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(Hey now... I gotta put this somewhere!)

The real reason Perianwyr and Kyle Morgan got kicked out and put on a kill list by the Azzies wasnít because of Bull and Johnny 99′s antics (Or the PCs, if you played the modules with your group), but because Perianwyr was feeding information about the Azzies to Dunklezhan.

The timeline matches up. Working backwards from the start of ďStranger Souls,Ē we know that at the time of the big Dís death in 2057, Ryan Mercury was the primary source/spy for him in Aztlan, regarding the Azziesí attempts to summon the horrors. Based on text in Stranger Souls, this is a new mission for Ryan- Nadja flashbacks about saying goodbye to him before he left, and notes that she doesnít know anything about his current mission. Ryan was also told by the big D about Mr. Darke, meaning that he hadnít been assigned to a mission regarding the horrors until recently. Dunklezhan likely got the information about Mr. Darke from Harlequin, when the elf encountered him in 2055.

The last module where Kyle and Peri work for the Azzies is in A Killing Glare, in 2054. If they live at the end of the module, it states that the duo flee Seattle and Aztechnology since they failed the corp, and return to shadowrunning. Though itís true that Kyle Morgan is the number one assassin, thatís a pretty quick turn around. Itís unlikely that any individual would flee employment/death from a megacorp, and then not bother to lay low at least for a little bit. The only way you could get away with it would be if you had some other means of protection or backup, and even a dragon isnít going to be an impenetrable defense. A great dragon, on the other hand, could be.

So if Peri was feeding information to Dunklezhan about Aztechnology, this would have been cut off in 2054. Ryan Mercury began spying on them sometime between 2055 and 2057.

We know from Dunklezhanís will that Peri was a friend. The two possibilities here are that Perianwyr had been friends with Dunklezhan since before he left Aztechnology, or became friends shortly after. In the first scenario, he had been a spy all along- and itís possible that he and Kyle joined the Azzies for that purpose.

The other scenario might be more likely. After leaving the Azzies, they had to find some form of protection. Perianwyr and Kyle could give all their dirt on the Azzies to Dunklezhan. This allowed for the big D to send in Ryan to track down the locus (What the Azzies were using to summon the horrors), and in return they got protection. Kyle Morgan wasnít killed until a few years before 2063, well after the big Dís death. Iíd wager this was before December 2061.

In December of 2061, Ghostwalker made his return. Peri was living in Denver at the time, and did end up working for him in exchange for protection (And also because Ghostwalker was much bigger than him...) Iíd wager that the Azzies waited things out to see if the big D was actually dead, and then started going down the list of people who defected from them to Dunklezhan. And if they got to the number one assassin, needless to say that it would only be a matter of time before Peri was taken out.

Furthermore, for Aztechnology to still care about killing them after all that time implies that what they did was worse than a couple of botched missions. Killing someone for failure is all well and good on the principal of things, but it's not something you care about after six years. I think it must have occurred before 2061, since I'm not sure how much Perianwyr would want Ghostwalker's protection if his partner was killed under his watch.

To summarize, canon is:

* ORO (Precursor of Aztechnology) forms in 2007.
* Dunklezhan awakens in 2012.
* Perianwyr awakens in 2022.
* ORO rebrands as Aztechnology in 2022.
* Kyle Morgan and Perianwyr were top assassins who had been working for Aztechnology since 2040. They have been working together since 2025, as shadowrunners. As of Mercurial, set in 2050, they have been working for Aztechnology for the past ten years. One end of A Killing Glare states that they "go back" to shadowrunning.
* Crash Virus occurs in 2029- Roxborough of Aztechnology and Dunklezhan both have some involvement with this. According to Dragonheart Trilogy... Either the first or second novel, not sure which, but it was a pretty big deal to Alice.
* Aztechnology nationalizes in 2044, leading to confrontation with the Corporate Court in 2048.
* Events of Mercurial occur in 2050.
* Events of A Killing Glare occur in 2054.
* Events of Harlequin's Back occur in 2055.
* Dunklezhan dies in August 2057. Ryan Mercury began spying on the Azzies sometime before this.
* Ghostwalker returns in December 2061. Perianwyr works for him until 2074. The events of The Clutch of Dragons are largely irrelevant at this point, but it's significant that he works for him for over a decade.
* Kyle Morgan dies sometime before 2063.
Semi-canon (Most likely results of modules):

* Kyle Morgan and Perianwyr get their first "black eye" in 2050, after messing up the Mercurial mission.
* Kyle Morgan and Perianwyr flee Aztechnology in 2054. If the two live in A Killing Glare and are not captured, this is what happens. The text specifically states it's a "you have failed me for the last time" scenario, which does contradict the "spy all along" theory but not the "we're screwed anyways, may as well spill the dirt on them while it's still hot."
Reasonable Inferences (Possibly not true/not substantial):

* Since Harlequin is working with Dunklezhan by the time of the Dragonheart trilogy, he most likely was the one to inform Dunklezhan about Mr. Darke after encountering him in 2055.
* It is unlikely that Perianwyr would still seek protection from Ghostwalker if Kyle Morgan was killed while under his protection, at least not ten years worth. It is also unlikely that Perianwyr would seek a protection plan that did not include his partner. Therefore, Kyle Morgan was killed sometime before 2061.
* Since Perianwyr is one of the "nicer" dragons, it is unlikely that he would work with Aztechnology to bring about the end of the world. At minimum, reasonable self-preservation would have him seek out alternative employment if he knew about any connections between his employers and the Horrors. Someone reasonably familiar with Perianwyr would know both of these things.
* It's possible (and credible) that Dunklezhan wouldn't tell Perianwyr any of his suspicions about connections between the Horrors and Aztechnology, even if they were friends prior to Peri leaving the company. Peri and Kyle leaving the company so suddenly may seem suspicious, but it's unlikely that Dunklezhan would turn down an opportunity to gather information about the megacorp, considering that he already knew the corp was suspicious/reckless since the crash of 2029. Even if he was completely distrusting/paranoid of Perianwyr, dragons' opinions of the mettle of metahumans meant that Kyle would seem to be an easy point to target if there was a chance of a double-cross. Even if you don't buy the obvious subtext of the two dating, at minimum they were close friends, and Perianwyr had been friends with him since he awakened and before he joined Aztechnology in 2040. But even if you think the Big D still didn't trust him after all that, his will still noted Perianwyr to be a friend.
If you think this theory is out there, then you probably donít want to hear my theories on who Perianwyrís sire is, why the Outcast must still be alive, why Eliohann is the youngest/last student of Earthroot, and who Kyle Morganís real killer is (It absolutely is not Blackwing).Mostly because I can't back up these theories quite as well...

If you spot holes, poke at them! Most of this can be seen as circumstantial- it pretty much all rests on a convenient timeline and one entry in Dunklezhan's will.


--- Quote ---why Eliohann is the youngest/last student of Earthroot
--- End quote ---

So where does Peri fit in relation to Celedyr?


--- Quote from: Crimsondude on ---
--- Quote ---why Eliohann is the youngest/last student of Earthroot
--- End quote ---

So where does Peri fit in relation to Celedyr?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure that he does. The only great dragon he's said to interact with is Rhonabwy, who's also a music-lover. (That stuff at the end was mostly to show that the fan theories I have are kind of ridiculous...)

Actually, the Outcast could very well be alive. The nominal head of the Illuminati-esque group you see in the books (forget the name right now) is called the Penultimate Master. That implies an Ultimate Master. The Outcast has a history of building human dynasties to serve him. And it would explain both where they get their knowledge from, and why they are so anti-dragon.

But it seems so on-the-nose as to be obvious. Besides, Black Lodge has only really been explicitly anti-elf. And they're only anti-elf because they know about the immortal elves and how they formed the Tirs and so they see them as competition (enough to apparently even recruit a Danaan family member as a spy until his cover was blown in Dark Terrors).


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