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« on: <10-07-20/2319:05> »
Looking for some ideas for new campaign I am starting with new group. I like to do special campaigns for Holidays. I am thinking about doing a horror themed campaign for my next couple of sessions. Originally I was thinking of having the runners track down a serial killer toxic shaman or necromancer. Any ideas or suggestions for campaign? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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Honestly, I think this question comes up every year.

The fastball-down-the-middle response is that Halloween calls for the Halloweeners! Psychotic pyromaniacs with a side of fire damage are perfect for the holidays, and a good introduction to the less-than-lawful nature of the Sixth World. A campaign could be based around the mysterious nature of their leader, Nightmare, who rebuilt the Halloweeners after they were slaughtered by the Ancients in 2069. Nightmare wears black leathers, a glowing skull mask, and orange bandanas on the arms. Its aura is masked and looks like itís on fire on the astral. Male or female or neither? Nobody knows. Rumors about Nightmare's nature: free spirit, vampire, Nephilim (a pro shadowrunner). Maybe the Ancients want Nightmare out of the picture, but what if Nightmare is in bed (not literally) with Urubia?? (Emerald Shadows hints at this.) Ooo! The runners could find themselves trapped between pointy ears on the left and Molotov cocktails on the right.

Ghouls are another tried-and-true staple for Halloween. You can do a ghoul hunt against feral ghouls, as technically there is still a bounty on ghouls in both the UCAS and CAS (•1,500 each, in both countries). Ghoul rights activities will be horrified, it's true, and may try to interfere or smear anyone trying to redeem said bounties. But what about those ghouls gobbling up (relatively) innocent squatters? Alternatively, you could work in the 162s, a ghoul gang with ties to Tamanous and other organizations that readily lend themselves to a horror-themed campaign.

Shedim are another staple, but I'm going to be honest that I've never used them in all my years of GMing. Not sure why.


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Team is hired as additional security for a Corporate Halloween Party
Possible challenges:
  * Another team of runners have infiltrated the party for an extraction
  * Some members of the PC team are pulled aside for special security (ie babysit a couple of high level execs that have been enjoying themselves a little too much)
  * PC team approached by a corporate employee that is looking to be extracted
  * PC team required to wear Halloween costume provided by the Corporate event coordinators
  * PC team is approached by a Fixer right before the Halloween Party with a lucrative offer to (extract an asset, steal some data, plant a device etc.)
  * Party is awesome, everyone is having fun (including PC Team) --- suddenly a blackout occurs! Chaos ensues...
  * The Corps magical group thought it would be hilarious to summon a spirit --- don't drink and summon! Rogue spirit(s)...
  * A free spirit crashes the party
  * A decker gang crashes the party
  * A regular gang crashes the party
  * There is a countdown to something....
  * Rogue cyberzombie breaks loose from the R&D lab
  * PC Team has actually been hired because they are the main entertainment for the party of elite corp execs -- Enter Thunderdome! (Pink Mohawk edition...)
  * Corp unveils an archeological artifact found by the Thaumaturgical group -- unfortunately it becomes active during the party
  * Wow! That's a great zombie outfit! Wait a minute....

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This is the very same reason, I logged on.  I like to do holiday theme runs as well. 

I have ran multiple "Day of the Dead" run a few times.  Make your own zombies or use Kamikaze (IIRC) drug attics.
1.) One game I ran them all at sporting event (baby sitting a VP) when a Drug Bomb goes off, turning people into crazies/fast zombie. I liked this game, because security will make weapons harder to have on hand and there could be 20,000-50,000 possible zombies. 
2.) Another time, just an outbreak in the underground while everyone was eating.  Go old fashion stay alive.
3.) Hired to clean up either event.

I might be able to round up some more info, just PM me.
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« Reply #4 on: <10-20-20/1610:47> »
Thanks for the responses, going to re-read them and reply when I am a little more sober.
"Stupid men are often capable of things the clever would not dare to contemplate." -Terry Pratchett