Starting a New PbP Shadowrun Game

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EDIT::Applications are now closed.

Bullets scream death as they fly past, mere inches away from ending your running career. The air about you is thick with ozone; the pristine, sterile walls charred from blasts of magical fire and lightning. The corpse of an elemental lies sprawled in the corridor in front of you, it's stony hide riddled with anti-tank rounds. The 'package' you've been sent to retrieve has lost her youthful exuberance, and is weeping silently next to you. Your medic attending to a sucking ballistics wound she suffered in her thigh, during the outbreak of the fighting. You and your team are holding a T-section corridor with in the very heart of the Ares enclave in Seattle, buying time for your hacker to find another route. It is, however, all that he can do to keep automatic security down.

“You're out of time, omae,” Your riggers ragged voice comes in over your commlink, his flying surveillance drones, only a little larger then the size of a dime, must have spotted another security detachment headed to flank down the T-section, leaving nowhere to hide. “Stick to the route as planned, we'll work on getting a distraction going, it may help.” He pauses a moment, aware his message wasn't very reassuring. He then adds by means of condolences, “Don't get geeked out there, you still owe me two beers.”

Your heart sinks into your stomach at the thought of leaving cover and charging into the teeth of some the best trained and armed security forces that Ares corp script can buy. No other option presents itself. A little talk is in order for the fixer that arranged this run. You nod to the ork cyper-sam across from you, as he changes over to explosive munitions. A toothy, sadistic smile plays across his face.

“Let's do this”

Nothing turns a day sour, like a run gone bad.

I am assembling a team for action in Seattle. A run has gone disastrously wrong and it is up to the PCs to escape, evade pursuit, solve the mysteries surrounding the young girl they were asked to rescue, and discover why the multinational corporation Ares is so desperate to get her back. I already have four interested players, but am willing to GM for more. A large group will be broken down into multiple, smaller squads that would provide an opportunity for each character to shine in their given roles.

If this concept intrigues you, or if you are looking to join in, you'll find additional information in the recruitment thread here.

Recruitment for this game ends Monday, February the 14th, @ 9:00 pm. First post will be up on 21st, again at 9 pm.

Grab your Ares Predator and a cup of SoyKaf, 'cause it's bound to be a long ride.

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So, starting in medias res to do a "shoot your way out" extraction is rad, but there's a few questions it brings up.

1) Drones.  Mini is already a yes, but what about some combat models?  Having a Doberman, Lynx or even an up-armored manservant can be awesome in a firefight, even if they wouldn't make sense in a sneak-n-grab.

1a) Stayin in the car.  I would have to assume that an Ares enclave has Wifi-negation out the ass, but there's still the option of retrans units with heavy ECCM.

2) What books are available?  I see you're advocating Daegans character builder, which hasn't been updated since 2008 or so.  That means no SR4a rules changes or inclusion of things like Running Wild, War! or digital releases like the Digital Grimoire and This Old Drone.  Are these things not allowed in game?
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1) The team will start disguised as Ares Security, and there are plenty of combat drones of various makes roaming the halls of the Ares Arcology. So long as you don't mind giving them new paint jobs, combat drones would definitely be an option.

1a)Yes, but laser communications will be difficult, likely impossible. Transmitting Encrypted WiFi could easily bring some action your way (or at least to your retrans hub). Then again if the characters inside cause enough trouble the Arcology may not have the time to do so. As a corollary; it sounds like we already have a rigger looking to do that same exact thing. Not to discourage your build, as I'm likely to split the team up at the beginning and both parts will want drone support. You could, however, see if there is room for some extra drones in that battle bus he is making.

2) I own all the stated material, so feel free to fly some predator drones  or spend a restricted gear and grab that automatic grenade launcher from War!. I was going to add something witty from the Digital Grimoire but, I don't remember seeing a spell/adept power I actually liked.
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This to be played here?

If so, I have a parkour adept I've been tinkering with.


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Recruitment and the game thread will be held over at the Role-Playing Sanctum. Your adept is welcome and would, in fact, make an excellent addition but, you'll need to spend three minutes to register at the Sanctum before you can join in.