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Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

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--- Quote ---Did ‘living rock’ used to stop astral entities?
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Where is that from?

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Earlier editions of Shadowrun (1, 2, and iirc 3) had the metaphysics of astral movement where astral forms couldn't move through living auras.  In these older editions, mundane ivy growing on a wall was an effective astral security measure.  You also could not project through the ground, and the term "living rock" is iirc shared with Earthdawn which was Shadowrun's sister game back in FASA days.

At some point since then (IIRC, 4th edition) the lore/metaphysics of astral space was changed and from that point onwards you COULD project through living things.  But, still not the gaiasphere (which is the en vogue term to use now, instead of living rock).

Ah, now I get you.  Thanks.


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