Recruiting - Smugtown Shadows

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Flower City. Flour City. Rochester. The place has many names, but to those in the shadows it will always be Smugtown, where the sneering executives and politicos in Cobbs Hill and Pittsford kick around the have-nots festering away in the 19th Ward. Where go-gangers use the Inner Loop as their own personal shooting range/race track, and the yuppies and college kids of the South Wedge try to ignore the ghouls beneath their feet and the orks across the street. Rochester. It's an acquired taste.

I'm looking to start a campaign set in Rochester, New York. The third largest city in New York state, Rochester is acutely aware that it is not and never will be Manhattan. It's where old runners come to die and where wannabes fight for scraps. This is both my first attempt at running a Shadowrun game and my first attempt at using 5th Edition rules, so honest players that won't try to pull one over on Mr. Newbie GM are especially welcome and valued.

Why are you using a different forum?
Because I want to neatly split different scenes and runs across multiple threads, and I enjoy having separate sub-forums for OOC talk or side scenes. I don't want to clutter up this lovely forum, and I like the feeling of privacy and community a separate forum provides.

Why set it in Rochester?
I like Shadowrun, but my familiarity with the setting is admittedly shaky. Rochester is my RL hometown so I can bring a lot of local knowledge to the table to (hopefully) help bring the setting to life, but it's such a minor sprawl that I can pretty much use it as my own sandbox. I'll try to stick to SR canon as much as I can, but in a no-name city like Rochester, it hopefully won't be too much of an issue.

What are posting expections?
I'm a busy guy, and I like play-by-post because it has more of a relaxed pace. I'm hoping for about 3 posts a week, perhaps a little more during high action scenes.

What sort of game are you hoping to run?
I'm looking to start an episodic campaign, with distinct "runs" with clear beginnings and endings. An overarching plot may come up, but overall I want this to be very sandbox-like and respond to player choices and motivations. You will have plenty of downtime between runs to pursue personal goals or work on side-jobs, and (after the first few runs) you will have plenty of choices as to what sort of jobs you take.

I'm not too concerned about group composition, either. If we end up with an all-Awakened party, awesome. If it's two technomancers and a decker, great. If it's a heavily armored combat troll and a rigger flying a machine-gun toting drone, then we'll just have to bust out the pink mohawks. You'll be offered jobs your team is good at, so just play what you want.

When are you looking to start play?
Not immediately. I'm still digesting the 5th Edition ruleset, and I also have some work and real life concerns that will prevent me from actually getting a workable run together for a couple weeks. This is more of an interest check. Hopefully I can get enough interested players to enlist, finalize characters over the coming weeks, and then get the first run going (or at least some roleplaying threads) started by the end of the month.

If interested, please post here or join the forum. Looking forward to playing with you!
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« Reply #1 on: <08-11-13/1545:49> »
I have been looking for a pbp game, so count me in. I'll play as Opti, a neo-anarchist Raven Shaman.


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I'm dying to play a weapons specialist. Interested in your game.


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Hi, i'd like to play. I have Roku, a corp kid turned con man about ready to play. As for roles definitions, he's primary face, secondary fire support.
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All interested parties, go ahead and join the forum. I just set it up and not sure I have permissions set correctly. Let me know if there's any issues registering, viewing forums, started threads, etc.


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i'd like to play as a tech generalist: she's called kyoko, is an adept free-runner who decks on the side.
[spoiler]Flea 5E

A Attributes (24)
B Skills (36/5)
C Gear (140,000)
D Magic (adept 2)
E Meta (1)

STR 4 (+3)
BOD 3 (+2)
AGI 5 (+4)
REA(6) (+4)
CHA 3 (+2)
LOG 5 (+4)
INT 4 (+3)
WIL 3 (+2)

MAG 3(4) +20 karma

Code slinger: Hack on the fly -10 Karma

Mild,uncommon allergy (antibiotics) +5 karma
Distinctive Style (Qi focus tattoos) +5 karma
National SiN (Imperial Japan) +5 Karma
Prejudiced (Biased: Koreans) +5 Karma
Mild addiction: Nicotine +4 Karma


Cracking 5

Computer 4
Hardware 3
Software 3
Gymnastics 5
Running 4
Automatics 5 (Machine pistols 7)
Sneaking 5
Etiquette 1 (street 3)
Blades 1 (knives 3)
Perception 2

Adept powers: (4PP)
-Improved Reflexes R1 (1.5pp)
-Wall Running (.5pp)
-Traceless Walk (1pp)
-Light body R4 (1pp)
Gear: +10 karma (160,000)
Deck: Microtronica azteca 200 110,250
-Satellite link 500
-Virtual Machine 80
-Encryption 80
-Toolbox 80
-Edit 80
-Browse 80           400

-Exploit 250
-Stealth 250
-Wrapper 250
-Shell 250
-Hammer 250
-Sneak 250          1500

Armour + Weapons:

Combat Knife 300
Survival Knife 100

Steyr TMP 350
-Gas vent 3 600
-Imaging scope 300
-Spare clip x3 15          (30 rounds)
-Concealable Holster 150

1815 spent on weapons

Chameleon Suit 1,700
-NonCondictivity 3 750
-Thermal Damp 3 1500
-Chem Protect 3 750            4700

Helmet 100
-Trodes 70
-Image link 25
-Micro transceiver 100
-Radio Signal scanner R6 600
-Laser range finder R3 300    1195 

Clothing 20                             119880 so far

Transys Avalon 5000
-hot sim module 250
-Trid projector 200
-Epaper 5
-Biometric 200
+Fake SiN R3 7500
+Fake Gun license 3 600
+Fake Conceal carry 3 600
+Fake Decker license 3 600                 14975
-Silver Credstick 20

Contacts: R3 600
-Flare compensation 250
-Image enhance R2 1000                1850

Glasses: R4 400
-Image Link 25
-low light 500
-Thermo 500
-Vision mag 250                    1675

Earbuds 50
-audio enhance 1 500                550          19050 on elecs
                                                138930 so far

-Low Lifestye 2000
-Yamaha Growler  5000
-Toolkit (hardware) 500
-Gecko kit 250
-Directional Jammer R6 1200
-Tag eraser 450
-Directional Mic 50
-Laser Mic 100                                 7750 on misc
                                              146680 so far
Force 4 Qi Foci (combat sense) 12,000
+8karma                                      158,680 so far
x30 APDS 360
x30 APDS 360
x30 regular 60
x30 regular 60
x30 explosive 240
x30 explosive 240
                                            160,000 total spent.
Spare karma 25 + 24 from qualities spent on:
Mag 3->4
Qi focus
20k resources
1 contact improvement

Contacts: cha x 3 = 9 points
3,3 Black market weapons dealer
2(3),1 Talismonger/tatoo artist

Knowledge skills (int log x2= 18)
Japanese N
English 3
Freerunning 5
Matrix crime 2
Military history 3(IJA 5)
Music 2 (j-pop 4)
Bike racing 2 (track racing 4)


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« Reply #6 on: <08-12-13/0142:48> »
I wouldnt mind got my hand in few games ATM though. I would prefer something along lines of adept or mage.