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>>>>[That's if Brackhaven stays in power.  It's a Gubernatorial Election this year.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (15:38:18/10-21-73)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>[ Who's governor doesn't make a spit's worth of difference.  The majority of income in the Underground comes from, shall we say, less than strictly legal commerce?  If the OU becomes Just Another District, yes, KE (or Lone Star, or whomever gets the contract) is going to go down there -- and they're going to require full disclosure for areas, and mapping the place out is going to be a Project for them, so they can go where they need to.
              Frankly, if this thing passes, the Underground is doomed. ]<<<<<
     -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (11:58:12/10-22-73)

>>>>>[So they should stay second-class citizens, even compared to other SINless?  And the major reason that income comes from "less than strictly legal commerce" is because there is no legal commerce at all available to them at this time.  Anyhow, there's "less than strictly legal commerce" going on in the corporate enclaves and downtown Seattle, for frags sake, it's not like it's going to become squeaky clean and beautiful.

OK, this is a major concern that has politics above and below ground talking, a lot.  I didn't walk into this blindly, and have contacts on both sides and every side of the equation.  Legit and illegal.  Even a fair bit of the "illegal" folks in the OU are for Prop 23, as they'd stop having to rob trucks of food just to feed everyone and start buying food on the open market.  The ones that are wholly illegal are just complaining about new bribes they'll now have to pay like they would on the surface, but are eager for new markets as well.  There's also the addition of another city hall, a larger voting pool (You better believe that a SIN Amnesty is being demanded on this deal!  They're pulling the "Night Of Rage" card to get that one), and I don't blame them a bit.

Mount Humanis is pissed off, ORC is all for it, and the other groups are squabbling and trying to find dirt on each other as fast as possible to derail their attempts at supporting/smashing Prop 23.  Biz is good right now, and the Ork Underground will still be a place that Orks, Trolls, and Dwarves can hide out when the heat is on, mingling in with the crowds just like elves can in Elven Neighborhoods and Humans can, well, anywhere.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (11:14:24/10-22-73)

>>>>>[Redmond is Just Another District, too.] <<<<<
Brighid (12:25:09/10-22-73)

>>>>>[So is Puyallup.  The "OMG KE is going to go in guns blazing!" is pure drek.  It's not like it's Lone Star with it's almost 100% Human(is) force here.  KE is at least an equal opportunity exploiter.  ...  Employer.  Bah, same difference when you're talking about a Mega.] <<<<<
Money Johnson (11:38:55/10-22-73)


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