[OOC] Missions 2 - Take out service

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« on: <03-15-13/1705:31> »
SPOILER WARNING: this game is played using the official Missions 02 - 13 Take Out service scenario. If you wish to ever play it do not read any further.

I am opening up another thread my friends,

on list are:
Sichr, snake_eyes,  Netzgeist, Xzylvador and Farothel

Please post here the runner current status and dice pools in the Kot's format (or a heads up that it has been updated in black book)

since you got another runs under your belt succesfully completed, you might want to add some descriptions part into your background stories

I am going to run this was one on TR 3 like the previous one.
Sorry for a small delay ;)

Denver Missions
concluded 01 02 03 04 05 10 09 11
running 13
runners: Caretaker Jerry


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« Reply #1 on: <03-15-13/1731:48> »
First :)

Name: Me3XST

Karma Total/Current:  71/21
Money: 25Y

Notoriety: 0

Street Cred: 7

Factions relations:
Casquilho Mafia: +2
Kirillov Vory: +2
Fronts: -1
Wuxing: +1
Yakuza: -3


23,511(VR) / 3 IP

Positive Qualities
Natural Hardening
More Than Metahuman
Blackmarket Pipeline (Vehicles)

Negative Qualities
Prejudice - common (women), Outspoken
SINNER - Omar Gibo - Sin Given by CC when entering civilized world in Denver
Records on file: Since Ive been given the SIN by Merc organization located in Denver that time, He had to be registered by local Authorities...This depends on the sector, but KE would make it easier for us to explain things in past and the future...

Active Skills
Cracking Skill Group4
- Electronic warfare4
- Cybercombat4
- Hacking (Stealth)4(6)
Computer (Analyze)3(5)
Pilot ground craft (Remote controll) 5(7)
Etiquette (Mercenary)1(3)
Automotive mechanic2
Pilot Aircraft Remote controll1(3)

Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Terrorists (Sons Of Sauron)4(6)
Security design4
Hangouts (Smugglers)3
Hangouts (Mercenary)2
Denver Tunnels1

Language Skills

Commlink0,2/2000¥Viz. Commlinks
Hotsim module0,2/2000¥+2 All fullVR tests
Cerebral booster 2/0,420000¥+2 Logic
Control rig0,510000¥+2 when jumped in
Math SPU0,154500¥+2 math and Electronic Warfare
Nanohive 10,7510000¥+Control Rig booster nanites r.3 - 15000¥
Cybereyes 20,3700¥+Flare compensation, Smartlink / 1750¥
Cyberears 10,2500¥+Damper, Spatial recognizer / 1500¥
Datajack0,1500¥Capacity:1 unused slot

Biofeedback filter (E)5+5300¥
Black Hammer55000¥
Stealth (E)5+5300¥
Analyze (E, AV Resistance 4)5+1200¥
Command (E)5800¥
Encrypt (E)5+800¥
Scan (E)5+500¥
Exploit 5+5000¥
Mapsoft (Denver)6500¥

Fairlight Caliban (Response upgrade 5, Optimization - Exploit]10000¥
Sleeping bag75¥
Chemsuit r.4300¥
Survival kit100¥
Fiberoptic cable: 50M250¥

Hardware Shop+Automotive Shop - ExC&C base

Camouflage suit (8/6)1200¥
Jupiter Taser Club (6S(e), Taser ranges)1200¥

Rover 2068

Standard sensor package [12]:
• Atmosphere Sensor (taking up 1 Capacity)
• 2 Cameras (front and back, taking up 2 Capacity)
• 2 Laser Range Finders (front and back, taking up 2 Capacity)
• 2 Motion Sensors (front and back, taking up 2 Capacity)
• Radar (taking up 5 Capacity)

Standard: Amenities (High), Passenger protection 2, Anti theft system 2
Non-Standard: Response upgrade 5, Rigger adaptation, Off-Road suspension, 4X runflat Offroad tires, Signature masking 6, Ram plate, Oil-Slick Sprayer, Engine Customization (Accel, speed), Spoof chip[/i], Morphing plate

Concealed, remote controled flexible mount, With Ammo bin, Gyro Link
Light machine gun(Sentry) (7/-1)
200 Regular ammo

Improved suspension Parts
4x Runflat Racing Tires

MCT Fly-spy

2x Nissan Dobermann Mk.II


Clearsight 3
Targeting 3

Walker Mode
Weapon Mount (external, fixed, remote control, Ammo bin)

Gecko pads
Sensor upgrades:
Radar 6
2xCamera 6
Microphone 6

Ingram White Knight (Rover), Gass vent 5, Smartgun,
100 S`n`S



Cyberspace Designs Dalmatian


Standard: Improved Take off and landing 2, Rigger adaptation,
Weapon mount (Normal, External, Remote controled, Fixed)
Ares Desertstrike 14(c) DV8 AP-7
2x14 APDS

Sensor mods:
Directional Microphone
Select sound filter 3
Camera r6
Mods: Thermography, Low light, Flare compensation, Vision magnification, Vision Enhancement 3
Radio signal scanner 6

Thundercloud Contrail

016/32144194As listed-10325¥13/11

Sensor mods:
2xCamera r6
Mods: Low light, Flare compensation
2xLaser Rangefinder
Atmosphere sensor 1

Additional Mods:
Motorcycle Gyro stabilization


Nikolai Kirillov Aurora Warrens Vor, Human Male
Connection Rating: 4 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Information on Vory practices, assistance with any extra-legal activities in the Aurora Warrens
Places to meet: Wherever he asks, but typically in the Warrens.
Contact: Commlink

Dean Costello, Casquilho Hacker, Human Male
Connection Rating: 2 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Fake SINs and licenses, Lawyer, Hacking jobs and data searches
Places to meet: Marcel’s; Tower of Babel; Casquilho imports
Contact: Commlink

Miguel Sanchez, Casquilho Fixer, Ork Male
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Mafia activities; BTL smuggling; Hiring muscle for street jobs
Places to meet: Marcel’s; Tower of Babel; Casquilho imports, UCAS dive bars; Ganger hang-outs
Contact: Commlink

Jack Diamond, Knight Errant Detective, Human Male
Connection Rating: 3, Loyalty: 3
Uses: Information on syndicate and law enforcement activities; Police database searches
Places to Meet: Seedy restaurants throughout the CAS sector
Contact: Commlink

Eliza Khanduri PCC:CAS coyote, Elf female
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 2
Uses: Information on Koshari practices, assistance crossing the CAS: PCC border, current smuggling activities.
Places to Meet: Smuggling bars, Koshari establishments, Tunnels near the CAS:PCC border
Contact: In person, commlink

Tabitha “Tabby” Morgan, Denver fixer, Changeling Female
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 2
Uses: Corporate Procedures, Run offers and information, Identifying affiliations.
Places to Meet: CAS Sector Clubs
Contact: Commlink

Peaches, CAS:UCAS Coyote, Ork Female
Connection Rating: 2 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Provides safe passage across the border for 250¥ per person.
Places to Meet: Abandoned buildings near the border
Contact: Commlink
Availability: Requires 1 hit on a loyalty test.

“Stalker”, CAS:Pueblo Coyote, Human Male
Connection Rating: 2 Loyalty: 0
Uses: Provides safe passage across the border for 250¥ per person.
Places to Meet: Sloan Lake Park
Contact: Commlink
Availability: Requires 1 hit on a loyalty test.
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« Reply #2 on: <03-15-13/1924:47> »
Name: Amber Hope Miller (Officially Died 2042)
Alias: Silk
Race: Elf (Human Looking)
Sex: Female
Nationality: SINless, UCAS
Lifestyle: Low, 1 month paid.
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: A slender, good looking (understatement) female of mixed Caucasian and Japanese descent. Natural eye color, green. Often wears colored lenses. Natural hair color, dark brown. Often dyed.
Growing up as a child of one of the founders of the Humanis Policlub, it's probably a good thing nobody -including herself- noticed she was an elf, her slightly almond shaped eyes and slender build and pale silky skin considered a result of her mixed caucasian and asian heritage.
Silk was recruited into the CIA -back when in still existed- and worked undercover as a geisha in Tokyo, spying on the Yakuza and reporting on their influence in the Japanese megacorps.
She was nearly killed when her employer sold her out, only surviving thanks to her sudden awakening. Her awakening triggered a lot in her, including the realisation that she wasn't human.
Her true identity officially dead by the rest of the world, Silk decided to leave her past behind and employ her skills and newfound magical powers to travel the world and enjoy her freedom, only to end up decades later in Seattle, where she started 'officially' hiring out her talents as a Shadowrunner.
After making a name for herself, she was put on Tamanous' payroll for a little while. The pay was good -although some modifications they provided her with slightly messed up her magical powers. But when some of the uglier details of her accomplishments became known to her immediate surroundings, she decided it might be best to leave town for a while and left for another city known for its plenty of job opportunities in the shadows.
Once in Denver, she got into contact with Mark Longfeather, a Koshari elder she knew from previous deals in Seattle and asked him to help her find work.

34 [8]32
2 / 234.016, 1IP

Positive Qualities
Restricted Gear (Rating 1)
Low-Light Vision

Negative Qualities
Buggy 'Ware (Rating 1) (Attention Coprocessor)
Incompetent (Pilot Ground Craft)
Poor Self Control (Vindictive)
Sensitive System

Active Skills  (* Group)
Clubs                        : 5                      Pool: 13
Con*                         : 3                      Pool: 16
Disguise*                 : 1                      Pool: 4
Etiquette*                : 3                      Pool: 16
Gymnastics             : 3                      Pool: 11
Infiltration*             : 1                      Pool: 9
Intimidation            : 1                      Pool: 14
Leadership*            : 3                      Pool: 16
Negotiation*           : 3                      Pool: 16
Palming*                 : 1                      Pool: 10
Perception               : 1                      Pool: 7
Pistols                      : 5                      Pool: 13
Shadowing*            : 1                      Pool: 4

Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Bars and Clubs             : 2                      Pool: 5
Shadow Community           : 2                      Pool: 5
Underworld                 : 3                      Pool: 6
Yakuza                     : 2                      Pool: 5

Language Skills
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
Italian                    : 3                      Pool: 6
Japanese                   : 3 [Speak]              Pool: 6 [8]
Mandarin                   : 3                      Pool: 6
Russian                    : 3                      Pool: 6
Sioux                      : 3                      Pool: 6
Spanish                    : 3                      Pool: 6
Sperethiel                 : 3 [Speak]              Pool: 6 [8]

Adept Powers
Commanding Voice0.5 
Kinesics, Rating 31.5 
Nimble Fingers0.25 
Voice Control0.25 

Martial Arts
Arnis De Mano
   +inflict dmage when making Called Shot to disarm
Two Weapon Style

Attention Coprocessor, Rating 3
Voice Modulator

Muscle Toner, Rating 4
Sleep Regulator
Tailored Pheromones, Rating 3

== Armor == Ballistic: 11, Impact 9
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit 6/2
   +Fire Resistance 1
   +Insulation 1
   +Thermal Damping 6
   +YNT SoftWeave
H-jumpsuit                3/2
   +Nonconductivity 4
   +Ruthenium Polymer Coating
SecureTech Forearm Guards 0/1
SecureTech PPP Armor (Ensemble) 2/4

== Weapons ==
Ares Viper Slivergun (SA, BF, FA)
   +Concealable Holster
   +Smartgun System, External
   +Additional Clip, Pistol
   +Electronic Firing
   +Firing Selection Change, Small Mod (FA)
   +Improved Range Finder
   +Sound Suppressor
   Pool: 15   DV: 8P(f)   AP: +5   RC: 2
AZ-150 Stun Baton
   +Advanced Safety, Electro Shocker
   +Flashlight, Infrared
   +Flashlight, Low-Light
   +Gecko Grip
   +Personalized Grip, Melee
   Pool: 14   DV: 7S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
Commlink: Flash-Pak
   Pool: 13   DV: Special   AP: -2   RC: 0
Defiance EX Shocker (SS)
   +Hidden Gun Arm Slide
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Additional Clip
   +Advanced Safety, Electro Shocker
   +Advanced Safety, Glue Trap
   +Gecko Grip
   +Personalized Grip, Melee
   Pool: 16   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
Defiance EX Shocker (SA)
   +Quick-Draw Holster
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Additional Clip
   +Extended Clip
   +Firing Selection Change, Small Mod (SA)
   +Improved Range Finder
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 15   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 1
Defiance EX Shocker Melee
   Pool: 13   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
Grenade: Smoke
   Pool: 7   DV: (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Grenade: Thermal Smoke
   Pool: 7   DV: (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Morrissey Élan (SA)
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Easy Breakdown, Manual
   +Electronic Firing
   +Thermal Suppressor
   Pool: 15   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 1
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 7   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: 0
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki (SA, BF)
   +Hidden Gun Arm Slide
   +Smartgun System, External
   +Custom Look Rating 2
   +Electronic Firing
   +Gecko Grip
   +Improved Range Finder
   +Melee Hardening
   Pool: 15   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 2

== Ammo ==
(Holdouts)           10 x Capsule Rounds, Narcoject
(Holdouts)           20 x Hi-C Plastic Rounds
(Holdouts)           30 x Stick-n-Shock
(Holdouts)           30 x Subsonic Rounds
(Light Pistols)    50 x Ex-Explosive Rounds
(Light Pistols)    70 x Regular Ammo
(Light Pistols)    40 x Stick-n-Shock
(Heavy Pistols)  100 x Flechette Rounds
(Tasers)              120 x Taser Dart
(Grenade)            2 x Smoke Grenade
(Grenade)            1 x Thermal Smoke Grenade

== Commlink ==
Renraku Sensei (2, 2, 6, 4)
   +Subvocal Microphone
   +Hardening Rating 6
   +Armor Case Rating 5
   +Analyze Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Ergonomic, Optimization 3, Registration]
   +Command Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Optimization 3, Registration]
   +Browse Rating 3 [Copy Protection 5, Ergonomic, Optimization 1, Registration]
   +Edit Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Optimization 3, Registration]

== Electronics ==
Babbler, Rating 6
Contact Lenses Rating 3
   +Flare Compensation
Earbuds Rating 2
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
   +Select Sound Filter Rating 3
Glasses Rating 4
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Vision Magnification
Handheld Sensor
   +Non-Linear Junction Detector Rating 6
   +Motion Sensor
Headphones Rating 1
   +Spatial Recognizer

== Identification ==
Fake SIN Rating 4 Takada Yamamoto
2 x Fake License, Rating 4
Fake SIN Rating 4 Jennifer Cuttler
2 x Fake License, Rating 4

== Gear ==
5 x Adhesive, Rating 6
10 x Adhesive Solvent, Rating 6
2 x Alkahest
Backpack w/ case lining (-6 concealment MAD shielded compartment)
Butt Pack w/ case lining (-6 concealmet MAD shielded compartment)
5 x Body Paint
8 x CleenTac
5 x Freeze Foam, Rating 6
Gas Mask
Gecko Tape Gloves
Glue Sprayer
Medkit, Rating 6
Microwire (100 m)
Nanopaste Disguise (Small Container)
20 x Plastic Restraints
2 x Metal Restraints
Rappelling Gloves
Respirator, Rating 6
3 x Stimulant Patch, Rating 6
5 x Scent-masking Cigarette
5 x Slap Patch (Slab)
5 x Jazz (Armor Auto-Injector)
10 x Laés Cigarette
Tag Eraser
Spectrum Permanent Polish
Women's Modez
Nuyen: 350

Mercury Comet (Sedan)
   +Morphing License Plate
   +Satellite Communication
   +Spoof Chip
   +Maneuver Rating 2

Emilio Chavez, Mafia Lieutenant
   Connection Rating: 2 Loyalty: 1
   Uses: Mafia activities; Thrill runs; smuggling, racing
   Places to meet: Lakeside Amusement Park casino, PCC roulette rooms; Mafia hang-outs
   Contact: Commlink
Mark Longfeather “Raven”, Koshari Chieftain, Human Male
   Connection Rating: 4 Loyalty: 3
   Uses: Information on current Koshari activities. Assistance in obtaining BTLs or trafficking information. Jobs related to Koshari businesses - drugs, BTL, prostitution also illegal shamanic materials.
   Places to Meet: Various Koshari affiliated establishments, especially Denim
   Contact: Commlink
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« Reply #3 on: <03-15-13/2007:03> »
First things first, let's roll starting nuyen: 4d6 x 100 = 11 x 100 = 1100 starting nuyen.

Quote from: Runner Current Status: Snakebite
{Health: 0 / 11P and 0 / 10S damage, 0 Wound penalty, 0 Stun penalty}
{Edge: 0/ 3} {Initiative: 12; IP's: 3}
{Berwick Suit Jacket + Form-Fitting + PPP: Ballistic Armor: 14; Impact Armor: 11, not encumbered}

Street Name: Snakebite/Gentleman John
Name: Mike Aisle
Movement: 10/25, Swim: 5
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 2
Public Awareness: 0
Ork Male Age 22
Height 1,95m Weight 130kg
Composure: 8
Judge Intentions: 8
Lift/Carry: 11 (75 kg/50 kg)
Memory: 7
Nuyen: 1100

== Attributes ==
BOD: 6
AGI: 5 (7)
REA: 4 ( 8 )
STR: 3 (5)
CHA: 4
INT: 4
LOG: 3
WIL: 4
EDG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   2,15
Initiative:                8 (12)
IP:                        1 (3)
Matrix Initiative:         6
Matrix IP:                 2
Physical Damage Track:     11
Stun Damage Track:         10

== Active Skills ==
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 3
Animal Training            : 0                      Pool: 3
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 6
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Artisan                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Automatics                 : 0                      Pool: 6
Blades                     : 0                      Pool: 6
Climbing                   : 1                      Pool: 6
Clubs                      : 0                      Pool: 6
Computer                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Con                        : 3                      Pool: 13
Cybercombat                : 0                      Pool: 2
Data Search                : 0                      Pool: 2
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 2
Disguise                   : 4                      Pool: 8
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 5
Dodge                      : 3                      Pool: 12
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 6
Etiquette                  : 3                      Pool: 13
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 2
Flight                     : 1                      Pool: 6
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 6
Gunnery                    : 0                      Pool: 6
Gymnastics                 : 1                      Pool: 8
Hacking                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 6
Infiltration               : 4                      Pool: 11
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 3
Intimidation               : 1                      Pool: 11
Leadership                 : 3                      Pool: 13
Locksmith                  : 0                      Pool: 6
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 6
Navigation                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Negotiation                : 3                      Pool: 13
Palming                    : 4                      Pool: 11
Parachuting                : 0                      Pool: 5
Perception                 : 4                      Pool: 8
Pilot Ground Craft         : 0                      Pool: 7
Pilot Watercraft           : 0                      Pool: 7
Pistols                    : 6                      Pool: 13
Riding                     : 0                      Pool: 7
Running                    : 1                      Pool: 6
Shadowing                  : 4                      Pool: 8
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Swimming                   : 1                      Pool: 6
Throwing Weapons           : 0                      Pool: 6
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Unarmed Combat             : 3                      Pool: 10

== Knowledge Skills ==
Denver Coorporate Politics : 1                      Pool: 5
Denver Underground Politics : 3                      Pool: 7
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
Firearms                   : 4 [Pistols]            Pool: 8 (10)
Italian                    : 2                      Pool: 6
Japanese                   : 2                      Pool: 6
Music                      : 3 [Blues]              Pool: 7 (9)
Philosophy                 : 4                      Pool: 8

== Contacts ==
Sledgehammer (Arms Dealer) (4, 2)

== Qualities ==
Addiction (Mild) (Betel)
Bad Luck
Hawk Eye
Low-Light Vision
Restricted Gear (Rating 1)

== Lifestyles ==
CAS Sector Appartment  1 months
   Comforts:      Low
   Entertainment: Low
   Necessities:   Middle
   Neighborhood:  Low
   Security:      Middle

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Biosculpting, Minor Modification
Clean Metabolism
Hearing Enhancement
Move-by-Wire System Rating 2
Muscle Augmentation Rating 2
Muscle Toner Rating 2
Tailored Pheromones Rating 3
Vocal Range Enhancer

== Armor ==
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit6/2
Mortimer of London: Berwick Suit Jacket (Ensemble)5/3
   +Concealable Holster
Mortimer of London: Greatcoat Line6/5
   +Chemical Protection 2
   +Insulation 2
   +Ruthenium Polymer Coating
   +Thermal Damping 4
SecureTech PPP Armor (Ensemble)2/4

== Weapons ==
Ares Viper Slivergun ("Aspis")
   +Chameleon Coating
   +Custom Look Rating 2
   +Folding Stock, Powered
   +Personalized Grip
   +Smartgun System
   +Sound Suppressor
   Pool: 15   DV: 8P(f)   AP: +5   RC: 2
Ceramic Knife
   Pool: 6   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 0
Grenade: Flash-Bang
   Pool: 6   DV: 6S (10m Radius)   AP: -3   RC: 0
Grenade: Smoke
   Pool: 6   DV: (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Grenade: Thermal Smoke
   Pool: 6   DV: (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Hardliner Gloves
   Pool: 10   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 0
Morrissey Élan ("Marcelle")
   +Chameleon Coating
   +Personalized Grip
   +Smartgun System
   Pool: 15   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 1
Ruger Thunderbolt w/ Smartgun ("Audrey")
   +Chameleon Coating
   +Folding Stock, Powered
   +Personalized Grip
   +Smartgun System
   +Underbarrel Weight
   Pool: 15   DV: 5P   AP: -1   RC: 5
Shock Glove
   Pool: 10   DV: 5S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 10   DV: 3S   AP: -   RC: 0
Yamaha Pulsar ("Miyoshi")
   +Laser Sight
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 14   DV: 6S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 1
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki ("Asuka")
   +Smartgun System, External
   +Chameleon Coating
   Pool: 15   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 1

== Commlink ==
Novatech Airware (2, 3, 3, 3)
   +Iris Orb
   +FTL Matrixware Net Wizard [Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 2, Purge 3]
   +Simrig [Skinlink]
   +AR Gloves
   +Subvocal Microphone
   +Datasoft (Blues Encyclopaedia) Rating 3
   +Virtual Surround Music
   +Empathy Software Rating 3
   +Mapsoft (Denver) Rating 3

== Gear ==
Ammo: EX-Explosive Rounds (Light Pistols) x80
Ammo: EX-Explosive Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x60
Ammo: Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x90
Ammo: Hi-C Plastic Rounds (Holdouts) x50
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Light Pistols) x40
Ammo: Taser Dart (Tasers) x40
Autopicker Rating 6
Betel x30
Concealable Holster x4
Contact Lenses Rating 3
   +Image Link
   +Flare Compensation
Disposable Syringe x2
Earbuds Rating 1
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN (Thomas Gramarye) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Bodyguard Augmentations) Rating 4
G3 x10
Galak x4
Gecko Tape Gloves
Grenade: Flash-Bang x5
Grenade: Smoke x4
Grenade: Thermal Smoke x4
Knight Errant Self-Defence
   +Activesoft (Dodge) Rating 3 [Copy Protection 3; Registration]
   +Activesoft (Unarmed Combat) Rating 3 [Copy Protection 3; Registration]
Laés Cigarette x6
Loco x2
Maglock Sequencer Rating 4
Medkit Rating 6
Medkit Supplies x4
Novacoke x3
Psyche x2
Red Mescaline x2
Scent-masking Cigarette x10
Slab x3
Spare Clip (Morrissey Élan) x3
Spare Clip (Yamaha Pulsar) x3
Spare Clip (Ruger Thunderbolt w/ Smartgun) x4
Standard RFID Tags x100
Stealth Tags x100
Tag Eraser
Wire Clippers

== Vehicles ==
MicroWeave Spider (Small)
   +Small Drone Sensor
   +Tool Kit (Clothing Repair)

== Description ==
You'll probably never see this ork without one of his tailor-made suits. There's too much style in his attire to imply he is a wageslave, he seems more as an executive or a Mafia consigliere - a real Mafia man would be in doubt if Snakebite/Gentleman John is copying them out of respect or in order to mock their style. In fact, both options are wrong; he just has an attuned sense of aesthetics and values his own tastes.
Aside from his outfits (which usually are the things that show up the most), Snakebite is a somewhat "handsome" ork, as much as that is possible. His facial features are strong and sharp, almost violent, but not disproportionate (someone with medical knowledge would probably perceive that he has some corrective cosmetic surgery done). Still, he has touched nothing that would put his orkish heritage in doubt: his pointed lower canines are as visible as ever.
This guy also appears to hold a certain fascination with serpents. His suits would usually hide them, but Snakebite bears two tattoos: an Ouroborus around his right wrist, and a snake motif which covers most of his right upper-arm and shoulder.

== Background ==
The ones who recommend Snakebite's skills usually think that the assassin probably do not remember that well the road that took him to where he is now - and his attitude seems to enforce this belief, as he never talks about his past and seens not to bother about it.
As much as anyone knows, he has already told some people who worked with him that he was born on February the seventh, 2050. If that's a fact or if that's metaphorical, no one is quite certain (but the age most people give to him appears to match the year), since that's the date of the Night of Rage, and he may just be saying that he is a byproduct of it (or of Rage itself). What people could gather about him is that he was born of human parents and goblinized at an early age. That must be a fact, since he had already tusks when he became an orphan, and that happened when he was quite young.
There is more than one story on how this happened, though. One say that his parents had serious debts, and that after failing to clear them, a group of three hitman was sent to erase them. After witnessing his parents begging to be spare and then shot, he challenged the killers - not with anger, and certainly not in any way that could endanger them; maybe he converted his loss and despair in coldness and just wanted to earn a quick, dignified end. Strangely, this didn't happen, and he became their new apprentice - a cruel joke, maybe. Anyway, some say that he learned to well, and that when he felt himself ready, he was the one responsible for their demise; his first and last kill that received no payment. The tellers of this version usually end with a smart remark about raising snake eggs.
Other version say that in fact the three hitmen were after another assassin that was supposed to be on the same building as his parents, and that they mistook Mike's father for this guy. As his mother could scream, they had her shot also... In this story, though, the real guy was really at the building, and five (and not just two) deaths were engraved in the memory of the kid. Motivated God knows why, Just Steve, the assassin who had just collaterally avenged his parent's murder, took the boy under his wing, and taught him the way of the killers.
And that's just two of a series of similar stories, which we will probably never know if are true or not. What we know, though, is that Mike is a survivor, and that since then, his reputation in the shadows grew.

== Concept ==
An ork with a fine aesthetic sense, a cold and calculist hitman, who may serve as the group gunslinger/face/B&E specialist.

== Notes ==
On his handle - He goes by John, or Gentleman John, whenever his fame does not matter, or when he does not want his deeds to be pinned on him, and so he generally does not use the moniker Snakebite - that is, in fact, a name that his killings earned him, and he would rather use it only when killing is concerned.

He has a habit of leaving his "business card" over the dead bodies of his targets - a simple yet elegant business card which depicts a cobra attacking, with a "frame" which appears to be the mark of a snake bite - hence the alias to which his killings are pinned to. A S.N.S.C.N.F.D. inscription embossed is found on the lower right corner of the card, which stands for "Serpens, nisi serpentem comederit, non fit draco" (A snake does not become a dragon until it devours a snake).

About the Contacts
C4/L2 - Sam "Sledgehammer" Emerald (Arms Dealer) [Elf female] - When people hear about Sam, most think of a man; then when they meet the stunning elf in person, most don't believe the little thing to be dealing with guns. The fact is, the girl is an specialist and former military sniper, and she has some love for the things she deals in. She can most easily be located on Five-by-Five; rumored to be on the CAS Sector - but the winding tunnels used to get there makes it difficult for people to know exactly where it is. Rumor says she has a Vory lover, but no one says anything where her ears can hear; she is as lovely as feared. Sam ocassionaly also works as a fixer, but it's clear for everyone (and for herself) that her contacts are limited to the "gun scene", and so her jobs are mainly assassinations and the like.


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Snake post your updated char here,
Sichr, unspoiler please your character here, makes reading on the phone much easier.
Sorry for a small delay ;)

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Here's mine.

Name (real):  Rachel O’Toole
Name (fake SIN1, r4): Ursula Hertzhog, UCAS citizen
Name (fake SIN2, r3): Jean Connors, Horizon citizen
Alias: Eye
Race: human
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS
13 LP total, 3800¥/month (1 month bought)
Location: UCAS sector, Denver

She rents a 100 square metre, 2-bedroom top floor apartment in an old building in the UCAS sector.  As it’s not the best of neighbourhoods, she has installed some extra security.  Inside it is cozy with cheap but good furniture and some good AR paint.

Karma received: 0
Karma remaining: 0


EdgeMagic EssenceInitiative

Positive Qualities
mage (15)
Mentor Spirit (5)

Negative Qualities
SINner (Standard) (-5)
Spirit Bane (beast) (-10)
Records on File (Knight Errant) (-10)
Compulsive - Mild (clean crime scene) (-5)
Incompetent (ritual spellcasting) (-5)

Active Skills
Conjuring Skill Group3
Pistols (semi-automatics +2)1 (3)
Perception (visual +2)4
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
police procedures4
forensic procedures (magical forensics +2)2 (4)
Knight Errant2
Crime syndicates (Denver +2)2
interrogation procedures2
classical music1
magical theory2
Language Skills

Stunbolt (F/2)-1
Stunball (F/2)+1
Heal DmgDV-2
Increase Reflexes (F/2)+2
Improved Invisibility (F/2)+1
Armor (F/2)+3
Magic Fingers (F/2)
Sterilize (F/2)+2
Analyze Truth (F/2)
Detect Life (F/2)

Mentor spirit: Owl
Perception and assensing +2 dice
Spirits of Man +2 dice
Combat spells -1

Hermes Ikon34
Novatech Navi43
Programs: analyse 6 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 4, edit 4, encrypt 4, purge 4, scan 4

Sony Emperor32
Iris Orb33
Programs: analyse 4 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 2, edit 2, encrypt 2, purge 2

armored vest (nonconductivity 3, fire resistant 3) 1500¥
Actioneer business clothers 1500¥
docwagon basic 5000¥
defiance EX shocker (gecko grip) 250¥
Ares predator IV (personalised grip, gecko grip) 550¥
pistol ammo (90 rounds regular, 30 stick ‘n shock) 420¥
taser darts (20 rounds regular) 100¥
spare clips (7 pistol) 35¥
commlink accessories: satlink, subvocal microphone, AR gloves 800¥
Earbuds r3 (audio enhancement 2, select sound filter 1) 430¥
Glasses r4 (image link, flare compensation, low light, smartlink) 775¥
tool kits (forensic, forensic thaumaturgy) 1000¥
fake SIN rating 4 + 4x fake licence rating 4 5600¥
fake SIN rating 3 + 4x fake licence rating 3 4200¥
magical lodge materials r6 3000¥
mage sight goggles + cable 2060¥
respirator rating 5 500¥
survival kit 100¥
tag eraser 150¥
sustaining foci (manipulation r3, health r2) 50000¥
Professional camera 800¥
Pocket mage library r2 1200¥
chemicals (5x C-squared r4, 5x fingerprint dust, 5x luminol) 360¥
security restraints (10x plastic)
flashlight + UV light 75¥
fingernail data storage 200¥

James Dermott (Talistmonger)4/2
Jack Diamond, Knight Errant Detective Lieutenant3/2

James Dermott: A 45-year old talismonger living in the UCAS sector, he is one of the few people she knows in Denver.  He was recommended by a talismonger she knew in Seattle and who she had helped while still a cop.  James has a small shop and while he makes some things himself, he buys quite a lot from corporations.  He knows a lot about magic in all of its forms and he also knows quite a lot of people in the magical scene of Denver and occasionally he gets mages in contact with fixers.

Jack Diamond, Knight Errant Detective Lieutenant: His father has worked as Rachel’s father’s partner in Philadelphia, so they knew each other as children.  A bit after he started at the Academy, Jack’s father was transferred to Denver.  She has seen him again when she had to identify her sister’s body and he has helped her with a couple of small things.

Physical Description: An average looking woman, she normally has long hair done up in a simple pony tail.  On runs, she often wears loose fitting clothes with armour.
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Length: 1m69
Weight: 63 kg
Age: 26

Rachel was born as second daughter of a Knight Errant homicide investigator and a supermarket worker.  While there wasn’t much room for luxuries, they still lived a comfortable life and their parents, even though they were working hard, tried to spent some quality time with their children.  Her childhood was quite idyllic until she turned 13.  During a fight on the school yard she was involved in she suddenly dropped one of the others.  The investigation after the event indicated that she was awakened as a mage.  She was put in a special program for mages in highschool and wanted to go to university.  But this was too expensive.  So Knight Errant stepped in and paid for the courses in exchange for her coming to work for them after graduating.  She had no real problem with that, as she had always been intrigued by her father’s stories about investigations.

After graduating she went to the Knight Errant Police Academy, where she was trained as a forensic specialist, although she did get the general courses as well.  After graduating she was placed in the homicide division in South Philadelphia. (regulations prohibited her from serving with family and her father was in North).  It didn’t take long for her to see her first body.  That first case was pretty straight forward and the forensic evidence was only to support the confession they had gotten.

In the following years she gained a reputation as a good specialist who could find out very much with very few clues.  Her magical potential also continued to grow and she added spells to her repertoire that helped her finding clues, but due to the shortage of mages she would also due other things, like help with interrogations.  She wouldn’t be in the room itself, but she would be behind the mirror with a spell that would tell her where the suspect was lying.  She would then compare notes with the interrogator later.

When the tempo scare began in 2071, Knight Errant put all resources on high alert.  Rachel was also part of this and while she still did mostly forensics, she did saw a lot of combat during this period, including a couple of raids on tempo dens.  She got a couple of spells to help her during those, including spells to drop raging tempo addicts.  But not all went well.  In May her sister went missing.  As she was family of two Knight Errant people they did try to find the person responsible, but to no avail.  She did try to find her after her hours, even though it was against regulations for people to be involved in investigations concerning family it was often done and mostly allowed.  But in this case something went wrong and she accidentally contaminated a crime scene.

As the city police contract was coming up for review, she was fired because of this incident as they didn’t need the negative publicity.  Luckily for her mages were also wanted in the shadows as well and as forensic mage she wasn’t as well known as some street cops where.  Her training made her well suited for certain types of jobs and she also knew what she had to do to remove all traces from a crime scene, which she always did rigorously.  When a trail to her sister emerged in Denver, she quickly moved there, but she was too late.  The only thing she could do was identify the body.  During that grizzly task she met her old squad sergeant, now a lieutenant and he gave her some pointers to get decent housing as she decided to stay in Denver to try and find out more.  In the mean time she had to take some runs to make ends meet.

Build Point totals:  400 = 190 stats + 75 magic + 104 skills + 20 qualities – 35 qualities + 19 resources + 11 contacts
"Magic can turn a frog into a prince. Science can turn a frog into a Ph.D. and you still have the frog you started with." Terry Pratchett
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