Hacking a Vehicle

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Wow, that exploded into answers. Thanks everyone.

So, it's 6th edition yeah. Can someone run through these steps, as an example?

  • See Ford
    Gain access to Ford
    Open door of the Ford

Step 1: If you can physically see the Ford Americar, AND it's not running silent (surely a traffic violation for vehicles to be running silent), then there's no roll needed.  You can Matrix Perceive the icon without any need for a Matrix Perception test.

Step 2: If all you intend to do is gain access to the interior of the car (i.e. you don't plan on driving away with it; you just want to rummage/search the interior) then you don't even need any access at all to Spoof Command.

Step 3: Roll Spoof Command to make the door open.  You roll your cracking + logic vs the car's Pilot + firewall of protecting device or host.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
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