6E: Binoculars and Rifle Scopes

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What are the mechanical benefits for an optical version of binoculars and/or imaging scopes?  The electronic advantages are explained, but not the plain old versions.

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If you engage an enemy at Medium, Far or Extreme range with a scope (by default they are all digital by now which mean they accept visual enhancements and can broadcast their field of view over the matrix, but there are probably also throwback scopes out there that still purely depend on regular optics) by first spending a minor action to line up the shot through your scope then your AR will increase by 2 and you also deny your target from gaining a tactical advantage from having high DR.

The only advantage an optical version would have over a digital version as I can tell is that magicians that cast LOS spells needs a physical sight line to the target (and optical lenses such as binoculars count as physical line of sight while magical effects and digitized images such as thermographic goggles or digital imaging scopes or binoculars do not).
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