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General Gaming / Re: Dunkelzahn Plushie
« Last post by cantrip on Today at 14:43:28 »
There are also some miniatures word....The Great Hunter....well, more than one word - but I don't fancy a horror mark  :o
General Gaming / Re: Dunkelzahn Plushie
« Last post by cantrip on Today at 14:39:04 »
I may have already pledged for this....I'm not saying I have mind you.... <nervously shifts in chair>

Good call to post it here though!  8)
General Gaming / Dunkelzahn Plushie
« Last post by Nephilim on Today at 14:04:29 »
Hey there Shadowrun nerds! For those of you who are big lore buffs or just like some nostalgia, FASA is launching a kickstarter for their Grand Bazaar book, and one of the things you can get is a Dinkelzahn/Mountainshadow plushie. Figured some people here might interested. Please note that FASA is not responsible if your plushie attempts to run for president and/or spontaneously explodes.
Rules and such / Re: Single Target Combat Spells
« Last post by Finstersang on Today at 13:40:30 »
I feel the same as Typhus. Itīs true that highly optimized builds can push their Soak dice pretty hard, but I donīt like it that all combat mages need this standard loadout of maximized drain Attributes, Qualities and buffs to be viable. And I particulary dislike the standard 2x Increase Attribute + Focused Concentration 2. It feels cheesy, makes all the combat mage builds so samey and Iīd rather abolish this build than balance combat spells around it. So, I did a few tweaks to Combat Spells adjust them to my likings:
  • Indirekt Combat spells work mostly like physical attacks (because, well, they basically are...): You defend with Reaction+Intuition to "dodge", just like you would with bullets or blades. Defensive Actions and cover work as usual. Counterspelling can be used as well, but it only adds soak dice and doesnīt help with avoiding the attack altogether. Base Damage Code is Magic/2, which can be increased before the attack roll for additional Drain on a 1:1(!) ratio, up to max. double damage.
  • Indirect Area Combat spells also canīt be fully avoided - instead, the Hits from the defense test are added to the hits of the Soak Roll. Avoid Incoming still doesnīt apply. They also still donīt scatter, unless the caster glitches.
  • Direct Combat spells work mostly as written; the damage is still based only on the Net Hits and Willpower obviously has firm spot in the defense test. However, the Defense Dice Pool also acts as the Defense Rating - armor doesnīt help when you get cooked from within. Damage can be amped up for additional Drain on a 1:1 basis. However, this time the caster makes the decision after the Attack and Defense rolls, and you can only double the existing damage for each target (i.e. Net Hits).
  • In addition, all Combat spells also get the following Amp options: +2 Attack Rating for +1 Drain (max. Bonus of [Magic]) and 1 Wild Die for +2 Drain.

For me, this helped a lot in regards to balancing, but it also further emphasized the differences between Direct and Indirect Combat spells that many newer player seem to struggle with. In return for the slight buff, I decided to limit the Increase Attribute Spell to one instant per target (so itīs max. +4 dice) and I changed how Physical Drain works:
  • Whenever you have to apply Drain damage to your character after the soak roll, the first Magic/2 points of damage go to your Stun Monitor and the rest becomes physical. This makes physical drain more frequent, but also softens the blow a bit if you really mess up. (Right now, itīs hard to even risk physical drain at all, but whenever it actually happens, itīs hits like an assault cannon...)
Rules and such / Re: Single Target Combat Spells
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 12:35:24 »
Yes increased attribute to the drain attributes for +8 Dice.  Centering Metamagic/Centering Focus for a few more dice that are accessible shortly after char gen.

And Metatypes with 7 or 8 max in a drain stat are also common choices. 

20 out of the gate, 24ish after initiation / foci bonded. 

And Stim patches or Kamikaze if you need to keep going anyway.  Quick Healing Quality for a real power nap :  )
Rules and such / Companion Rule: Armor Lessens Physical Damage
« Last post by MercilessMing on Today at 11:39:31 »
Played with this rule for the first time yesterday, and everyone in the group enjoyed it.  It was good to see armor doing something tangible, without it taking over the whole dynamic of combat.  It affected things more than I expected due to the amount of times that players took damage.  We had two combats yesterday.  One was fairly long, because the combat specialist spent it Dazed, and not gaining and spending Edge is HUGE in combat.  Players took 1-5 damage after soak, so reduction in physical damage was anywhere from 20% to 100%, with the median probably being 2 damage (50% reduction).  Everyone had DR between 8 and 16; everyone was reducing by 1, no one by 2.

Time will tell if even this is too much effect, but so far so good.  Wanted to discuss the rule a bit though.

Caveats were included for AV weapons when the More Lethal AV rule is in effect, but not when the Improved APDS rule is used - at least it wasn't explicitly stated like the AV rule was.  Assuming, the intention was for armor to be half as effective (rounded down) when both of these are used?

NPCs generally have one CM, so technically this rule does nothing for them.  I plan on applying it as a flat reduction for NPCs, unless other ideas from the community come up.  My players enjoy a bit tougher combat.  This will make the Blast damage reduction extremely effective though, so if that becomes a problem I'll probably change Blast to 1 per 8 for NPCs.

The rule says to convert the physical damage to stun after the soak roll.  Why was it important to do this after the soak instead of before?

Even though the rule is called "Armor Lessens Physical Damage", we are treating it as "DR lessens physical damage".. in other words, Cover, SUT moves, etc all contribute to improving this effect.

One more thing - when the CRB first came out, I noticed that there were a few ways to get crazy high DR.  It didn't matter much then because the most it could do is give Edge as long as it was +4 over the AR.  Now that DR has a larger effect, it's worth revisiting those. One is the adept power Mystic Armor.  I'm not aware of any limitation on  how high Adept powers can go in SR6 (I think previous editions stated the max level you could get on anything was equal to your Magic attribute), as long as it doesn't run afoul of the +4 augmented limit.  Armor isn't one of the things subject to that rule.  For 1 PP, you can add +4 to your DR.  If we take that to the extreme, a character could start with +24 DR at which point their skin is so tough, you have to wonder if they can even get surgery! :)  With regular gear, they'll be converting 4 points of physical damage to stun.  Almost impossible to one-shot kill a character like that.  Even in a gun-to-head situation I'd be second guessing it.
Characters with extensive cyber replacements can get similar extremely high totals when kitted out with armor enhancements.  I'm not going to do the math right now, but I'm sure the possibilities are even more extreme.  These are worth noting when considering the rule.

Ok one more thing - Vehicles.  Obviously vehicles are intended to benefit from this rule since the AV weapon exception is included, but what are you supposed to do with the converted stun damage on a vehicle?  Didn't we establish already that vehicles are not immune to stun damage, like when angry husbands take a baseball bat to smash the car of the guy cheating with his wife?  This must have been solved in 5e already since they had a similar rule, so what is the solution?  Negate the stun?
Rules and such / Re: Single Target Combat Spells
« Last post by MercilessMing on Today at 10:34:07 »
One of the ways you could boost Direct Damage spells is to specify that any DV-reducing effects from armor, cover, barriers, etc. do not apply to them.  This should be common sense actually, but I don't think it's specified anywhere.  If you play with the new optional rule where armor at DR8, 16, 24, etc convert a box to stun, well DR8 is going to be pretty commonly encountered so there's +1 damage right away.  And that just continues to scale up as opposition gets tougher, ensuring that the spells stay relevant as you advance.
Same with opposition DR, for edge gain purposes - it makes things more fiddly which is against SR6, but you could specify that you only take BOD into consideration when comparing AR and DR on a direct damage spell.
My group and I all loved the idea of Spirit Doors but it's another one we won't be using because it changes the dynamic so much, it's a whole setting change.  We'd have to rethink how magical security works.  It also makes Possession traditions more attractive and they can be problematic already.  These questions can be answered, it's just a big change for us to make mid-campaign.
Rules and such / Re: Single Target Combat Spells
« Last post by MercilessMing on Today at 09:43:45 »
Optimized starting characters are tossing 20+ dice for drain resist.

I can to 12 easy enough, but how are people getting the extra 6 dice?

Uh yeah, I'd like to see that trick too.  Foci bonding is still not allowed at chargen afaik.  Some combination of Exceptional Attribute and Initiation Centering can get close.. you'd need an elf shaman with twice exceptional attributes to get to 15, and then 5 initiation levels to add 5 dice with centering to get to 20, and I don't think starting karma is enough to get there.

Oh!  +4 Increase Attribute spells, with Focused Concentration, of course.  Forgot all about that cheese.
No, they are not blasts.  For starters, they do not scatter as they did in 5e... indeed you defend against them!  Furthermore, 6e spell damage doesn't tend to get really out of hand. Using these rules against fireballs and whatnot would given an unneeded kick in the junk to spellcasters.  If you want to nerf MagicRun, there are options elsewhere in this chapter designed to do exactly that...

TBH, Combat spells is the least nerf-worthy part of the whole "Magicrun" issue. At my tables, I actually buffed them a little bit by making the Amp options less drain-intensive!

The biggest problems stem from Summoning/Spirit Balancing and some powerfull spells in other categories, like Mind Control. And for the Spirits, the updated allergies list does help a little bit with the Hardened Armor, and the Spirit Doors rule help with their high Mobility and Accessability. What I love about both is that they also add mucho flavour and encourage creative thinking and roleplaying! IMO, the whole Summoning part should be much more about these, and also further emphasize the differences between traditions instead of the current UML streamlining/steamrolling. Pre-4th Edition, Shamans had to summon spirits from the local environment, and mages had to actually fill a bathtub with water to summon a "Water Elemental" from it. The Spirit Doors rule is a step back to these times - and in this case, thatīs a step in the right direction, at least for me!

Another optional rule that just rebalances Hardened Armor as a whole (f.i. only half of the rating as Autohits or even total conversion into Bonus Soak dice) would have been appreciated, though. But hell, itīs my table. I donīt need an official "OK" for the houserules I alread use  ::)
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