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Okay. Post or re-post your characters here. And characters only - i know that could be inconvenient, but we can still discuss things in the Recruitment thread.
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Name: Tieleran Fialonne
Alias: Yani
Race: Elf (30 BP)
Sex: Male
Nationality: Tir Tairngire
Lifestyle: Middle
Karma Spent: XXXXX
Physical Description: This young elven man has beautiful, long dark hair. He has some of it drawn into separate locks by runed jewelry. The look in his eye could easily be mistaken for snobbery, but a closer look or a casual conversation would reveal pity for those around him, and not an ounce of compassion. He has the intense focus of a corporate business man, but still retains a bit of the relaxed nature of the average college student.
Personality/background: Raised by a family of wage-slaves in Seattle, Tieleran was angry with society. He felt that his family was being forced to live the life of cattle, and he refused to be like them. During his adolescence, he retreated into researching the history of the elves and his ancestral line.
     In his research, he fell upon the myths of the ancient immortals, and fell in love with the thought of ancient elves, wise and powerful, ruling the ancient world, and the present one. One day he fell upon the story of a wise elven matriarch of old that was magically inept, but was a great military leader. She became a legend when she led her troops to successfully defend the land against a technologically advanced, imperialistic human empire. Her people eventually gave birth to some of the more powerful mages of ancient times. Some elven historians even credit her with the survival of elven culture and heritage. The name of this elven matriarch was Feralia.
     Being a mundane himself, Tieleran felt a connection with this matriarch. Perhaps he can help lead elves to their rightful place, ruling the present world.
     While on his search for more information on this Matriarch, the Matrix Crash 2.0 occurred, and he found himself wandering the virtual realm of the matrix, still searching. He slipped into a dream like state, drifting on the ebb and flow of the matrix, and found a voice speaking to him. "Tieleran, if you are to help lead the elves to a new era, you will need my guidance." Suddenly an aged female elf appeared to him wearing full plate-male etched with elven runes. "You may be one of my champions of the matrix, if you wish. However, know that the price of failure is death." Overwhelmed with awe, Tieleran kneeled and said, "I will follow you, Feralia."
     Tieleran woke in the hospital, but the world was different. He could feel the insides of the instruments around him. He could even control them! Remembering Feralia's instruction to keep his new powers a secret; he kept his impulse to manipulate the instruments at bay.
     Tieleran learned to control his powers, and under the guidance of Feralia, he learned to call upon ancient immortal elves that resided in the matrix. From the safety of his own home, he found himself sabotaging anti-metahuman and anti-elf organizations. He would also sell valuable information to various elven terrorist groups. By the time he was old enough to move out of his parent's apartment, he was ready to begin a lucrative career in the shadows of the matrix.
     His alias comes from a human composer that was famous around the turn of the century. Tieleran has no idea who the composer is, and is a little annoyed when "more experienced" folk in his line of work collectively call him by this name, then laugh. He decided to adopt the alias since it seemed the only natural thing to do.
Paragon: Feralia (01 Hybrid) - Advantage: +1 dice pool for compiling and registering sprites of any type.
                            Disadvantage: Must spend 2 points of edge to negate a glitch or downgrade a critical glitch.
Stream: Champions of Feralia (Technoshaman Hybrid)
                      Fading: Charisma + Resonance
                     Sprites: Tutor, Paladin, Sleuth, Code, Tank
        - This is a stream exclusive to elven technomancers. Followers of this stream believe that they must do anything they can to advance elves in society. They believe that one day, elves will rule the world, and metahumanity will be their servants. They either work alone or as a secretive group. They go to great lengths to prevent outsiders from knowing their nature as a technomancer. They are also very careful not to reveal their goals to outsiders. They believe that sprites are the digital echos of the immortal elves that reside within the matrix, and are to be respected. Champions of Feralia believe that their emergence is due to the instruction of Feralia. They believe that their power over technology is granted as a blessing. They also believe that turning their back on Feralia and her cause would make them loose their connection to the resonance.

Attributes (225 BP)


Positive Qualities (10 BP)
Technomancer 5 BP
Paragon      5 BP
Negative Qualities (-10 BP)
Prejudiced -10 BP (Target Group: non-elves  Degree: biased)
Active Skills (178 BP)
Tasking Skill Group5
Cracking Skill Group5
Electronics Skill Group5
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Elven History3
Elven Activist Groups3
Anti-Elven Activist Groups3
Anti-Metahuman Activist Groups3
Elven Safehouses2
Language Skills

Complex Forms (48 BP)
Complex FormRatingNotes

Gear (50000¥) (10BP)
Fake SIN Rating 55000¥
Colt Manhunter300¥
APDS Rounds x 30210¥
Personalized Grip(Colt Manhunter)100¥
Hidden Gun Arm Slide(Colt Manhunter)350¥
Fake License Rating 5(Colt Manhunter)500¥
Form Fitting Full-Body Suit1600¥
Gel Packs(Body Suit)1500¥
Fake license Rating 5(Gel Packs)500¥
Ruthenium Polymer Coating(Body Suit)7500¥
Fake license Rating 5(RP Coating)500¥
Thermal Damping Rating 6(Body Suit)3000¥
Street Clothing100¥
Contact Lenses Rating 3150¥
Image Link (Contacts)25¥
Vision Enhancement Rating 3(Contacts)300¥
Thermographic Vision (Contacts)100¥
Glasses Rating 375¥
Vision Magnification(Glasses)150¥
Flare Compensation (Glasses)50¥
Earbuds Rating 220¥
Audio Enhancement Rating 3 (Earbuds)300¥
Spatial Recognizer (Earbuds)100¥
Medkit Rating 6600¥
Medkit Supplies x 10500¥
Middle Lifestyle (One Month)5000¥
Tag Eraser150¥
Datachip x 5
Certified Credstick25¥
Keycard Copier Rating 61800¥
Maglock Passkey Rating 510000¥
Sequencer Rating 51000¥
Cellular Glove Molder Rating 3600¥
Hermes Ikon3000¥
Novatech Navi1600¥
Subvocal Microphone50¥
Satellite Link500¥
Jazz x 10750¥
Fake License Rating 5 (Jazz)500¥

Tooth Breakable Compartment0500¥Holds a dose of Jazz

Nimgarthiel (Fixer)6/3

Build Point totals:  500 = 30 + 225 + 10 + 168 + 48 + 10 + 9 -10

Character Summary
Passive Defense   Armor (B/I)   Base Attack    Base Dammage   Passive Perception(Visual)
     2     7/3     8     5p -5 AP   8(10)

Living Persona:
Firewall   Response(VR)   Signal   System   Biofeedback Filter   VR Matrix Init
   3      4(5)      3      4      6      9

Registered Sprites
Type   Rating   Tasks Owed   Pilot   Response   Firewall   Matrix INIT   IP   EDGE   Resonance   Optional CF's
Tutor      6      2      6      7      6      12   3      6      6Skillsoft(First Aid), Skillsoft(Russian), Skillsoft(Polish)
Paladin      6      3      6      8      8      6   3      6      6Expert Defense Rating 3, Analyze

{Status: 8/10 stun damage, -2 Wound penalty, no Sustaining penalty}
{Sustained Complex Forms: none}
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Name: Evagaline Mitsuko St. Vincent   Height: 6'0"            Weight: 165 lbs
Street Name:  Bat'Oni          Eyes: Green     Hair: Blonde
Appearance: Eva is a slightly built woman, but attractive woman.  Slight Asian features are in contrast with her blonde hair and otherwise caucasian features.
Body: 5 (40)   Agility: 5 (Cool (40)   Reaction: 4 (5) (30)   Strength: 3 (6) (20)
Charisma: 5 (Cool (40)   Intuition: 3 (20)  Logic: 4 (30)   Willpower: 4 (30)

Edge: 4 (20)   Initiative: 8      IP: 2       Essence:  3.15    Karma: 0

Ambidextrous 5   /   Compulsive (neat freak) 5
First Impression 5 /   Thrill Seeker 5
Type O System 30 /   Records on File (Yakuza) 10
Restricted Gear 5    /    Bad Luck 20
            Vendetta (Triad): 5
Active:                Knowledge:            
Automatics: 5 (20)             Fine Dining: 3 (6)
Influence Skill Group: 5 (50)      Shadowrunner Haunts: 3 (6)
Gymnastics: 4 (5)   (16)            Underworld Politics: 3 (6)
Infiltration: 4 (16)
Pistols (Heavy): 5 (+2) (20)      Languages:
Unarmed Combat: 4 (12)         English: N
Perception: 5 (20)            Japanese: 4 (Cool

Gear: 255000 (253865) 1135 left (55)
Concealable Holster x2 (150)
4 clips regular (HK Combat) (320)
4 clips regular (HK Urban Fighter) (320)
Half-Suit Form Fitting Body Armor 4/1 (900)
2 sets of Armor clothing (1000)
Synergist Business Line x2 (5500)
(Skirt, pants, shirt, Longcoat)
Subvocal Mic (50)
Fairlight Caliban with Navi OS (4/5/3/4) (9500)
Common Use Pro Suite (Analyze: 4 Browse: 4
Command: 2, Edit: 4)  (600)
Sim Module (100)
Earbuds: (Audio 3, Select Sound filter 3) (110)
Glasses: Flare Comp, Vision Mag (175)
BMW 400GT (Shin-Hyung Variant) (17000)
2 Rating 5 SIN's  (10000)
6 fake liscenses (600)
2 Rating 3 Linguasofts (German, Austrian) 3000
Rating 3 Lie Detector Software (600)
Rating 3 Empathy Software (600)

Bioware 1.25
Enhanced Articulation .15 (40000)
Muscle Augmentation 3 .3 (21000)
Muscle Toner 3 .3 (24000)
Tailored Phermones 3 .3 (45000)
Reflex Recorder (Firearms) .1 (25000)
Reflex Recorder (Atheletics) .1 (25000)

Cyberware: 2.25
Wired Reflexes 1 2 (11000)
Cybereyes: (LL, Thermo, Smartlink, Image Link, Eye record) .25 (4500)

HK Urban Fighter x2 (2800)
HK Urban Combat x2 (4800)

Martin St. Vincent III (Information Broker) 6/5


Those that know Eva, say she was born under a bad moon, or bad sign, 6 months after she was born, her and her father barely missed a corporate strike team.  During the fire fight however, her mother did not get missed, widowing her father, and forcing him to ask for help in hiding from people he really did not want too...his wife's family.  Eva's mother was Japanese, and a younger daughter of a Yakuza soldier, which made things...complicated.   In an effort to provide a life for himself and his daughter, he turned to Shadowrunning.  he was refined, well spoken, and had made a good deal of contacts as a corporate Johnson, now he was on the other side of things.

Her life growing up was complicated, Dad would bring these...interesting individuals bye, Trolls, Orcs, dwarves, riggers, mages, adepts, deckers, Shadowrunners all.  He had to also be gone a lot, so she spent time with her mother's family, as she got older, she understood why they were less than kind to her father, he was an orc, but that didn't matter, even when he re-married, he was her dad, but in temperment, Father and daughter were far apart.  He wished to talk first, negotiate, Eva's first instinct was to fight, especially when her father was the subject of ridicule.

As she got older, she took an interest in what dad was doing, he'd begun fixing and being a mr. Johnson again.  When she hit 18, she began assisting her father, with some implants, she acted as his bodyguard, and later, as a face herself.

Condition: 11   Passive Defense: 5      Armor: 10/3   
Base Combat Pool (Automatics/Pistols): 17 (Dual weapon: 7)
Influence: 19
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Uncle Vabka

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Name: Vabka Gromov
Street Names: Uncle Vabka, Rabid
Metatype: Troll [40 BP]

Attributes:- [230 BP]
Body: 9 (11) [40 BP]
Agility: 4 (7) [30 BP]
Reaction: 4 (5) [30 BP]
Strength: 9 (12) [40 BP]
Charisma: 2 [10 BP]
Intuition: 4 [30 BP]
Logic: 3 [20 BP]
Willpower: 4 [30 BP]

Special & Derived Attributes:- [20 BP]
Edge: 4 [30 BP]
Essence: 1.43
Initiative: 8 (9)
Initiative Passes: 1 (2)

Positive Qualities:- [10 BP]
Ambidexterity [5 BP]
Bilingual [5 BP]

Negative Qualities:- [-35 BP]
Poor Self-Control (Combat Monster) [-10 BP]
Poor Self-Control (Vindictive) [-10 BP]
Prejudice (Elves, Biased) [-5 BP]
Sinner (Criminal) [-10 BP]

Active Skills:- [168 BP]
Athletics Skill Group 1 [10 KP]
Blades (Spurs) 6 (7) (+2) [26 BP]
Computer (Comlink) 1 (+2) [6 BP]
Dodge (Ranged) 2 (+2) [10 BP]
Etiquette (Street) 3 (+2) [14 BP]
Firearms Skill Group 4 [40 BP]
Infiltration (Urban) 2 (+2) [10 BP]
Intimidate (Physical) 4 (+2) [18 BP]
Perception 2 [8 BP]
Pilot Ground Craft 3 [12 KP]
Unarmed Combat (Krav Maga) 3 (+2) [14 BP]

Knowledge & Language Skills:- [21 Free points][
Interest: 20th Century Rock Music 3
Language: English (Native)
Language: Or’Zet 4
Language: Russian (Native)
Street: Illegal Pit Fighting 5
Street: Ork & Troll Culture 4
Street: Vory V Zakone 5

Starting Resources [49 BP]

Bioware [Essence 2.05/2 = 1.03]
Enhanced Articulation
Muscle Augmentation 3
Muscle Toner 3
Reflex Recorder (Blades)
Sleep Regulator
Synthcardium 3

Cyberware [Essence 3.54]
Aluminium Bone Lacing (Alphaware)
Autoinjector (6 Doses) (Alphaware)
Biomonitor (Alphaware)
Datajack (Alphaware)
Image Link (Retinal) (Alphaware)
Orientation System (Alphaware)
Retractable Spur (Left Arm) (Alphaware)
Retractable Spur (Right Arm) (Alphaware)
Wired Reflexes 1 (Alphaware)

AK-97 w/ Integral Smartlink, Personalised Grip, Troll Modification, Shock Pad, Gas Vent Recoil System 2, Sling, 20 Clips, 380 Rounds Regular Ammo (DV 6P, AP -1), 190 Rounds Ex-Explosive Ammo (DV 7P, AP -2), 190 APDS Ammo (DV 6P, AP -4)

2 x Ares Predator IVs, w/ Personalised Grips, Troll Modification, Concealable Holsters, Silencers, 20 Clips, 150 Rounds Regular Ammo (DV 5P, AP -1), 75 Rounds Stick and Shock Ammo (DV 5S, AP –half), 75 Rounds Ex-Explosive Ammo (DV 6P, AP -2)

Armor & Clothing
Armor Jacket (8/6)
Form Fitting Body Armor (4/1)
Clothing (Basic, 4 outfits)

Comlink and Associated Gear
Hermes Ikon w/ Iris Orb O/S, Trodes, AR Gloves, Sim Module, Firewall 5, Response 4, Signal 3, System 5
Agent 4
Common Use Programs: Analyze 4, Browse 4, Edit 4, Encrypt 4, Scan 4
ARE: Programs: Virtual Surround Music
Mapsofts: Germany 6, Poland 6, TriCity 6
Linguasofts: German 4, Polish 4

Other Gear
Contact Lenses 2 (2 Pairs) w/ Flare Compensation & Low-Light Vision
Glasses w/ Vision Enhacement 3, Vision Magnification
Ear Buds w/ Audio Enhacement 3
Flash Light (Low-Light)

Cram (4 Doses)
Kamikaze (2 Doses)
Antidote Patch 6 (2)
Stimulant Patch 6 (4)
Trauma Patch (2)
Tranq Patch 8 (2)

ID & Licenses
Fake Sin 5 – Piotr Samarov – Bounty Hunter w/ Licenses for Driving, Offensive Cyberware & Firearms all at Rating 5

Contacts (for the Campaign):- [8 BP]
Vory Bojevik – Mariya Polivanova (Connection 3, Loyalty 5)

365 Nuyen

Vory Prison Tattoos:-
Virgin Mary on Back (Protection)
Tiger on Left Upper Chest (Hostility to Police)
Setting Sun on Right Forearm (Freedom)
Stars on Knees (Bow to No Authority)
Bull on Right Upper Chest (Cruelty & Rage)
Rose & Thorns on Left Forearm (Ruined Youth)
Monk Writing in a Book on Right Thigh (Skilled with a blade)
Chathedral w/ 5 Domes on Stomach (5 Year Prison Sentence)

Vabka was born in Seattle, the son of a troll Vory Bojevik and a local SINless troll woman. His mother abandoned him at an early age, leaving him to be brought up, if it could be called that, by his father. Vabka’s upbringing was sporadic – he spent as much time running with Ork and Troll street gangs of one stripe or another as he did in the company of other “Vory kids”, yet his ties to the Vory kept him from truly belonging to any particular street gang.

As is common for his metatype, Vabka grew quickly and was soon stronger than most normal human men. As such, he was a resource to exploit, and soon found himself acting as “muscle”, sometimes alongside his father, for low key Vory jobs. His father also “volunteered” him to fight in illegal pit fights from his mid teens onwards.

Isolated from others of his kind through his roots, Vabka had no one he could consider a friend, that is until Yuri Polivanov arrived in Seattle with his daughter Mariya. Yuri was a Lideri from Kiev, a cultured and sophisticated man. His daughter, however, had a rebel who had embraced the brutal physical side of Vory life, and was on her way to forging a reputation as a cutter and enforcer. Isolated as a “Tom Boy”, she immediately felt a kindred spirit with Vabka and the two became friends.

As the two grew in age, ability and experience, they began to be more involved in Vory business. Both invested as much nuyen as they could in enhancements for themselves, and seemed destined for a career in the Vory. The law ended that for Vabka. At the age of 17 he found himself arrested and charged with aggravated assault, amongst other crimes. The Vory lawyer secured him a surprisingly lenient sentence, but he still spent five years at a Lone Star detention facility. By the time he had been released, Mariya had left Seattle and returned to Europe, although the two did maintain contact and their friendship.

While incarcerated, he remained loyal to the Vory, but also began to reflect on the direction of his life. Deciding that he had little desire to follow his father’s path, Vabka decided to refrain from becoming more involved in the organisation upon his release, and amicably broke formal ties. Instead, he worked as a freelancer for Vory interests, and earned most of his money as a pit fighter.

These two careers lead him to the life of a Shadowrunner, and while he still does jobs and has amicable relations with the Seattle Vory, he has moved on from life as a fighter and instead forges his own way as a hired “samurai”. The recent opportunity to visit Europe on a job has also presented Vabka with the chance to renew his contact with Mariya.
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Name: Stan Woziwodzki  aka Thomas Kraft
Street Name:  CW aka Hund       
Metatype: Human
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)           Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)
Eyes: Grey     Hair: Dark, greyish
Appearance: CW is an average built, caucasian male. A little short fellow, with a bit tired feeling on him. Both his overused clothes, second day face, and longer hair seems like they could use some care. the eyes are sometimes haggard, distant. Still that kind of troubled look is typical among wageslaves below the corporate management ladder nowadays and so he passess as an average in the crowd.

Total BP: 260(attributes) +15 +5 -20 (qualities) + 178(skills) + 24(spells) + 33 (contacts) + 5(gear) = 500

Attributes: (250)
Body: 3 (20)   Agility: 3 ( 20)   Reaction: 3 (20)   Strength: 2 (10)
Charisma: 4 (30)   Intuition: 5 (40)  Logic: 5 (40)   Willpower: 4 (30)
Magic: 4 (30)

Edge: 4 (30)   
Initiative (Astral): 8 (10)     
Initiative Passes (Astral): 1 (3)
Astral Combat Damage: 2       
Essence:  6   
Karma: 0

Qualities: (0BP)
Magician (15 BP)
Addiction (Mild, Alcohol) (+5 BP)
Bad Luck (+20 BP)

Skills: (178 BP)
Assensing: 4
Conjuring Skill Group: 4
Data Search: 3
Dodge: 3
Influence Skill Group: 2
Locksmith: 2
Perception (Visual +2): 4
Pistols: 2
Shadowing: 3
Sorcery Skill Group: 4
Astral Combat: 2

Chemistry: 3
Local Area Knowledge: 4
Magic Theory: 4
Underworld Politics: 4
Bartending: 2
Swimming: 1
Police Procedures: 2
Urban Brawl Results: 1

Polish: N
English (Cityspeak +2): 3
German: 2
Latin: 3

Spells (24 BP):
Improved Invisibility
Mind Probe
Stun Bolt
Magic Fingers
Mass Confusion

Gear & Lifestyle (25,000¥) (5 BP)
500¥ in cash
Radio Signal Scanner (Rating 3);
20 Security Tags;
Micro Directional Microphone;
3 Micro Microphones;
4 Micro Cameras;
Lockpick Set;
Autopicker (Rating 3);
Maglock Passkey (Rating 4);
Lined Coat (Armor 6 Ballistic/4 Impact, +2 Concealability);
Magical Lodge Materials (Force 3);
Mage Sight Goggles;
Fake Press License (Rating 4);
Fake SIN (Rating 3);
Low Lifestyle (2 Months) [stashed there 10 bottles of alcohol (different kinds, mostly low-average quaility in different state of fill total 2 litres), simple bartending tools]
1 bottle of genuine vodka;
Concealable Holster;

Matrix Gear:
Sony Emperor Commlink [w/Renraku Ichi OS];
Programs [Analyse 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 3];
Glasses [Rating 4, w/Image Link, Low-Light, Flare Compensation, and Thermographic Vision];
Earbuds [Rating 3, w/Audio Enhancement (Rating 2) and Select Sound Filter (Rating 1)];
AR Gloves

Colt Manhunter [in Concealable Holster with 10 clips of Regular Ammo]
   Damage: 5P, AP -1, Mode SA, Clip: 16

Contacts (33 BP):
George (Grzegorz), Bartender in a Whiskey Barrel DrinkBar (Connection 3/Loyalty 3) - well he has earned many tips already
Uncle Tip (Wujek Dobra Rada) Fixer (Connection 3/Loyalty 2) - middle league, troll in his middle ages and suit, looking like a goodwill uncle
Steven (Stefan) Kaspersky, Lone Star Beat Cop (Connection 3/Loyalty 3) - been there done that, and old pal from the authorities, not exactly a friend, but after being caught on corruption, the sorta get rid of him with lots of bruises, I was on the streets earlier, so I helped him, but that too small thing to recall after few years. He is useful still, always in need of cash, and he got to know more people than I did
Hutch, Street Snitch (Connection 1/Loyalty 3) - he's just a lowlife scum elf, living on the scrapes and selling bits of information, and likely to not survive another winter (but it is beeing said for five years already), not an easy life for an elf among the dirts of the megaplex, but he manages
Clarissa Diva/Divine, Talismonger during daytime and a prostitute on evening (Connection 3/Loyalty 4) - a very busy working girl, had some troubles in the past, two kids to upkeep, and the entire magic biz is kinda restricted under the Providence Corporation eye (not illegal, but not easy either) so she need to work extra
Mortimer Hangdesanta, Urban Brawler ultras (Connection 3/Loyalty2) - dwarven ultras (extreme fan) of the Arka Urban Brawl team. Easy going, hard working with lots of friends.

Stan, worked for local authorities, but he didn't fit; they were to o constraint with procedures/regulations/laws and yet they failed to see the human. For the authorities there are two cases, singular - suspect or victim and plural - crowd. And they overused force. the accidental deaths and injuries are not forgotten, at least not by all, and Stan remembered, had to reset himself from time to time. Once he came to work not fully freshed up and another accidental injury came in. This time someone more important, it doesn't matter who, it's healed and long time ago, but someone had to punished. Being drunked hadn't helped. The collegues covered him as much as they could but nevertheless he was ejected on the streets.
After a year of streets life, cash run out, previous friends and collegues went their way and Stan had to take o grip on himself. He started his own biz Carrywater investigations, taking use of his abilities.

After first few clients, a need came in: sometime it's better not to appear as himself, so Stan had acquired additional identity, a press reporter for the Tricity Express, a news media company offering free trid channel living of advertisements and donations for not publishing certain materials. It has even proved to be a good source of income, when clients are low. He is registered there as Thomas Kraft nickname Hund. A second generation of immigrant from German States.

-Base passive defense pool: 3 (Reaction only) + 6 (if invisible)
-Armor: 6 ballistic / 4 impact (Lined coat).

-Base attack pool: 6  (Agility+Pistols+built in laser sight) Colt Manhunter
-Damage: 5P, AP -1, Mode SA, Clip: 16,

{Status: no Damage, no Wound penalty, no Sustaining penalty}
{Sustained spells: none.}
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Name: Vincent Walker /fake SIN: Jason Verico
Alias: Whisper
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Traveling
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: Whisper has black hair and composed brown eyes and is 5'6" with 144 pound frame line with well toned muscles and a fair tanned skin. he has several old scars in various places along his torso and legs marks from his days in military service and youth.
Personality/background Whisper has a no a very no nonsense perspective in all things. hard to open up, he lives very much within himself. Whisper grew up in the area around Winnepeg (formerly of canada) growing up in both an urban setting and a rural one; Preparing him for the pathfinder corps later in life. as veteran member of the UCAS pathfinder corps, Whisper has been places most people would never want to go, chicago, the jungles of the yucatan and the Caribbean league, even Amazononia. When his contract came up he left the military and joined up for work as a land guide for smugglers, help them to avoid law enforcement and Corpsec while going through areas the were never supposed to go and get supplies they were never supposed to get, sometimes even working as tracker to get back "goods" ditched while evading law enforcement. As his rep grew in the smuggling community, he started going all over the world for work.


4/76/6611 2IP

Positive Qualities
Quick Healer 10
Negative Qualities
allergy (uncommon Moderate) -10
sensitive neural structure -5
Scorched -5

Active Skills
Stealth Skill Group3/4
Close combat Skill Group3/4
Athletics Skill Group2/4
Outdoors Skill Group2/4
First Aid2/6
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Security Procedures3/6
Big game Hunting2/6
Organized crime2/6
Language Skills

Adept Powers
Improved Reflexes 11.5+1 reaction + 1 IP
Iron gut.25 can eat almost anything without damage
Mystic Armor 42+1 ballistic armor + 1 impact armor. per level
Sustenance.25one meal a day and 3 hours of sleep = rested.
Traceless walk1move over surfaces without trace, won't trip ground based motion or pressure sensors.
Motion sense.5Can feel movement 6M away.
Quick Draw.5Can load and fire a bow in one simple action


Melee Weapons
Cermaic knife (Karambit) 175¥
survival knife 150¥
Mono Filament Sword1,850¥
Shock glove1,200¥
extendible baton450¥
weapons have been modfied with:
personalized grips(Sword, ceramic knife, survival knife, extendible baton)
Chemelon coating(Sword, shock glove)
Ceramic/plasteel lvl3 (extendible baton)

Ranged Weapons
R5 Bow2250¥
Accessories: Imaging scope
Mods: Smartgun, Chameleon coating, Skinlink, Personalized grip, Melee hardening, electroshock safety.
Ammo: 30 arrow, 15 barbed, 30 stick and shock, 30 incendiary, 10 screamer (cost: 2345¥)

Gear (50,715¥)
Chameleon suit (black gray pattern mix)8000¥
Nonconductivity 6/61200¥
Fire resistant 6/6600¥
Chem protection 6/61500¥
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (black and grey pattern)500¥
Nonconductivity 5/61000¥
Executive suit jacket (1)750¥
clothing (6)600¥
Leather Jacket (2)400¥
novatech Airware (2) Response:3, signal:3 2500¥
Renraku Ichi (2) Firewall:2, System:21200¥
Survival Kit (2)200¥
Fake Sin 6/66,000¥
Fake License 6/6600¥
Tag Eraser150¥
Contact Lenses (3)300¥
Low light vision (3)300¥
Flare Compensation (3)150¥
Smartlink vision (3)1500¥
Vision Enhancement 3/3(3)900¥
Vision Magnification (3)300¥
Earbuds (3)30¥
Audio Enhancement 3/3 (3)900¥
Select sound filter 3/3 (2)1200¥
Subvocal Microphone (3)150¥
Nanopaste Trodes (3)300¥
Auto Picker 6/61200¥
Maglock Passkey 4/68000¥
Sequencer 4/6800¥
Smart Jammer area 6/66000¥
Smartpack (2)1000¥
Smart rations (3)150¥
Smart Canteen (3)15¥
Combat load vest300¥
Rappeling gloves70¥
Stealth Rope(2)170¥
Catalyst Stick(2)240¥
Savior Medkit2000¥
Tramua patch (2)1000¥
stim patch (5)100¥
Traq patches (4)100¥
Certified Credstick(424)10,600¥

Lera Petrova international smuggler5/6

Build Point totals:  500
stats 240
edge 20
magic 65
skills 156
positive qualities 10
Negative qualities-20
resources 14
Contacts 11

Quick Reference table
Condition: 10P/10S 
Perception 9 (12 for visual/15 for hearing)
Passive Defense: 6 
Full defense: 9
Armor: 6/4 (chameleon suit) + 4 mystic armor = 10/8   
Armor modifiers: -6 non conductivity, 6 Fire resist, 6 chem protect,
Adept modifiers/abilities: -4 to be perceived by sound, can feel movement 6M away, can load and fire a bow in one simple action.
Base Combat Pool (Close combat 3 + agility  5 + Personalized grip 1 = 9)  (Archery: agility 5 + archery 6 + smart link 2 =13) 7p
Initiative: 11 Passes 2

{Status: No damage No Stun damage, no Wound penalty, }

*edited to GM request, and to fix mistakes for my armor rating, perception specifics.*
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« Reply #6 on: <01-16-11/0606:55> »
Yeah, this guy ought to fit better with the game.

Name: Weston Montgomery
Alias: Ten man [He is stamped with 10, bianary to indicate that he is 2nd in a series]
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Denver (Front Range Free Zone)
Lifestyle: Street
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: 183 cm. Made of metal.
Personality/background: Former Aztech near-cyberzombie experiment, he woke up from his Programmable Assist Biofeedback reprogramming during a job in Seattle.  Having his memories back, wasn't much of a comfort though, standing knee high in gore.  He could still remember back to his days when he got scooped up for an Aztechnology program looking for potential researchers straight out of the local schools to join their training and development program.  He hadn't realized at the time that they were simply looking for subjects.  After sessions of drugs and brain washing, he was chopped up and dropped in a cybernetic body as part of their cybersoldier program.  He wasn't quite fit for action when GW took Denver in '61 and booted Aztechnology out, so he was packed in the bags and moved down south. 

Over time, he saw lots of service, much of it terrible, and he went through lots of upgrades, repairs and retrofits.  But, currently in Seattle, it had been over a decade since he'd had his own mind, and he was still unsure of what was real and what was all a mem-plant.  He wasn't even sure why he'd woken up to who he really was after all these years.  Maybe it was the grenade that had gone off next to his head.  Maybe it was something in the Seattle air.  His olfactory sensors must have triggered the memory of going there as a child.  Whatever the reason, he had no idea what he was going to do, but he sure as hell needed to get out of Aztech's reach.  So, he employed his years of experience on the official side of the law, filled with their bizarre connotations, to find his way to a Fixer and a new identity, flimsy as it may be.

Attributes 200pts +65pts

1 (9)1 (9)5 (7)1 (8)

Positive Qualities 15pts
Biocompatability (Cyberware)
First Impression
Negative Qualities -35pts
Records on File (Aztechnology)
Combat Monster
Big Regret
Thrill Seeker
Weak Immune System

Active Skills 154pts
Electronics Skill Group2
Data Search2
Firearms Skill Group4
Influence Skill Group3
Stealth Skill Group4
Dodge (ranged)2
Unarmed Combat (sp: Martial arts)1
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)1pt + 30pts
Corp Aztechnology2
Border Patrol Procedure1
Police Procedure4
Biology (sp: human biology)1
Computer Theory1
Twen-cen Flatvids2
Language Skills

Attention Coprocessor R3Standard0.279,000¥ +3 to Perception tests
Synaptic Booster R2Standard1 (.5)160,000¥+2 Reaction +2 IP
PuSHeDN/A0.1 (0.05)15,000¥+1 to all Logic-linked tests
ReaktN/A0.4 (0.2)30,000¥+2 to Reaction for Defense tests
Neocortical Neural Amplifier Nanites R3N/AN/A15,000¥+3 to Logic-linked tests outside of heavy work
Limbic Neural Amplifier Nanites R3N/AN/A15,000¥+3 to Intuition-linked tests outside of heavy work
Oxyrush Nanites R5N/AN/A5,000¥+5 to Fatigue tests, 2.5 hours of oxygen

Skull (Suite)Used Alpha0.58169,000¥+1 physical damage box; 4 capacity
Orientation SystemN/A131,250¥+2 to Navigation tests; instant auto-maps
Olfactory Booster42154,000¥+1 smell perception per rating; can detect explosives and chemical agents
Custom Torso (Suite)Used Alpha1.171623,400¥Body/Agility/Strength = 4/5/4; +1 physical damage box; 10 capacity
Auto-injector (4 dose)N/A07800¥
Body Enhancement55141,000¥+1 Bod per rating
Agility Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Agl per rating
Strength Enhancement132250¥+1 Str per rating
Custom Left Arm (Suite)Used Alpha0.78921,600¥Body/Agility/Strength = 5/5/5; +1 physical damage box; 15 capacity
Body Enhancement4411800¥+1 Bod per rating
Agility Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Agl per rating
Strength Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Str per rating
Armor124300¥+1/+1 B/I Armor per rating
Data JackN/A10500¥wires!
Custom Right Arm (Suite)Used Alpha0.78921,600¥Body/Agility/Strength = 5/5/5; +1 physical damage box; 15 capacity
Body Enhancement4411800¥+1 Bod per rating
Agility Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Agl per rating
Strength Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Str per rating
Armor124300¥+1/+1 B/I Armor per rating
Custom Left Leg (Suite)Used Alpha0.781022,450¥Body/Agility/Strength = 5/5/6; +1 physical damage box; 20 capacity
Body Enhancement4411800¥+1 Bod per rating
Agility Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Agl per rating
Strength Enhancement338750¥+1 Str per rating
Armor249600¥+1/+1 B/I Armor per rating
Foor AnchorN/A394,000¥1pt of RC and +2 body for knockdown tests per foot;  cyberimplant weapon (str/2)+3P
Nanohive321430,000¥Can sustain up to 3 different Nanite types
Custom Right Leg (Suite)Used Alpha0.781022,450¥Body/Agility/Strength = 5/5/6; +1 physical damage box; 20 capacity
Body Enhancement4411800¥+1 Bod per rating
Agility Enhancement44111,000¥+1 Agl per rating
Strength Enhancement338750¥+1 Str per rating
Armor249600¥+1/+1 B/I Armor per rating
Foor AnchorN/A394,000¥1pt of RC and +2 body for knockdown tests per foot;  cyberimplant weapon (str/2)+3P kicks
Radar Sensor421112,000¥Benefits of Ultrasound + Millimeter Wave Scanner;  Piereces 20pts of structural material.

Gear (58,450¥) 115¥ left over
Novatech Airware (3/3)1,250¥
+Hardening r6150¥
+Environmental Resistance100¥
+Optimization - Analyze500¥
Custom OS (6/3)3,600¥
Analyze R6 + Ergo + Opt31,000¥
Browse R6 + Opt3900¥
Command R6 + Opt3900¥
Edit R6 + Opt3900¥
Encrypt R6 + Ergo + Opt31,000¥
Scan R6 + Ergo + Opt31,000¥
>>>Comms Subtotal<<<>>>11,300¥<<<
FFBA full1,600¥
+Nonconductivity R61,200¥
+Thermal Dampening R63,000¥
+Insulation R3450¥
SWAT Armor8,000¥
+Fire Resistance R4Integral
+Ruthenyum Polymer Coating7,500¥
+Chemical Protection R61,500¥
+Radiation Protection R61,200¥
SWAT Helmet1,200¥
+Image link displayIntegral
+Low-light visionIntegral
+Flare CompensationIntegral
+Internal Comlink slot100¥
+Internal Sim mod slot200¥
SecureTech PPP System Forearm Guards200¥
SecureTech PPP System Shin Guards150¥
SecureTech PPP System Leg and Arm Casings350¥
SecureTech PPP System Helmet100¥
>>>Armor Subtotal<<<>>>26,750¥<<<
Ingram Supermach 100 Ex1000¥
+Foldable StockIntegral
+Gas Vent 3 Mod400¥
+Personalized Grip100¥
+Easy Breakdown (Manual)975¥
+Chameleon Coating1000¥
+Smartgun System, Topmount400¥
+Smartgun Camera, LowLight100¥
2x Spare clips50¥
180x Stick-n-Shock rounds1,440¥
Ranger Arms SM-46,200¥
+Imaging ScopeIntegral
+Easy Breakdown (manual)Integral
+Smartgun System, Underbarrel400¥
+Smartgun Camera, LowLight100¥
+Smartgun Camera, Vision Enhance 3300¥
+Smartgun Camera, Vision Magnification100¥
+Smartgun Camera, LowLight100¥
+Chameleon Coating1000¥
Spare Clip
30x APDS ammo210¥
>>>Weapon Subtotal<<<>>>13,880¥<<<
Hotsim Module250¥
Glasses r4100¥
+Image Link25¥
+Vision enhancement r3300¥
Earbuds r330¥
+Audio Enhancement r3300¥
+Select Sound Filter r3600¥
+Spatial Recognizer100¥
Medkit r6600¥
2xSlap Patch r6300¥
Trauma Patch500¥
Fake SIN r22000¥
Fake License r2- Security Contractor Firearms license200¥
Fake License r2- SWAT Armor200¥
Fake License r2- Cyberlimb Enhancements200¥
>>>Sundries Subtotal<<<>>>6,405¥<<<

Build Point totals:  500 = 200 att +65 sp att +15 pos qualities -35 neg qualities +154 skills +1 Knowledge skills (+30 free) +100 gear

Quick Reference table
Condition: 19P/11S 
Passive Defense (r/m): 9/11 
Full defense (r/m): 13/13
Armor: 14/12 (SWAT w/helmet) + 6/2 (FFBA) + 1/5 (PPP System) + 6/6 Cyberarmor = 27/25   
Armor modifiers: -6 non-conductivity, 4 Fire resist, 6 chem protect, 3 insulation, 6 radiation shielding
Sneaky Biz: -4 to see from Chameleon coating; -6 to see by thermal from therm damp
Base Combat Pool: (Unarmed Combat 1 + agility 9 +2 spec = 12)  (Firearms 4 +9 agility +2 smart link =15)
Initiative: 12 Passes 3

{Health: 0 / 19P and 0 / 11S damage, no Wound penalty, no Sustaining penalty} | {Edge: 7 / 7}
{Defense: 9; Initiative: 12; IP's: 3} | {Ballistic Armor: 27; Impact Armor: 25} | {Sustained spells: -=none=- }
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There is nothing much to say about me...or, at least, I should say a lot but there will be a little truth in that. But Ill try to by honest this time...I swear.
I was born some time ago in the Hamburg. Living in that city has its own charm, desptes toxic wastes at the estuary of the Elbe that City is RUSH, I tell you. My father was a King Fisher, yeah. Fighting hardly with my attitude all the time. I didnt realize, that he fought so hard for my own better tomorrows. Well, I realized that much later, when he hurt himself by the spike of shadow crab he entrapped in his nets when hunting tuna-fishes. When his mates found him, Crab was already feeding on him and tunas, being the only living on the deck. I still have it preparated somewhere. News of old mans death catched me unprepared...our relationship was ratherly independent, as I was enjoying the  university life, spending money father used to pay my education. Shortly after, the only thing left to me was his ship and my wits. I never had an ambition to be another fisherman wandering the baltic and northern sea.
Well, since I hadnt enought money to pay the rent, the ship becomes my house. Some of my university friends helped me to fix the ships autopilot to be able to do its work even without my intervence...I was never a talent for navigation and such things...
Well, those friends had some ideas about using the ship as a crash pad and quite soon I hadnt lack of company, boys, girls, everyone the same Altona punks like myself. we had some good times, drinking, watching trids, gaming...usual stuff. I ve learned a lot from them, and I also learned how to improve my talents and gain some money on forging student passes and such staff.
What I didnt expected was SK commando comming one night to get one of those punks who stays on board. First seconds I was thinking Im just too doped and it is simply not truth. Then the firefight starts and I found myself sober and hidden under the table. Hopefully Lawfyrs dogs was not interested in the rest of us, and when they get what they came for, they dissapeared almost as quickly as the came. Still that night I kicked everyone else from my boat, not interested in such things happens again. Some research Ive done on the account of my "friend reveals the fact" that he was zweilichtige gesindel kind of shadowy criminal, if you got me. Later, some people stop by to learn what happened to their teammate. I told them the truth, that we were atacked by swarm of Sea wolves and that their friend died in heroic attempt to save my life...well they didnt looked amused, but at least they let me alive. And Ive cathed the oportunity by the neck and offered them my services. Well until then, I bacame part of this "Zweilichtige bussiness", usualy using my abilities to prepare teams cover for the entrance of secured places, providing disguises, IDs and such things. Since, some of the people I was working with were not as good as they told me, and they get catched, Im rather still on the move, cruising coastal waters of Baltic sea, working mostly in free Hanza cities...or Tricity area, how they call this theese days.
My Johnson told me that you have an here I am.

Name: Joachim Brenner
Alias: Bypass
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Hamburgh
Lifestyle: ship, rations for 8 days, really need some work.
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: Tall, thin man in mid twenties, nervously looking over the shoulder from time to time. Short dark hair, most the time colored. Usually wearing  street clotches, jeans ant T-shirt, with logos of Tekken 2072, Sahara Soldier, Shadowrun MMORPG, Gamers Unite network and such, while on the job, he is wearing actioneers bussines clotches.
He is quite social, but he is even able to slip into the matrix, wheyn he is tlaking to you, sudenly disrupting your sentence with: "Hey, I ve just read, that...", quoting some media statements, commenting events, global news and such. He is also diving into VR on every oportunity, where the surroundig is calm and he has the place to sit.


30,5508 / 2IP, Matrix 10/ 5IP

Positive Qualities
Analytical Mind
Black market pipeline - SW
Phographic memory
Speed reading

Negative Qualities
Media Junkie (Severe)
Addiction (Mild, Hotsim)

Active Skills
Hacking Skill Group4
Computer (Edit)5(7)
Data Search4
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Hangouts (Shadowruner)3
Security Procedures4
Matrix Theory3
Matrix Games4
Language Skills

Commlink0,22000¥See bellow
Math SPU0,154000¥+2 Math and cryptoanalitic rolls
Hot Sim module0,25000¥+1 matrix inc, +2 IP, +2 VR actions
Sim module booster0,565000¥+1IP AR/VR
Muscle replacement 2210000¥+1STR/AGI
Wired reflexes 1211000¥+1 RE, +1 IP (physical)

Fairlight CalibanR4(5)/S5Response Upgrade 5, Simsense accelerator, Optimization (Exploit)

Armor5Crashguard, Ergonomic
Biofeedback filter5
Black Hammer5Targeting
Data Bomb5Pavlov
Exploit5Mute, Ergonomic
Stealth5Crashguard, Ergonomic
Analyze5Crashguard, Ergonomic, Viral resistance 6
Encrypt5Crashguard, Ergonomic
Reality filter5Ergonomic
Facial recognition SW3+3 social tests

"Anansie" - Walther Secura Compact (5P -1)2200¥Smartgun, Personalized Grip(+1RC), Silencer, Gecko Grip, Smartgun camera Ultrasound
Hiden arm gun slide350¥
36 x Stick`n`Shock rounds288¥3x spare clip
36 x Regular ammo72¥2x spare clip
Micro-flare launcher50¥
3x Micro flares75¥
Chemsuit r. 5500¥
3x Stimulant patch r.4300¥
3x Nanopaste disguises (small)1500¥
3x Fake License r.41200¥prepared for edit
Street Clotches15¥
Actioneer bussines clotches (5/3)1200¥prepared for edit
Armored jacket(8/6)900¥prepared for edit

Blohm&Voss Spitzenreiter
HandlingAccelSpeedPilotBodyArmorSensorAvailabilityCostDevice rating

Satelite Communications, Signature Masking (3), Workshop (Forgery), Chemical protection (5)

Mr. Smith3/2
Radical (Nachtmachen)2/2

Build Point totals:  400BP = 180(Stats) + 156(Skillz) -5(Q)+ 9(Contacts)+50(Res)