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[IC] VU93 -- October -- SRMs 04-01 through 04-04 and CMP 2011 Missions

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>>>>>[The Toxic Pixie.  OK, I was hired to hire other people to check out some strange things going on with some restaurants (You might recognize some news reports having a pattern, if so, you have a good Data Search Program!).  Well, a few of the research teams I hired got sloppy with their "Background Check" on their Mr. Johnson and their Firewall, and the Toxic Pixie was able to track me somehow, got me, probably some magic drek.  Anyhow, she decided to take me on face-to-face.  Luckily, I was with a drek-hot magician who was able to counterspell everything she threw at me, and she decided to get up close and person and started biting.  I, um, didn't have a shirt on at the time (Don't ask), and she got a nice lock on my shoulder for a good bit until I could get to a straight razor and pried her off.

The worst part was the person I was with laughing the whole time instead of helping after the magic got thrown around and the biting started.]<<<<<
-- Money Johnson (08:54:12/11-08-73)

>>>>>[Back to the political game, Brackhaven was cornered about Prop 23, and oozed out of the question quite nicely.  He's a piece of drek, but I haven't seen a move like that since my Political Sciences classes in University.  The soundbite that everyone's probably seen is only half the story, he was hammered by the newsies and some supporters of the Ork Underground Movement.  Never lost his smile, never faltered, nothing.

Days like that, I want to do extensive dental damage to the rat bastard.  Still no word on how the other parties are going, but their jobs are lining up more and more, and biz is getting hard to arrange due to lack of low-end talent that's willing to take a job where shooting isn't involved.  All-Father I feel old.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (12:16:06/11-25-73)


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