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Does anyone make any "plywood" that would consist of equal parts stone, plastic, wood and metal?  Seems like a good way to keep mages from casting Shape [material] spells on important doors or walls.  This would probably make the object resistance higher too.  Just a thought.

Its not really the GMs role to make it impossible for the players to finish the mission. It is not GM vs Players ;)

Having said that, magician can still just project through it.

If you want to make it mage resistant then you would typically use some sort of mana barrier (a ward ritual perhaps).

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Yeah, but sometimes it's the players who are trying to fortify a bolthole or safehouse... and players as a rule don't want to offer the npcs a fair chance :D

Also, a lot of building techniques already incorporate composite materials: (stone) concrete with metal rebar, a wooden door reinforced with metal, etc.

All that being said: yes, the go-to for astral security concerns is to go with wards.  And if you got more concerns and resources, have a mage keep a low force spirit on watch 24/7.

I'm not a structural engineer, but I imagine it would be hard to make a really multi-material wall very sturdy. You'd have to be using a lot of non-optimal materials, since using only the one or two "best" materials wouldn't really solve your problem.
You also need to be using a lot of small individual pieces, which means a lot of joins of some sort, and joins tend to be weaker I think? If you use large pieces, a mage could potentially just reshape one single-material chunk
So, there may be a tradeoff between fortifying vs. mages, and fortifying vs. wrecking balls

Organic matetial alone doesn't keep an astral form out.... its LIVING material that keeps astral forms out...

And its really hard to keep something alive when its wedged into a form fab, and stuck in a living space....

But there options. Awakened Ivy, FAB2 formfactors.... but most of those havn't been seen since 3e


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