[OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread

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UV93 OOC Discussion Thread
UV93 IC Play Thread

This thread is only for Bio’s and Background for characters playing in the UW93 game.  Any discussion posts or non-Bio threads posted here will be deleted by the mods.  Thanks.

Edited on 11/29/10 to add:  You only need to define characters you're going to be playing on a regular basis.  You can use one shot or throwaway minor NPCs as the story needs it, though we request you keep it to a minimum.  Other people are free to likewise use these minor characters, but if anyone decides to take a minor character and start using them regularly, please ask the original creator for permission (It may be that they just haven't had the time to define the character yet), and then write up a biography here for that character.  Thanks!

And, my characters Bios:

Name:  MacCallister
Known Info:  MacCallister is an aging Ork who is currently working as a Fixer in Seattle.  He used to run the shadows as a Decker throughout the 50’s and early 60’s, working out of Chicago, Cleveland, and New Orleans.  He disappeared a couple years before the crash, but he came out of retirement last year and set up shop in Seattle as a Fixer.  Earlier this year, he threw a lot of money around trying to hunt down an apparent copycat Mayan Cutter serial killer who murdered his daughter, a grad student at the University of Washington.

MacCallister is usually fairly good humored in person, and peppers his speech with old style shadow-slang such as “drek” and “frag”, and insists on calling hackers “deckers”.  He has a lot of connections in the shadows, and is a good go-to guy when you need some information or some help.

Name:  Tauren
Known Info:  Tauren is new to the shadows and hasn’t made much of a name for himself.  He’s a young ork hacker, and is a bit cocky. 
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Well, until Bull tells me whether or not I can post as 'Jack* in the thread, here's my other characters:

Name: KageZero
Known Info: An Initiated mystical adept, he is a master of Jeet Kune Do and has been around the block enough that he's had to deal with a dragon (against his will), and it cost him his right hand. Fortunately, the Johnson sprung for a delta clinic to have it replaced. Unfortunately, someone missed the memo that he's Awakened and gave him a cyber-hand. He the strong-but-silent type, giving out advice as needed to those that ask.
Rumors: "Omae, don't get him mad. If you take a swing at him, either make sure he goes down with the hit, or prepare to get it back ten-fold. And, he does this weird high-pitched yelping when he fights, almost like some of those old 2-D movies from pre-Crash 1.0."

Name: Bear
Known info: This big trog is a walking advertisement for WeaponsWorld. With two custom-made cyberarms done up in a glossy black finish, etched with lines that have glowing neon green nanites running along the lines in Orc tribal patterns; a pair of demonic red cybereyes and usually hefting around a Mossberg auto-shotgun; he scream big, bad fragger.
Rumors: "Definitely not the guy you want to see on the other side of whatever run you're pulling. Weird thing is, I heard he talks to his gun (a Savalette Guardian) a lot. Okay, that's not weird, but the drekkin' trog installed the damn commlink with a sexy elf slitch personality on it!"

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Name: Moreau
Known Info: A fixer seemingly in his mid-50s.  He wears his hair long, and has a shock of grey in it that runs down from his brow into his mustache and goatee.  Is often seen in his favorite overcoat, and in the company of at least 2 pets.  It is known he worked as a meta-animal trainer for a time in the 60s, but his past stops there.  He is known in the academic community of Seattle for helping them get work that is in the “grey” area of the law.  He has been putting the word out though that he needs some new runners, as the last team he worked closely with has had to take a “vacation” down to L.A.
Moreau seems to have many academic contacts, and also quite a few talismongers he is in contact with.  As well, it is rumored that he was close to completing his PhD. In parazoology.  He has a way of tracking down and acquiring quite a few types of paracritters, and has been known to take said paracritters and get them trained.

Name: Stevesie (maybe SteveZ…)
Known Info: Young and brash new shadowtalent.  He is known as a crack rifleman, but uses mostly archaic hunting rifles.
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Name: Nomad
Known Info: A former runner and semi fixer/mentor to the up-comming generation.  Now a human in his early 40s, Nomad began his career in the mid '50's and "retired" from active running shortly following the second Crash.  As an earth elementalist and part-time rigger/decker, his particular strength lay in his "jack-of-all-trades" approach to running, allowing him to cover multiple roles to a greater, or lesser, degree.  His current permanent address is unknown, but he still is seen visiting the Seattle Metroplex in an aging Bison that he called home throughout his running career.
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Name: Wayfinder

Known Profile: A human male mystic adept in his mid thirties always seen in a black long coat and sunglasses. A very active runner in the 50's for the past decade been a very discreet Johnson for an unknown employer.

Rumors: "Any mage that meet this guy check out his aura. Craziest thing I've ever seen"
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Name: Tekdrake

Known Info: Newb runner, caught the weird side of SURGE and drake.  Used to run a lot of scripts and softs, just starting to show signs of learning to be a real hacker. Always looking for paydata on medical info on surged folk and other drakes.

Rumors: "He, she, whatever that thing is, just ain't right somehow."
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// Begin File Attachment //
Interpol News

Notice: Attention Night Errant Seattle branch, amended file informs of a wanted felon entering the Seattle sprawl!

Background: Franklin Greaves is thought to be born in south east England, near the town Dorking. Making his way slightly north he found refuge in the Lambeth Containment Zone. We feel that Greaves found training amongst the Lambeth Martyrs in the LMZ. Information is not complete yet we understand Franklin was involved in the Slaughter of the Garrison on the A101 entry point to the LMZ in 2065 allowing Mil spec weapons to resupply to the Martyrs, followed by several Attacks throughout the LMZ that decimated House to house sweep and grab efferts.What is known is that he was hired into the mercenary unit Gragits Exterminator’s in 2069 and served on one of their heavy weapons teams in there only Desert Wars campaign. It was there that Franklin saw the slaughter of his unit by spells/spirits. We also know he suffered severe wounds, and upon recovery aliped back into London around the end of 2070. For 2071 Franklin made a name for himself for supporting multiple shadow teams with heavy fire support, yet wit this solid reputation, dark rumors that we believe points to his hunger for those that practice/ employ magic.

Modus Operandi: Within the last year London sprawl and surrounding towns have suffered waves of murders on the awakened population; if time permits the murder takes the time to remove the heart of said individual. Yet this has turned into costly lead for us and we strongly recommend Knight Errant to abstain from following these gruesome trophies, for we have found they are laid out in explosive laden traps which have cost us several Fast response teams. These murders seem to take place in a random form and only brief visuals link us back to Franklin. We have found our leads have grown quite recently, and believe he has left London to travel to UCAS.

Psych Profile: Greaves seems to take advantage of his innate Meta-variant for protection from magic, yet it also seems as if he causes a negative back ground count when assessed Astrally. His tactics are straight forward, employ smoke and HE then open with heavy weapons. He is supplied by his shadow-work to maintain a ready arsenal needed for engaging awakened metahumans.  

Description:  Caucasian Fomori meta-type with strong possibilities of surge:The recent visual lead us to confirm he has suffered heavy scaring from the attacks in the wars, one Horn seems to be cloven completely from his left side, and heavy scarring trails this wound down to his shoulder. In spite of this he seems to move with an unheard of grace and agility for a troll, akin to what you would see of a heavy augmented human street samurai

Database Identification: [Unavailable]

Known Aliases: Frankie the Fomori

Known Associates/Connections: Martial Arts instructor Aaron in London has confirmed he is trained in Krav Maga.

>>>>>[Don’t buy into this hype chummers, yes I have a hard-on for awakened corporate affiliated users, and yes I have been known to take a heart or two….But really what is life without a hobby.]<<<<<
     -- Frankie the Fomori (19:44:23/09-04-2072)
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Name: Turtletron

Known Info: Turtletron is a human bio-enhanced weapon specialist who was a member of the Lone Star until 2069 and then decided to run the in shadows. The fact that Knight Errant took Lone Star contract don't mean drek to him. After three years in the shadows he finally feels at the right place, even if it's a dangerous one. He likes weapons and gadgets. He likes to keep himself informed, which is why he discovered Underworld 93. He's not an asshole, but he isn't someone to mess with either, not a lot of person double-crossed him and lived to brag about it.

Rumors:The rumors are that he never chose to leave Lone Star, but was fired because he often accepted bribes from mafia and gangers for different reasons. True, false, who knows...
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Name: Texas Tarantula
Known Info: Not much is known about Texas Tarantula (aka: TT), other than he's an ork shaman who claims to follow the Spider totem, that he's a lower-level initiate, and that he's built a somewhat solid reputation around the DFW area as a reliable (if slightly mercenary) forensic shaman. He is reported to specialize in spirit lore and assensing and has worked both above-board corporate jobs and smaller, "private" details. Supposedly, he was integral in tracking down the Dallas-based "Blood Bag" killer in the late summer of 2069, although no corporate documentation ever calls him out by name.
Rumors: "He's a creepy bastard, too be sure - all them shaman types are, but he's special. You watch him one day - he sees a spider or something, he'll stop to talk to it. TALK to a SPIDER. It's insane. Don't get on his bad side, though. Dude'll track you down faster than a hellhound."

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"official" Name: Donald Genaro
Streetname: Gent
Known Info: Donald "Gent" Genaro, male, caucasian, aprox. 50 years old. Gent used to be a freelancer, hiring out his talent for electronics, surveilance, explosives and some basic decking on the legal and shadow market in and around Seattle back in the 50s. While he never was a major player, his reputation was solid and he was well liked for his manners, professional behavior and code of morals. He disappeared about a year before Crash 2.0, but now seems to have returned to Seattle for reasons unknown.
Rumors: During his time as a Shadowrunner he was rumored to have been involved in a Mafia turf struggle, which ultimately lead to his self-chosen exile. If that is the case, he must have negotiated a truce, because he once again moves freely in Seattle. He was also rumored to be involved in a romantic episode with a known and wanted magical-goods-thief named Venus. Rumors around his return, the little there are, say he might have taken on a corporate career in the security industry and is scoping out new markets for his employer.
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Dunno if I'm going to use them, but they're two of my old characters (and long time friends and colleagues of MacCallisters), so...

Name:  Chaos
Known Info:  Chaos has been out of the biz for a number of years now.  WHen he was active, he was known for being a powerful, but very unpredictable mage with a fondness for fire and illusion spells.  He always wore very distinctive clothing.  Top of the line suits in garishly bright primary colors with silver or gold stars, moons, and other "mystical symbols" on them, and a matching floppy "Gandalf Hat", and carrying a large wooden staff.  In his early days, few runners willingly ran with him more than once, as he seemed to be self destructive, and even suicidal.

Name:  Mac
Known Info:  Mac is a street samurai, is the consummate professional, or at least tries to be.  He tries to pan everything out to the last little detail, and strives to have runs go silently and smoothly.  RUmor has it that he lost a team due to poor planning early in his career.  He faded out of the business around the time of the crash.

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Name: Thunder
Known Info: In her late 20s, a shaman following the Dragonslayer idol, with a penchant for lightning-based spells and spell effects. Ran the shadows in Houston for a time, then somehow managed to drop out of the biz. Began a new life as a vigilante in the Houston suburb of Pasadena; how she manages to keep body and soul together are a mystery to all but her closest friends.

Claims to have died during a robbery at a Stuffer Shack, only to rise again. It's not out of the question that she's not completely stable mentally.
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Name:  Outrider, Johnny Iron Horse

BasicsHomo Sapien Nobilis, with obvious NAN features.  Muscle, wheelman.

Known Info:  Everyone who saw the Lakota Arrows beat the Ares Predators late last season has seen Johnny's face, which -- combined with a SIN he admits is linked to some prison time out in the NAN -- means he doesn't take the whole street name thing too seriously.  He was able to package that game-winning moment in the limelight alongside a season of quiet, reliable, play and turn it into a get out of jail free card, and hasn't looked back.

By which one might mean "hasn't stopped breaking the law," mind you.  Rumor is Johnny's taking jobs for the Laesa lately, rolling with the absorbed remnants of the Princes of the Blood go-gang in and around Tarislar.  Other rumors place him in a recent skirmish alongside Seattle's First Nations, scalping Troll Killers in retaliation for the Killers' hitting civvies out on Council Island, but that might've been for fun.  He's still outside Seattle as often as in it, riding cross-country with saddlebags full of illicit wares for all the naughty boys and girls, riding escort duty for important shipments, and doing who-knows-what-else.


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Handle: Inverse

Known info: Said to be obsessed with a certain 2-D cartoon pre crash 1.0 which originated from Japan. She's roughly 20 years old, awakened in her teens, and slings around spells with formulae based on what she saw in said cartoon. Ran with a group consisting of a too-dumb-to-live street sammie, a cynical mystic adept, and a Phys Ad wannabe healbot with an ironic sense of justice. Apparently has a rival who, when not eating the food from her fridge, enjoys tormenting her with "cute" (read hideously misshapen) summons.

Rumors: Some low brow Seattle street gangs are said to cross the street when they see anyone with long red hair coming towards them (whether or not this is warranted is up for debate, but at least she keeps her shoes when accidentally going down the wrong street). Also she apparently has a bad rep among Drakes (which she actively denies doing anything to the stupid wizworms)
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Name:  D'velkyn
Known Info:  This Orc Street Samurai has been active for a few months in the scene but has managed to show himself to be a capable, though he breaks a bit of the norm. Despite being covered in Scrolling tattoo work, embracing pre-awakening industrial facial piercings, Bioware horns, and changing his fiber optic hair color almost hourly, he seems to be reluctant to get much Chrome put in him, wishing to not to reveal his hand. What is known is that on a job he thinks ahead, and gets the job done, recently pulling his team out of a bad piece of business when they attempted to break a ranking member of the Red Hot Nukes out of a Knight Errant Holding Facility. Though a member of his team died on the run he managed to extract the target without killing any Knight Errant personnel. Though two unarmed Japanese prisoners were shot and killed during the escape by a non police handgun, the victim's names were not released.

Rumors- A few Runners have speculated on a similarity in pre-augmented appearance to a former bouncer for an upscale gentleman's club who made the news after unintentionally killing a club patron in an altercation over improper touching of a dancer. This patron turned out to be a high ranking member of the Yakuza and after the Bouncer's home was destroyed in a suspected bombing the bouncer was never seen again.