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Jayde Moon:
Alright, we're long overdue for an update, but it's because we've been busy trying to get all of this done for you guys.

* Season 8 - The rest of Season 8 is getting published. 0803 is out, I've seen 0804, will be in stores soon, and 0805/0806 are right behind.
* Season 9/10 - Both of these will see release after Season 8. We are dual statting these so you can run them with SR6 PCs.
* The Neo-Tokyo arc will be completed in CMP format. It will be released with SR6. No confirmation on dual-statting, but I'd like it to be.
* SRM naming conventions should be changed from Season X to the year the series is taking place, so SRM 2081-01, 2081-02, etc.
* SRM 2081 will be set in Seattle.
* We are moving to a 13 Missions per year schedule, one of which will be a Prime Mission related to the plot arc.
* Six of those Missions will debut during the convention season (Origins and Gen Con).
* All 13 should be published prior to the 2021 Convention Season
* We are looking at partnering with Shadowrun Missions Online to debut SRM 2081-07 thru SRM 2081-12 in the Fall, after Gen Con
* We'll spend 2 real years in Seattle (so SRM 2081-01 thru 2081-24 and two Prime Missions).
* A Missions Primer document will be released for GMs. This is different than the SRM FAQ, which will be released for everyone.
* I'm crossing my fingers on updating the SRM Logo for 6th Edition.
OK!  Hopefully that answers some questions.  You'll probably have more questions.  If so, feel free to ask here!


--- Quote from: Jayde Moon on ---Alright, we're long overdue for an update, but it's because we've been busy trying to get all of this done for you guys.

--- End quote ---

And you've been herding cats for the Errata Team, thank you Danny for all the hours you put into our little hobby here!

Indeed - thanks for the update.

This is awesome news.

I do have a quick question.

On DrivehruRPG, we currently have Prime Mission 1, 2 and 5. Will the other Prime Missions (3, 4 and possible 6 onward) also be made available?


So do we have any idea on how things that were out for 5th that aren't out for 6th are going to be handled for Neo-Tokyo going forward?

or are we facing a character re-boot for Neo-Tokyo?


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