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What would you play if you can't play Shadowrun?

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--- Quote from: WSN0W on ---Though why not play Shadowrun AND something else.
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That's my attitude. I'm currently playing in a Shadowrun 6E campaign (really just getting started this weekend) and a D&D 5E mega-dungeon crawl that's been going for 35 sessions now in the Rappan Athuk mega-dungeon.  I'm currently running The One Ring, Masks: a New Generation (tied for the best superhero RPG ever), and starting Ars Magica 5E in January.  In recent memory (e.g. the past two years) I've played or ran Dungeon World, Star Trek Adventures, Cortex Prime, Blades in the Dark, and Twilight 2000 1E.  That's not counting one-shots.  So the answer to what I would play if a I can't play Shadowrun is all kinds of stuff!   ;)

--- Quote from: Simagal on ---I'm planning to switch to Far West in the winter or alternate.
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I feel like that must be a joke?  I'm laughing through the tears, at least...   ;D

If I'm not gamemastering Sshadowrun, I mostly gamemaster Call of Cthulu.

I have also taken a liking to Star Trek adventures from Moedipus games

Numenera or The Strange from Monte Cook Games are fun systems.
I would also like to play some FATE style games or Blades in the Dark.
Oh - and I'd love to play a one shot or short campaign of Paranoia.

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--- Quote from: cantrip on ---
Oh - and I'd love to play a one shot or short campaign of Paranoia.

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Paranoia is epic  ;D...I have gamemastered and played it...definatly worth checking out

I'm very much into X-Crawl.
I've been trying to put an Xcrawl team together to play a regular roll20 game.


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