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mage resistant doors/walls

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Watch a video about a remodeling of a room or construction of a high rise.  There's already multiple/hybrid materials in walls.  A spell that's limited to one element probably can't make a hole anyway.  You'd need  a generalized spell that works with any material, using the ORT to determine effects.  Higher drain, but more versatile.  Like the opposite of Strengthen Wall, I would think.

As I recall, the FAB walls and mage ivy don't stop spells, they just made it hard for astral travelers.  It's been many a year since I looked at that sourcebook though.

Another answer is in the "weave" idea, which could weave various materials through or around the primary material, thus increasing the tier of the ORT used, or else disallowing the single element spell from working/working easily.  Is a wood wall infused with a high tech weave still "wood"?


--- Quote from: Reaver on ---Organic matetial alone doesn't keep an astral form out.... its LIVING material that keeps astral forms out...
--- End quote ---
It is typically active MAGIC that keeps astral forms out.
Active magic typically have an actual tangible form on the astral plane.

Living entities on the physical plane typically 'just' have an intangible astral aura on the astral plane that a wholly astral entity can simply pass through without any consideration at all (unless they are dual natured, but in this case they are typically also actively magical in some way).

Did ‘living rock’ used to stop astral entities? I vaguely recall that it did, otherwise how did the ED kaers keep the monsters at bay?! Yes, I know they were warded too…


--- Quote from: funkytim on ---Does anyone make any "plywood" that would consist of equal parts stone, plastic, wood and metal?  Seems like a good way to keep mages from casting Shape [material] spells on important doors or walls.  This would probably make the object resistance higher too.  Just a thought.

--- End quote ---

I think it's a good idea.  A material engineered in this way wouldn't need to be equal parts of all those things, it would just need to be not predominantly one of those things.  So you could do it with three.  It's probably not going to have a particularly strong barrier rating, though. 


--- Quote ---Did ‘living rock’ used to stop astral entities?
--- End quote ---

Where is that from?


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