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YES.  Signature Maneuver was for sure a bright spot in the qualities for our group too. 

Something I just noticed reviewing Driving Styles is that they specify the edge discount for Double Down.  Luckily, the discount is expressed as 50% and not -1 per use, so it still fits with an interpretation of applying discounts to the total expenditure.  However, it introduces the need to clarify whether the percentage discount comes before or after -1 discounts >_<   It should probably be percentage before subtraction, but it's a question that will come up.

Michael Chandra:
I always read it as 'you can do the same thing X times at the same time', not 'you can do the same thing again and again'. It says multiplied, not repeated. So it's not 'reroll your own failures twice', or 'reroll 1 die, if still wrong, repeat', as far as I can tell.

That said, when you have both percentual and absolute discounts, describe which comes first please. -,-


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