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Additional question / Confusion -

Adept Ways - Do they double in cost post char gen or not? 

I found but the thread isn't official nor is it covered in the FAQ's current version under Shadow Grimoire nor the Errata.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Licenses: Real, not Fake

Sr5 pg 363 discusses the rules, such as they are, for acquiring real licenses (for use with real SINs).  Notably:

--- Quote ---For the most part, acquiring a license involves
making an application, paying some sort of fee, a SIN
check, and possibly passing one or more certification,
testing, or training programs. The exact details of acquiring
a license are left up to the gamemaster,
--- End quote ---

So for SRM, the "up to the gamemaster" is a decision for the SRM team.  Are legal licenses possible in SRM, and if so what's the cost in nuyen/time to acquire them?  Presumably they're burned and licensed gear is confiscated if the runner is issued a Criminal SIN?

Jayde Moon:
Legal licenses are paid for through your taxation penalty in the negative quality and you are presumed to get them when you purchase the item with your legal SIN.

The risk to your SIN is pretty hefty.

Augmentation Bundles (Chrome Flesh, pg 92) states the following:

--- Quote ---The potential earnings lost in this are offset by the cultural cachet that this “premium product line” carries, and the advertising that it both contains and shares with all potential customers. In essence, each customer becomes a walking billboard, letting everyone know what upgrades the user has and where they can get the exact same ones for themselves. Keep in mind you can’t turn this wireless functionality off and, no, augmentation bundles are never available as throwbacks.

* This stuff is hardware, not software, coded-up RFID tags that are beaming loud and proud. Too deep-set inside the cybernetics themselves for a tag eraser to get to, you have to have a decent cybertechnician open you up and root the damn things out by hand. Most docs will charge about a grand per item, give or take. Pays to have a tech who owes you favors.
* Butch[/l][/l]
--- End quote ---
If a character wants a cybertechnician to do what Butch is mentioning in the quote above for a Missions character, how much will it cost?  The text says "about a grand per item".  Can another PC with Cybertechnology do this for the character?

Jayde Moon:
Good question.  I'm of a mind to say it's possible, but would have to determine the test parameters.


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