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[IC] VU93 -- October -- SRMs 04-01 through 04-04 and CMP 2011 Missions

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>>>>>[Yeah, Smliey, dat de truff.  Jus' t'inkin' 'bout da folks what ain't orky tough like mez an' da fambly.]<<<<<
-- Big Murphy (16:55:59/11-07-73)

>>>>>[You've never seen the Astral side of Glow City, then. Personally, it wouldn't surprise me if someone wanting to cause trouble for KE (and by extension Ares) started showing toxic shamans abroad how nasty the astral is there. And the Azzies may be looking to get rid of some of the toxics in the Yucatan now that there's peace there...]<<<<<
--Iceblade (18:40:50/11-07-11)

>>>>>[I don't know about the taste of Astral (Well, except for that horrible clear soda they were trying to sell years ago, BLEH!), but there are Toxics in the Glow City and the Rats Nest.  Sometimes they come out and cause problems.  Sometimes civic-minded people see to it they don't cause too many problems.  One of the worst jobs I ever did involved the Rats Nest and a Toxic Shaman there, I made sure to study up a bit more on them since.  Luckily my employer was handy to settle the situation.]<<<<<
-- Money Johnson (16:13:00/11-07-73)

>>>>>[Oh I know what it looks like in the astral. Not exactly pretty I'll admit. But you know, easy and free squats to lay low are plenty. Abandoned warehouses for last minute concerts and parties too. Better yet, I'm getting nearly all my fresh vegetables in the Plastic Jungles. When I'm pissed, I can always roam around the Jackal's Lantern and beat the crap out of a few Helloweeners walking around near the place (how convenient that they don't remember anything). Not to forget the surprisingly cheap booze and the occasional set at the Skeleton, we just love playing in that place. Hell, I may not live there but that's where I am most of the time, with the exception of my weekly visit to the Powerline in Bellevue. Anyway, nice districts always needs shitholes to make them look great! I'm pretty happy with how Redmond is right now.

Hahaha! Money, would that explain the nasty Toxic Pixie Shaman bite and the funny story that goes with it?]<<<<<
--Smiley (22:11:01/11-07-11)

>>>>>[I've seen what crawls in the shadows back there. Which is why I don't go in there anymore without a plan and lots of back-up.]<<<<<
--Mercedes (00:37:27/11-08-11)


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