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As I am trying to figure this before I run a game....

The main rules state that computer actions use (Program + Skill) to resolve. The skill rules do tie the computer skills to a stat (Logic, I believe), on the other hand.

1) Do computer actions use stats as well? Or not?

1a) If not, then why does a hacker need a high Logic? Stats are useless then.

I am trying to figure this out so little help goes a long way.

Ultra Violet:
Yes - Programs replace Attributes in the Matrix, a hacker doesn't need high LOG for the hacking actions but he needs it if he wants to programming something like a patch...

All a hacker need is skill and money for his equipment and programs. ;)
The Alternative is to tweak the rules, but this brings other difficulties...


--- Quote from: Elseabea on ---1a) If not, then why does a hacker need a high Logic? Stats are useless then.

--- End quote ---

The hacker is usually expected to do a lot of other technical, non-Matrix actions, like hacking the hardware or programming, which do require Logic. On the other hand, you can have a Matrix specialist who can also keep up with the rest of the team when it comes to meatspace running.

Ya know I just had a thought......(OW!)

As Aaron just said have a matrix person who more or less just hacks logic then becomes no big deal.


why not take this a step further no one in the group builds a hacker.

Instead have your players split up the different skills of Computer, Data Search, Hardware, Software, Hacking, Electronic Warfare, Cybercombat.

I would say one takes Hacking & Cybercombat.

One takes Computer& Data Search.

One takes Hardware, Software & Electronic Warfare.

If you have more people I guess you could break it down more but I think with this you can do what needs to be done. Upside is you don't need someone playing the full time hacker which might lead to that person being able to do more for the team at times.

For some of the rich kids out there, buying the wizzer programs and hardware is all you need to Hack into the system. But if you trust only your nuyen when it comes to your skills, then you get what you pay for. But if you're like me, and only trust that which you built yourself, then all the nuyen in the world won't help you, omae. For that, you need to know how comms are built, how software is written and be able to do for yourself.


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