Jacob Crane - Beginnings and revenge

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This is the start of what I hope to be a longer piece on the backstory and development of my first Shadowrun character, Jacob Crane.  It's not much but it's an intro

   Crane sat up slowly.  As his eyes looked around his small apartment bedroom.  Reaching over to the nightstand he grabbed a half empty bottle of whiskey and his last remaining syringe.  Injecting himself as he took a final swig from the bottle.  A few seconds later the chemicals in the syringe entered his bloodstream.  His nerves calmed.  He silenced his alarm as the remnants of his nightmares fled his mind.
Sliding out of bed, Jacob Crane got ready.  And prepared for the mandatory meeting with his supervisor, Director Delgado.  He knew it was coming, it had been for a long time.  After the death of his brother he had spiraled.  Alcohol and drug use were the big ticket items he knew would be brought up as he stepped into the shower.  Fifteen minutes later he was stepping out and getting dressed.  A half an hour later, he was rolling up to Overwatch HQ on his Suzuki Mirage, Bright red and rumbling throatily as he eased to a stop and cut the engine.  Helmet off, armored leather jacket over his shoulder he sighed and walked into the building for what he expected was the last time.

“One time… Maybe even twice, I could cover for you Crane.” The man said from across the cold metal desk in his office.  Fingers steepled in front of him like this was a tough decision.

“Prodigal, your recruiters said.  He hadn’t seen a drek-hot deck jockey like you on this side of the law in years…” The man sighed.

“But IA is involved now.  Three failed drug tests.  Not bliss or some mild recreational stimulant in your system.  This is some hard core shit.” He stated flatly as he pulled open a report with Crane’s name on it.

“I have no choice but to let you go, Jacob.  Please leave your SIN with my secretary on your way out.  Your personal belongings will be couriered to you within the week.”

Obviously dismissed, Jacob stood and exited his former boss’s office without a word.  Leaving his SIN on the receptionist’s desk, he swiped his commlink over the reader and the receptionist entered a few commands into her terminal.  A beep signified that his commlink had been scrubbed of all administrative access that his credentials once had. 

Jacob Crane was now a civilian.