigger who flew a helicopter to the Global Tech and was meant to fly them back to warehouse in the Barrens.  She didn't know who they were working for or what the target of the run was (other than Tee Hee).

The team didn't ask any other questions, deciding to leave.

What Next?  7pm Sunday Night
The team then decided to look for the Blood Rumblers Go Gang.  Knowing that the Blood Rumblers ride the I5 highway in and out of the Redmond Barrens, they team was determined to hunt them down and find Cooperman... and that's when we called it a night.

So... what's next?

The team has still to track down Tee Hee, Flair, or Cooperman, or worked out what Junior is up to...
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Scene 1 - Gathering Forces Sunday Night / Monday Morning

After Walker crashed coming down from his most recent Cram high, Zero drove him home.  The rest of the team headed to their homes to get some sleep.

The next morning, Tex and Chang picked up Air-On-Fire and Shadowhawk (now returned from his weekend away...)

NOTE for Ben - Air-On-Fire now has Knowledge Skill - Spirit Possession. Please see the following information in Street Magic:
Possession Based Traditions Page 34
The Qabbalistic Tradition Page 40
Hedge Witchcraft Tradition Page 41
Voodoo Tradition Page 42
Vessel Preperation Page 86-87
True Vessels Page 88
Shadows Page 93
Spirits and Vessels Page 95
Spotting Spirits Page 95 also
Inhabitation Merges Page 100
Inhabitation Page 100-101
Possession Page 101-103
True Names Page 107
Binding a Free Spirit Page 108
Banishing a Free Spirit Page 109
Pretty much everything in the Magical Threats chapter...
Dark Path Page 136-139
Shadow Spirits Page 146-148
Evanescence Page 148-149
Ok... that should make for some light reading...

Addition Penalty for Air-On-Fire
- -2 DP for all rolls, but only for this adventure, after this you can be free of the addiction... unless Walker talks you around...

 Cut Scene A - Darkness stalks a hero's soul

Air-On-Fire had spent the weekend in his office at the campus, his head buried in books on demonic and spirit possession.  The darkness, all too real, clung to him.  His attention began to wander, his eyes lingering on his mixing tray.  While generally used to create achlemic mixtures, until recently he had used it for more... frivilise entertainments.  A knawing need pressed at him, his fingers tapping at his desk, his red eyes unable to focus...
The call from Chang and Tex saved Air-On-Fire from temption, at least for now...

 Scene 2 - Orion's Organic Grocery, Cascade Road, border of Bellevue and the Redmond Barrens. 6am Monday Morning.

Chang, being the dectective that he was, had tracked Tee Hee's tea to this little grocery store on the edge of the barrens.  Not a nice area, not by far, it hadn't yet fallen into the anarchy lawlessness of the rest of the sector.

After some Astral recon, Chang and Tex entered the shop. A buzzer sounds in the back of the shop. Chang and Tex were almost overcome by the wide variety of smells that assaulted them. Is it possible that they were really in a food store?
Inside the door are two caged checkout register, both locked and empty. Definitely in the seedy part of town. Farther inside are four long isles of canned goods and a small section of organic products that give the shop its name. The barrage of smells comes from this little section.
As the runners  step into the bar, a small gray-haired lady shuffled to the front of the store.
"Hello. hello. hello. How can I help you today?"

Tex and Chang negotiated with the old lady, flashing the photo of Flair and TeeHee, and Chang showed is P.I. badge quickly.  After purchasing 50 nuyen of good tea and 100 nuyen of vastly overprized poor quality tea, the tea, determined that Flair did shop here, was a regular and was likely to come by at lunch.

Chang left behind a loyal servant spirit and Air-On-Fire left behind a scooby-doo watcher spirit.

Scene 3 - Breakfast at the Breadboard 7am Monday Morning till Lunch

Next the team headed to the nearby Diner and had breakfast.  While at the diner, a local decker hangout, they met Rosie, a busty larger woman who took a favourable interest in Air-On-Fire.
- They found out that Flair came here often for 'breakfast', usually around noon.
- that Soy Jacks and Synth-Egss with some soy-cafe is actually a pretty decent meal
- That 5 joyboys and joygirls  had been killed in the last 2 nights.  The killer was quick and brutal, and removed the victims organs and neatly laid them out next to the victim
- Most the joyboys and joygirls work for local pimps, gangs and low-level mobsters
- The victims had been killed ina 15 block radius in Redmond
- While the 'Star were concerned, they were more focused on the strange gang activities, particular rumours of some go gangs allying.
- Some of this info also came Tex's contact in the Star, Rex.

At midday, the team grabbed Flair, initially pretending to want to hire him because of his rep, but then telling him the truth (sort off) that they wanted to find and protect Tee Hee.

Scene 4 - TeeHee Discovered, Recovered and Covered, 1pm Monday Afternoon
After being convinced that Tee Hee would be safe, Flair had lunch and took the team back to his hovel, um, one room unit.  Tee Hee was in the Matrix.

Shadowhawk met with Tee Hee in the Matrix and found that he was not overally concerned with his physical body.  The team eventually found the following:
- Tee Hee was approached and hired by the Fixer, Cooperman
- Cooperman was the one who grabbed the chips
- Freya the mage took a hit, but the team left her behind
- There was a razor (street sam) in the team, didn't talk much
- The left by a chameleon coated chopper
- He then caved, and admitted that Junior was the real planner
- Tee Hee has known Junior for awhile, Junior is the Bully, Tee Hee the victim
- Junior has a cyberarm with a blade and is adnormally fast
- Junior used to run with a gang from the Orc Underground.  Nasty group... They came with him when he entered the business world and now act as his entourage/bodyguards
- Tee Hee was promised a fat credstick and a souped up Fairlight Exclaibur deck
- The Chips are a new type of Dreamchip (Better then life (BTL chip)
- They combine Skillsoft Suites with Personality Programing... but they are very unstable presently.
- If left in too long, the programed personality dominates the user
- Tee Hee wiped the research files... but kept a copy on Junior's personal deck.
- Junior removing Urlan Manes (the Mr Johnson) at the Friday board meeting... and then selling the company to Hollywood Simsense Entertainment (HSE).  Then the research will be rediscovered and the company will use it to 'make' simsense stars.

Shadowhawk also has access to the following programs from Tee Hee's deck:
- Armor 3
- Stealth 4
- Spoof 3
- Attack 2
- Analyse 3
- Exploit 3
- Browse 3
- Command 3

The team promised Flair that TeeHee would be safe and that they would be watching.  They asked Flair to stay with TeeHee and Air-On-Fire left his air elemental with the deckers.

Flair mentioned that he was going to a party Tuesday night with HSE and he had two tickets for himself and a classy Joygirl that he had hired.  The team convinced him to take Tex as a bodyguard.

Scene 5 - Backdoor Hacking Rebuffed
Shadowhawk decided to use a backdoor provided by TeeHee to try and hack Global Technologies to get to the files stored on Junior's computer.  Unfortunatly security was alerted and Shadowhawk eventually retreated out of the system.

Scene 6 - Catch up with Roxanne

The team then contacted Roxanne, confirmed that they had found TeeHee but refused to provide his location to her.  They then mentioned that they had info on Junior.  Roxanne almost ended to call, concerned that Junior might be listening.  She then organised a meeting at the Banshee with the runners at 9pm to discuss the info in person.

Scene 7 - Back to Banshee

Tex, Shadowhawk, and Air-On-Fire went into the bar.  Tex managed to keep her taser, but the team lost their guns and grenades.  A few runners had knives on them, but that was it.

Chang stayed with the car and kept watch (it was the Barrens afterall, if no one stayed with the car, not much would be left when they got back.)

Shadowhawk and Air-On-Fire introduced themselves, Tex mingled with the crowd.  When the sound system went kaput, Shadowhawk went behind the bar to try and fix it.  Air made ideal chit chat with Roxanne, apparently not liking her 80s powersuit style....

Chang saw Junior and two of his buddies arrive on bikes outside.  He alerted his team inside the bar...

And thats were we ended it for the night...

So what happens next?
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We had:
-   Shadowhawk elvan Hacker/Chaos Mage
-   The Professor – elvan Hermetic Spirit Master Mage
-   Chang – human Chinese Wujing

So all mages.... ok, this could be interesting 

Scene One – Banshee, 9pm Monday Night.
So when we last left our heroes, they were meeting with Roxanne, one of the Johnsons for this job.  They were going to let her know Junior’s involvement in the theft of the ‘dream chips’.

The bar’s sound system had blown, so Shadowhawk was behind the bar helping the bartender fix the system.  Professor was with Roxanne making small talk.  Charming as he thought he was, he was making no headway at sweet talking the powersuit wearing corporate executive.  Perhaps the way his hand shook sometimes may have been distracting.

Chang was outside in the car and had spotted Junior and two of his entourage arrive.  Junior look at gruesome as always.  Chang gave the word to the other two.

When Junior walked down the short hallway and was stopped at the barred gateway, the team waited for him to be stripped of his weapons.

Instead, Gus the dwarf gun checker stepped into the bar holding a sawn-off shotgun.  Aiming carefully, he blew the head of the bouncer guarding the door!

Shadowhawk swung into action. Moving quickly, Shadowhawk masked himself to look like the bartender.  It was not very effective, but enough to fool a casual glance.  He then stood up and took control of the murderous dwarf before he could open the barred gate.

In the backroom, six loud shots could be heard.  Some brief screams indicated that bloody violence was taking place in the back room, blocking the runner’s chances at retreat.

Junior yelled at the frozen Gus to no effect.  Professor, taking the opportunity, cast a power enchantment onto the large orc.  As his bodyguards watched, Junior froze, his body crystallising into a hard goo substance.

Furthermore, The Professor summoned his bound earth elemental, a bandicoot creature.  The creature appeared in the hallway with the frozen Junior and his body guards.

Junior’s bodyguards responded quickly, unleashing their submachine guns.  The Professor’s body shook as bullets ripped through his body.  He fell in a bloody mess, calling his for his spirits to aid him! As he fell, he pulled Roxanne under him, shielding her body with his...

The bodyguards also ripped into the last Bouncer, a large troll called Mackie.  Despite the bullets sinking into his thick hide, he managed to reach the traitorous dwarf and began clubbing him to death.  Controlled my Shadowhawk, Gus the dwarf could only stand there as the Troll began to break his bones.

Shadowhawk called out to Chang, “Professors down!”

Chang turned to his honourable ancestor and sent him to the Professor to apply his mystic herbs and remedies.

Chang opened the slide on the external door.  Spotting one of the bodyguards, Chang  unleashed a quick chi blast, knocking the bodyguard unconscious.

BandiRock summoned snapped his fingers at the other bodyguard.  Suddenly a fountain of earth erupted from the ground, engulfing the orc gangster, slowly crushing the life from him.

Three orc mercenaries busted out the back room.  See the honourable ancestor floating by the door, they opened up with their Ares Predators.  The bullets all hit the manifested spirit... and then fell to the floorboards. 

Honourable Ancestor scowled at the mercenary before attending to his patient.  With a rapid flourish, a number of mystical acupuncture needles appeared on the Professor.  Within a blink of the eye, the Professor’s bloody wounds healed and he felt better than he had in some time.  Whispering softly, the spirit tried to explain that Professor was suffering an unusual imbalance on Yin... but this was lost in the noise of the battle.

The Professor’s other spirits arrived on the battlefield.  The succubus in full leather armour, and the watery phoenix.  At the same time, Shadowhawk grabbed the minds of the mercenaries, freezing.

Gritty his teeth, the Professor yelled at his spirits, “Kill Them!”

The Water Phoenix engulfed her target, slowly drowning the frozen warrior.  Succubus grabbed a large handgun from the a beefy orc mercenary and held it to his head.
The gun bucked in her inexperienced hand, and while the orc went down, it was far from clear he was dead.  She then spun on her heels and pointed at the last Orc mercenary.
The bullet clipped his skull and he went down in a bloody splatter.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard encased in dirt was fighting his way free.  With new orders, BandiRock responded.  A large rocking spike ripped through the floor, its sharp edge tearing up and through the orc.  A dirt erupted out of the orcs mouth.  He hung there in the small corridor for a few moments, before the dirt collapsed and the torn body fell to the ground.

Junior had been briefly frozen, but when his guards had taken out the Professor he had returned to normal.  In the brief second that he had been frozen, the world had changed.  His two guards where down (one horribly impaled on a shaft of rock and stone), his dwarf ally was moments away from being beaten to death by Mackie in front of him and his three mercenaries being brutally put down by spirits.

Both the Professor and Junior faced off.  However, between the Professor, Chang and Shadowhawk, Junior was soon defeated.

The battle now over, the Honourable Ancestor finished healing the Professor, and then Mackie and other wounded innocents.

Roxanne aka Ms Johnson, was obviously shaken.  In under 6 seconds a horrible battle had taken place and left behind bloody destruction.  Her favourite powersuit was now stained with the blood of the Professor, who apparently appeared completely unharmed.

With the Professor so strung out from his the strain of his castings, he soon passed out while trying to revive Junior.  Chang applied a stimulate patch to the Professor.  Feeling much better, with the drugs coursing through his body, the Professor decided to take some Cram as well.  He was feeling pretty good again....

Taking Junior to the back room, the team used magic to control his mind and find out the truth.  Junior had made a deal with a HSE (Hollywood Simsense Entertainment) executive.  He would humiliate Global Technologies’ current CEO, Urlan (the Mr Johnson),  at the board meeting on Friday and once he was CEO, sell the company to HSE.  His HSE contact for the deal was a corporate executive called Booker Pengrave.  He had kept all the details on the experimental dreamchips on his personal computer.  Shadowhawk took the passwords and provided them Roxanne.
The team asked where the chips were now.  Junior explained that he had given them to Cooperman as payment.  He believed Cooperman has slotted the Genghis Khan chip and was currently running with his old gang, the Blood Rumbliers.   Val, the rigger, had slotted Cleopatra and was now with Pengrave.  She was expected to attended the big celebrity party that HSE was hosting tomorrow night.  Griffin, the ex-company man street samurai, had slotted the Jack the Ripper chip and was now ‘somewhere’ out in the Barrens.

The team also ‘acquired’ two more tickets to the HSE event and Shadowhawk raided Junior’s bank accounts for 30,000 nuyen.  Roxanne organised for a Knight Errant security team to come pick Junior up and the team left.

Scene 2 – Downtime before the big Party

With some time to spare and most the mages a little tired from the spell casting, the team headed to bed.

The next day each mage communed with his spirits.

The Professor tried to strengthen his bindings of his spirits, but the resisted and ultimately he was left tired and disappointed. The way they resisted suggested some deep seated disapproval.  The Professor felt dejected by way his spirits refused and fought against his control. They had been so close at one stage...

Chang also tried to rebind his Honourable Ancestor.  Strangely the Honourable Ancestor not only refused to show respect to his master, but the strength of his resistance overwhelmed him completely.  Chang passed out from the strain of the struggle, blood dripping from his ears and nose.  Eventually the Professor arrived and provided support while Chang slowly recovered from the battle of wills.  It took two hours alone for Chang to even wake, and longer for him to regain his composure.

With the day of preparation over, the team needed to go to the Party...

... And that’s where we called it a night.


-   Will the team infiltrate the high society celebrity party?
-   Will the team prevent the brewing gang war?
-   Will the team hunt down the ultimate serial killer?
-   And what’s with these spirits? So loyal one moment, so resistant the next....
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The Characters:
-   Shadowhawk – elvan private detective, hacker and mind mage
-   The Professor – elvan drug addicted college professor with a dark side and a mastery of spirit magic
-   Chang – human Chinese Wujing, servant of the Jade Emperor
-   Tex – female Orc Chinese Gun-Fu adept, cowboy movie fan
-   Zero – human Japanese ex-Corp Infiltration expert.  Good with a Sniper Rifle.
-   Dori Dori – female elvan Japanese martial artist / street racer

Scene One – Tuesday Evening, SHDA headquarters

The team still had three days to track down and recover the missing ‘dreamchips’.  The only clues they had were that the chips had been handed out as payment to the shadowrunners who had stolen them.  The ‘Cleopatra’ social infiltrator chip had been provided to the rigger, Val.  The ‘Jack the Ripper’ combat chip had been provided to the street samurai Griffin.  And the ‘Genghis Khan’ officer chip had been kept by the Fixer, Cooperman.

The team also knew that Val/Cleo was now dating the Hollywood Simsense Entertainment (HSE) executive, Booker Pengrave, who had organised this entire operation.  She would be going the big Celebrity Party that her boyfriend was hosting  at a luxury apartment building at Queen Anne Hills in Downtown Seattle.  The team had two tickets from Junior and they knew that Flair had two more tickets.

Scene Two – Tuesday Evening, Flair’s apartment in the Redmond Barrens

Shadowhawk interrupted Flair’s preparation for the evening and quickly knocked him out and rewrote his memories.  He did the same for Flair’s escort friend.  The team now had four tickets to the event.

Scene Three – Tuesday Evening, The Party

The team checked out the event and realised that security, both physical and astral was tight.  This was going to be an infiltration job.

Zero and Dori Dori went in as corporate executives/partners, followed by Tex and Chang (Tex in cowboy outfit... ‘I thought this was a costume party!’)

Because they had the tickets, they managed to enter fairly smoothly and kept their hidden gear.

Chang tried to bring in the Professor as his personal bodyguard, but security called his bluff.  Fortunately they assumed he was just paranoid.

Tex quickly located Booker Pengrave and joined his group of hanger-ons.  Soon, Cleo joined them.  Cleo quickly charmed Tex with her quick wit and attention to detail.

Zero and Dori Dori also joined the group.  Zero tried to separate Cleo from the group, mentioning an opportunity to make money.  While Zero separated her from the group, he also quickly fell to her charms.  Soon Shadowhawk was screaming through the earbuds that Cleo’s charm was all artificial, but Tex and Zero knew differently.  Cleo was real, a genuine person, someone decent in this fragged up world.

The group decided to go upstairs to dance.

While in the elevator, Tex suddenly kissed Cleo to everyone’s shock!

Cleo collapsed in Tex’s arms, obviously blown away from her incredible kiss...

Meanwhile, Tex had removed Cleo’s chip and handed it over to Zero without anyone noticing.  Nice move!

Leaving Cleo on a couch, the team quickly exited the party.

Success, Chip One  - Cleopatra recovered.

Scene Four – Wednesday – Examining the Chip

Shadowhawk quickly examined the chip as best he could.  The chip was a combination of BTL and Skillchip.  The tech was advanced, the programming genius level / madness.  Shadowhawk quickly determined that the chips themselves were unstable.  Physically they ran hot and were only prototypes kludged together.  Worse, the programming implied that the original personality of whoever used the chips would be completely subsumed, and unlike most BTLs, these chips never timed-out.  So once slotted, the user would run the chip until it eventually fried their brains...

Shadowhawk quickly copied the design and prepared a package for his sponsor, Big D.

Scene 5 – Wednesday Night - the streets of the Barrens, hunting a serial killer.

While the gang war hotted up across the city, the team decided to focus on the Jack the Ripper serial killer.  Having taken another five lives while the team was busy at the party, Tex was keen to end the killer’s run.

Setting up cameras through a small targeted area (the area suggested by the Prof’s contact, Big Rosie (Diner Owner, Barrens – Street Info, SoyJack Recipes)), the team prepared to stalk the hunter.

The Professor and Dori Dori both dressed as a joyboy and joygirl respectively.  Chang, Tex and Shadowhawk hid in nearby vans (stolen/borrowed from clients at the shop they ran).  Zero waited above with his sniper rifle.

Time and time again the team though that killer had been identified.  It just turned out that the neighbourhood attracted a rough client type. 

Eventually the killer approached the Professor, but before the scene escalated, one of Shadowhawk’s spirits manifested and took control of the killer’s mind.

Removing the chip, the team handed over the killer to the local Lone Star station.  Rex, Tex’s contact on the force, took ownership of the now unconscious Griffin.  The blood on his gloves matched an earlier kill from that very night.  Looked like Griffin was going away for some time...  Tex was even noted for the bounty... 3,000 nuyen.  Not much and subject to review, but it was something...

Success, Chip Two  - Jack the Ripper recovered.

Scene Five – Thursday – SHDA HQ, Meeting Room

So the next chip was with Cooperman who was now known as Khan.  Khan had united the Blood Rumbliers, the Red Rovers and the Spiked Wheel go-gangs under his banner and was about the launch a war to take control of the streets of the entire Redmond Barrens.

So, the team got together with a virtual whiteboard and brainstormed how to get the Khan and recover the last chip.    The team knew the following info:
-   Khan had called a meeting at a particular location to rally the troops before his ‘horde’ sweeps through the barrens and hit the rival gangs.
-   Lone Star’s response was to contain the threat by isolating the Barrens.  They were not going to involve themselves in a gangland war in a section of the city they barely patrolled anyway....
-   Blood Rumbliers were a human only punk bike gang.  They were the closest to Khan and he was currently their defacto leader.
-   Red Rovers was an Orc muscle bike gang, more like the old style outlaw biker gangs.  They favoured illegal cyberware and had a reputation for being heavily augmented.  They also had the support of a powerful street shaman aspected to the Dog spirit.
-   The Spike Wheels were a troll militia which regularly duelled with the Metroplex Guard in Forth Lewis. While a ‘go-gang’ they also made use of modified vehicles mounted with heavy weapons.  Pick-up trucks mounted with LMGs or SAMs were not unusual.  While they were lead by a cybered troll, it was rumoured that his closest friend was a free spirit of man who had embraced the rebel biker culture.

The Plan!
-   Tex would infiltrate the gang meet-up disguised as a Red Rover.  She would try and draw the Khan out of the warehouse so that the team could strike.
-   Zero would provide overwatch, using Tex’s image link to triangulate targets and shoot through the wall of the warehouse with APDS rounds using his sniper rifle...
-   Shadowhawk would use his spirits to circulate through the crowd and cause a distraction.
-   The remainder of the team would provide support that they could once the action began

Scene Six – Thursday Night - Barrens, Go-Gang Meet – Time to Prevent/Start a War!

Setting themselves up on a nearby rooftop, the team observed hundreds of go-gangers arrive.  Soon somewhere between 500 to 1,000 gangers were present, all heavily armed and rocking for some action.

Tex, wearing Red Rover colours soon infiltrated the mix.  With so many gangers, it proved easy for her to mingle.  Soon the gang leaders arrived...

Blood Rumbliers, lead by a British punk style ganger, blue and red Mohawk, tattoos, fast racing bikes, and predisposition for metal baseball bats rocked up first.

The Spike Wheel Leader rocked up in modified wagon that looked like a cross between a roman chariot and something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.  The Troll, Jagged Edge, was large, wore dull brown combat fatigues, and had numerous large blades sticking out of his body.  Most striking was his golden chrome skull and his blood red eyes.  He barely looked ‘metahuman’.  By his side looked like a parody of a man, tall as the trolls, bulging  muscles, this unnatural creature followed behind Jagged Edge like a loyal puppy dog... and speaking of dogs..

The Red Rover leader was last, riding his modified hog up to the door of the warehouse.  His gang cheered as he revved his engines.  Krome had obvious cybered limbs and legs. An oversized large axe was slung over his back.  With him were Hound, his loyal dog shaman guard.  The cloaked and hooded Hound has a large scythe strapped to his back.  With him almost a dozen large hounds.

Tex made her move, trying to enter the warehouse with the Krome’s bodyguards.  When one of the guards tried to stop her, she disarmed him before he could blink.  Impressed, Krome replaced one of his guards with Tex.

Each gang leader had two bodyguards and one lieutenant.  Also in the warehouse was the Khan and his own two guards.

Khan ranted and raved, but somehow said all the right things when it came to the gang leaders.  Blood, destruction, power, respect.  He outlined his plan and was almost finished when Tex stepped into the centre of the room and threw down a challenge.

Initially angered, Khan eventually accepted the challenge, determined that no one would disrespect him when he was so close to his victory!

Khan went at Tex and proved fast, very fast.  Tex blocked his naginata attack with her monofilmenent hand chainsaw. She quickly drew her gun...

And Zero struck!  Using Tex’s vision he triangulated his target and fired twice, his bullets travelling half a kilometre away, through the solid walls of the warehouse and into Khan!

Khan fell, his life blood pouring out onto the concrete floor, his dreams but a stain, soon to be forgotten....

Tex acted quickly, and removed Khan’s head with her chainsaw, claiming victory.

Krome, quick to seize an opportunity, took the head of Tex and raised it above his head, claiming leadership of the ‘Horde’!

Jagged Edge was less than impressed.  Furthermore, the Blood Rumbliers looked uneasy, their defacto leader murdered...

Tex grabbed for the head, determined to get to the Chip.  As she and Krome struggled over the head, it was ripped out of both their hands!

Jagged Edge’s free spirit friend had used telekinesis to grab the head as a prize for the Spiked Wheels!

Chaos erupted in the warehouse.  Zero tried to nail the free spirit but it proved immune to the bullets.  Jagged Edge and Krome went head to head, while the Professor’s own spirits entered the warehouse and took down Hound. Tex put a couple of bullets into Jagged Edge who in turn slashed Krome.

The Blood Rumbliers fled the building in the chaos, while Jagged Edge’s two troll bodyguards made short work of Krome’s other guard.

Meanwhile, outside the warehouse, Shadowhawks spirits began using mob mind to trigger conflicts between the gangs, soon almost a dozen fire fights erupted!

As warfare broke out in the parking lots and streets around the warehouse, the initial advantage appeared to go with the Blood Rumbliers and their superior numbers.  Soon, however, the Spiked Wheels regrouped and circled their vehicles.  Using small unit tactics and heavy weapons, they began to take a steep toil on their enemies.  The Red Rovers, caught in the middle and without any leadership (with Krome still battling in the warehouse), were being slaughtered.

The scene below the shadowrun team was one of absolute chaos.  Molotov cocktails were being thrown without regards, and dozens upon dozens of fires burnt through the streets below.  Spike Wheels fired light machine guns mounted on their war wagons.  Rockets were also being fired, with explosive devastating effect.  Given the close quarters, axes and metal baseball bats were in use as much as submachine guns, assault rifles and shotguns...

And that’s where we left it...

Tex, alone in the warehouse (actually I remember one of the Professor’s spirits being there as well...), surrounded by a free spirit, three cybered trolls and a really pissed-off Orc samurai...

... in the middle of a warzone!

With Zero in overwatch, providing fire support, can Tex grab the head and make her way out of the chaos intact?

Can the team break the Lone Star containment and get to the meet in time?

Will they keep their deal with ARES?
Perception molds reality
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The Characters:
-          The Professor – elvan drug addicted college professor with a dark side and a mastery of spirit magic
-          Chang – human Chinese Wujing, servant of the Jade Emperor
-          Tex – female Orc Chinese Gun-Fu adept, cowboy movie fan
-          Zero – human Japanese ex-Corp Infiltration expert.  Good with a Sniper Rifle.
-          Dori Dori – female elvan Japanese martial artist / street racer

Scene One– Thursday Night - Barrens, Go-Gang Meet – Time to Start a War!

Outside the warehouse chaos reigned.  A full scale war had erupted between three powerful go-gangs who had only moments ago been gathering together.  Where previously the 600+ gangers had been standing around bonfires kicking back homebrew and preparing themselves to rage war on their enemies together, now they were at each others throats, desperately trying to kill and stay alive.

Street battles are never clean, but when the combatants are so closely intermingled?  Bloody, brutal and most off all, chaotic.  The Spiked Wheels, the troll gang experienced in fighting the Metroplex Guard, recovered the quickest, circling their modified Technicals and let loose with their superior firepower.  But even as they mowed down orc Red Rovers and human Blood Rumbliers alike, a Blood on his bike streamed past a technical and threw his Molotov cocktail.  The large troll caught on fire, but so did his ammo cases.  Soon the whole vehicle went up as the ammo cooked and sprayed the area with shrapnel.

The main runner team, almost half a click away on a roof top, ducked down as the explosions and spray of auto fire turned the the space between them and the warehouse into a deadly arena.  Only Zero maintained his complete cool as he took aim again.

Inside the warehouse, things were only slightly better.  Krome, the barely flesh Orc leader of the Red Rovers, went hand to hand with the massive troll leader of the Spike Wheels, Jagged Edge.  The golden skulled troll had the edge and was soon tearing large chunks out of the orc.

Tex saw that the two troll body guards were coming her way and she started firing away with both her handguns, Doc Holiday and Billy the Kid.  Zero and Professor backed her up and soon the two guards went down.

Tex had her own problems.  The free Spirit of Man who was friends with Jagged Edge grabbed her with his telekinesis and threw her into the air.  Tex remained calm and fired twice at the spirit.  Her rounds struck true and the spirit was sent back to its home plain.. for now.  The 'head' it was holding was dropped to the ground.

Almost two stories up, Tex fell lightly to the ground.  Professor's spirits hit Jagged Edge with a powerful stun bolt and he began falling to the ground.  Krome, seeing his enemy stumble, took a massive swing with his axe and the golden metal head of Jagged Edge bounced across the warehouse floor into the darkness.

Tex quickly recovered Khan's head and used her handheld chainsaw to rip out the datajack.  She handed the head to Krome who went outside to rally his men and claim his victory.

Tex meanwhile went the other direction, running up a wall and through a second story window out of the warehouse.

It was time.  Dori Dori revved her Eurocar Westwind's high performance engine and roared out into the battlefield.  Shadowhawk's spirits had helped to clear a path, but it was far from an easy drive.  Dodging bullets, roaring bikes and burning vehicles, Dori Dori reached the warehouse and skidded to a stop in front of Tex.  Tex flipped into the car and Dori Dori head out of the Barrens.  Tex called Rex and organised for the team to make it through the Lone Star cordon.

Zero and Professor crawled through the city streets to wear their concealed vehicle was kept and laid low for the morning.  While a rough night, the two were easily able to make their way out of the area when the dawning sun began to light up the wreckage strewn streets.

Zero transported the Cleo chip to the meet with Mel Cosi's ARES team.  The Ares team spent their hour with the chip and handed it over to Zero with a credstick of 100,000 nuyen.  Easy money.  No way this would ever come back to bite the team...

The Team returned to the Banshee where they were treated with respect and awe.  Meeting with Urlan and Roxanne went well, even though the Khan chip turned out to be slightly damaged.  They even negotiated Tee Hee's 'return' to the corporate fold.  Pocketing a cool 300,000 nuyen and a wam offer of future employment from Global Technologies, the team waved their Mr Johnson's good bye as the corporate executives took their black helicopter back to civilisation.

The team found their way back to Rosie's Diner.  A bit shot up from the chaos of the previous night, Rosie was more than willing to put on a breakfast of soyjacks and synth-eggs for Professor and his team...

- Griffin is in prison for his crimes committed as 'Jack the Ripper'.  With 14 murders to his name, he may be looking at the death penalty...
- Global Technologies remains in business.  They continue to develop the personality chips for the UCAS military
- Urlan remains in control of the company, Roxanne remains is second in command and Tee Hee rejoins the family and is treated well despite his betrayal.
- Junior is arrested, but charges are dropped.  His re-enters the orc underground and the shadows... for now.
- Flair looses his job with Hollywood Simsense Entertainment.  He remains as a Decker for hire in the shadows, but his skills continue to be sub par
- Freya, the elf mage, remains in the Shadows and is available for hire by the team if ever required.
- Ferret, the rat who was hired by Junior to watch to runners, was found dead in an alley way, his skull crushed.  He was missed by no one.
- Banshee is now available as a meet up location for the team.
- Dr Bob's QuitchStitch remains a place that the runners should never, ever visit again.  Dr Bob was not impressed with their last visit...
- Valerie Westerfield, the Rigger who was using the Cleo chip, returns to the shadows.  She has no awareness of the runners...
- Booker Pengrave, HSE executive and the man behind the entire affair, keeps his position at HSE, but looses his Cleo/Val relationship and his ticket to the big time.  If he ever crosses the path of the runners, it will be personal...
- more then a hundred people were killed in the Battle of Khan, and many more were serious hurt.  The Blood Rumbliers were hurt, but their gang leader Union Jack escaped alive.  The Spiked Wheels were badly mauled in the battle, but managed to break to Lone Star blockade and escape into the city.  They have remained low profile since and are without united leadership.  Battles for the top job may tear them apart..  The Red Rovers are seen on the streets are the winners of the battle, with Krome's street rep at an all time high. He appears to be trying to leverage this into a 'Khan of the Go Gangs' title, but his recent victory has placed a fairly large target on his head and he may not last...
- Lone Star has cracked down on the Redmond Barrens, with curfews and random check points, increases in raid etc.  It looks like law and order may finally be returning to this wasteland...
Perception molds reality
Change perception and reality will follow