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Developing story arcs for 6th - possible spoilers

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All right - stop reading if you don't want potential spoilers from 6th edition including Cutting Black, future releases or information related to current game storylines.

By continuing...well you know the drill.  ;D

Okay, I've been keeping an eye on the forums off and on and haven't seen anyone specifically discussing theories of current story arcs or what may be coming down in the shadows. Or at least nothing in 'The Secret History' section. Let's go for story and not like/dislike discussions!  ;D

Okay - the bigee that I wanted to bounce off of everyone - the EM pulse. I ran across some info in Toxic Alleys while prepping a run recently. I'm guessing there will be a lot more in future releases, but I've not seen any info related to what I came across.

Once more ***Spoilers***Specifically to Toxic Alleys***


Towards the end of the Toxic Alleys campaign, I ran across a description of a magical artifact. Specifically that it can be used to power a ritual that will "...trap their enemies. Magic will still work as normal, but all Matrix connections will be severed."
Further, it goes on to say:
"...Once anyone crosses the ritual's threshold,which extends approximately a quarter kilometer around the.. (redacted ;))...they become trapped in that limbo, be they person, spirit, or other entity."

So, the artifact in question is a seal---which when used, at least in theory, implies that it may be able to control and affect the metaplanes and metaplane entities. In game effect, it causes a very high man ebb.

This is a bit of stretch, but what if whoever currently has the seal is using it to cause some chaos? In Toxic Alleys, if everything goes the players way, someone interesting ends up with the seal. I won't spoil that part - since it hasn't been implied in Cutting Black - but they have the resources and knowledge to be a player behind the scenes. That or someone else now has the artifact.

All speculation, but if someone - or a group of someones have been experimenting and testing on cities, it may be something bigger is afoot.  ;D

* In Cutting Black there have been people in the Zap-Zone, that just disappeared - granted could just be your 'typical disappear', but it also could imply a limbo area at the center
* A location was used to amplify the seal; so it can affect larger areas
* Unless you were in the zap-zone, cyberware/electronics could be repaired
* No background count/not a typicaly EMP
* It is a seal - what WAS it sealing...
* Something seemed to get loose in Pennsylvania (a stretch on this one)

Anyway-just some random thoughts! :)
[edit - fixing my spelling ::)]

Next and related to my previous post - and again from Toxic Alleys.

A group used a device unrelated to the seal that was a technological/magical hybrid that " would temporarily seal any metaplanar breaches and portals". This one caused a mana void.

So, what if something like this was combined with the seal and ritual --- Kaboom? :D

Very interesting... *Arleesh* is mentioned as being involved at the end of the stuff in Detroit, and *she was the one to take the Devil's Seal from the runners* at the end of Toxic Alleys. Maybe the disappearance (Aug 8 ) of the UCAS Army Corps III and all surrounding it was a test of the seal? Then it took them a few months to tweak the ritual to "pulse" the cities?

You have used magical *font abilities* for spoilers --- you are *Awesome*!  :)

And I had forgotten that in Cutting Black; thanks for reminding me!

Good ideas - I like the testing scenario, but what the frag!!! I guess if you could "dial in" a metaplane....


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