Queen Euphoria or Mercurial?

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Jack Hooligan

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« on: <06-04-20/1205:40> »
I'm planning a little trio of old school adventures to run via Anarchy. I plan to start with Elven Fire and end with Dragon Hunt. For the module in the middle though, I'm thinking either Queen Euphoria or Mercurial. They seem sorta similar with the PCs dealing with a celebrity. With no plans to expand into the Bug Stuff after QE, which one of these two adventures better capture the themes and feel old school Shadowrun? Which one plays a more interesting game?
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Of those two, I'd go with Mercurial. I'd also suggest Dreamchipper.


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I second the suggestion for Dreamchipper. Mercurial and Queen Euphoria are both incredible, and the story in them is filled with very strong themes. They can also get a bit dark, so up to you how your table handles that. However, in Mercurial they deal with the star herself a lot, whereas in Queen Euphoria they really don't.

Dreamchipper, btw, is a great intro to old-school, 80s-inspired Pink Mohawk style runs that still have a very clear ethical dilemma at the end. It's a damn good staple of the genre.
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I'd go with Mercurial