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How do dragons transform between metahuman and draconic forms?


That is, if dragons are real and not just another corporate hoax to keep down the people!

I don't know how Sailor Moon transforms, but I think it's more subtle than the Hulk. It's not that a small body turns into a large one; the small body fades out (into astral? nothing?) while the dragon body fades in. It's surprisingly non-messy for such a massive size difference.

No idea what happens when a Great Dragon decides to shift from metahuman to dragon form while in a small enclosed space. They probably don't decide to do things like that.

I think the "small, enclosed space" becomes a lot less small and enclosed...

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Seems like a good time for this oldie but goodie.  It's not metahuman form... but it "is" a dragon shapechanged into something much much smaller...

Damnit, now I want to see Lofwyr's Sailor Scout transformation sequence!


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