[OOC] VU93 -- SRM 04-05 & SRM 04-06 Update

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Ok, the IC thread is to update the Missions and VU93 "timeline" to include SRM 04-05: On a Silver Platter and SRM 04-06: Hard Target.

04-06 is not out yet, but should be out very, very soon.

As always, avoid direct Missions spoilers if you can help it, but rumors about events are fine.

Spoilers for 04-05
[spoiler]For those who haven't read 04-05 yet, be careful.  But the overall gist is that MacCallister has finally tracked down the guy who was behind the Copycat Mayan Cutter in the summer of '72 who killed his daughter Rebecca.  He's trying to verify the information and get proof before he does anything, as the person (George Mathers) is a VP at Knight Errant, used to be a VP at Lone Star, and has a lot of friends and connections in the Seattle government.  Before the runners are hired, however, Humanis members blow up The Gold Mine, the bar that Johnny Torinni used to own.  MacCallister recently bought the bar, and was in the doorway when it blew up.  He's badly injured in the attack, and Tosh Athack takes over as Mr. johnson.  the Runners break into George Mathers house to get the proof they need, and then track Mathers down to a Humanis Stronghold in teh Barrens where they have to assault Humanis with the help of Tosh's Special Crimes squad, the Black Knights.  MacCallister will be out of action for a couple months as he has a new arm vat-grown and heals, though he still does some Matrix work[/spoiler]

Due to these events, MacCallister is MIA for a few weeks.  After that, he only meets virtually for a couple months.