Arcology Shutdown - Using Foundations to play old Shadowrun stuff

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Hi all,

It's an idea I wanted to share for a while, but never came around it. The Foundation, as described in Data Trails, allow you to create a separate, weird universe, to toss your PCs in, pretty much like a metaplanar quest or Resonance Realms (to some extend). However, the fluff around the foundations mentions that the Paradigm digs into the subconscious part of the mind, which gave me a cool idea.

Just to give some background on how I came about this idea, note that I stopped playing Shadowrun at the beginning of the 3rd edition (just after Brainscans was released) and only came back to it with the 5ed (like many people it seems). So one of my frustrations was to have never came around playing a scenario or a campaign inside the infamous ACHE under the control of Deus.

So, I decided to use this setting as a scary paradigm for a deep run into a pretty nasty host. The settings of the ACHE under Deus matches very well the context of the Foundation as the most you resist Deus (or maybe the more you help it) the more the all universe naturally turns against you!

I think it's a pretty cool idea to share already, but I think, one could reuse other settings of previous edition (like the Chicago's Bug City own) or even adapt old adventures into a set of nodes.... There is a bit of work to be done for translating the numerous stats into 5ed but it make the Foundation run far more interesting!