Handling large dice pools as a GM

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« Reply #15 on: <10-01-20/1444:44> »
I do it also. But, it reduces the chances of really crazy "critical" hits. Also, some characters are so good at dodging and soaking that it's really hard to hit them with 3-4 hits.

I figured I can still roll for NPCs, but if many NPCs attack one target I just play it like the drone "Swarm" software, I roll once, and add one die for every other NPC that shoot at the same target. That way I can have varient in the rolls, but I also eliminate few NPC turns at the same time.


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« Reply #16 on: <10-29-20/0853:58> »
Thats about combat mostly:
As already described above, I let NPCs buy hits. They share an edge pool and every 3 edge one NPC gets an additional hit.
I am now considering giving the NPCs hits in a ratio of 3: 1 and leaving out the Edge on their side. Do you think that would be an acceptable approach? Fights last long enough without me rolling the dice, on the other hand I want to increase the risk for the runners a little.


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« Reply #17 on: <10-29-20/1733:48> »
The issue with just buying hits is tgat it removes the randomness of dice  and just sets a threshold that players can easily game.

If an NPC usually throws 9 dice to attack, a player must contend with attack rolls that range from 0 hits (a miss) to 9 hits....

On a static 'hit buy' that randomness is reduced to a TN of 3.... which makes the players' choices infinity easier...

If you are looking to challenge players, throwing MORE npcs into the meat grinder that is PC combat is not the answer...
Think smarter, not larger.
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« Reply #18 on: <10-31-20/1755:15> »
There is still randomness in the Dice often.- as the runners must roll to Dodge or hit anyway.

IT reminds me of one of the variant rules for dungeons and dragons-in reverse.
To add more randomness in the game the defender rolled 1D20+5 for his AC, instead of having an AC of 15. And the attacker still rolled hos D20+bonus as normal.

Its not about challenging players more, its about speeding up Combat. - challenging Them would be to increased the oppositions dicepools/autosuccesses.

Although in my experience the GM is usually pretty fast with his NPCs anyway.