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>>>>>[Meh, I wouldn't be too worried about the Underground either. If that's what they want, good for them. And Money is right, business seems to be good these days. Told my fixer that I'm back in business for a while and he told me the demand for wetwork is unusually high at the moment. Some serious shit is going down but, well, for me it's just going to be another bunch of credsticks to cash in.] <<<<<
Smiley (14:11:32/10-22-73)

>>>>>[All things being equal, I would agree with everyone about the Underground being just another district. But the big X-factor here is Brackhaven. If he wins, he now has to bring the Underground to heal...I'm sorry "bring the infrastructure up to current legal standards and for current law enforcement to bring current crime levels under control for public safety", and can do it all legal like. It's not going to be guns blazing, no it's going to start with something like serving arrest warrants, stings for contraband, condeming buildings because of safety hazards, and a lot of other legal sleeze. KE and or the government is going to push and when someone pushes back, even if its a little bit but I know of too many people who will push back HARD, you have a possible flashpoint to give someone like Brakhaven the perfect oppertunity to put the hammer down. Prop 23 is a direct challenge to the status quo and right now they have one of the worst possible foes to deal with. Neither side can back down becasue both have way too much invested, but make no mistake, even if it's passed, it won't be the end. I just hope the Underground is ready, I mean truly ready for it. ] <<<<<
Bravo Six (03:19:19/10-23-73)

>>>>>[Notice that both the Republican and the Arch-Conservative parties are heavily opposed to Prop 23.  I can't fathom why at all.  ...  Oh, right, their major supporters come from Humans and Corporations, what was I thinking?  But, yes, I can see that happening far too well.  All the more reason to take jobs that hurt those parties and help out the others, right?  And, hey, it's not like you're giving up cred on the stick, the jobs and pay are there.  Remember, 'Runners, vote early, and vote with every Fake SIN you got!] <<<<<
Money Johnson (03:20:55/10-23-73)

>>>>>[I may remind you that there are plenty of Republicans who think Brackhaven is a carpetbagging piece of shit, beginning with President Colloton.]<<<<<
Brighid (08:44:23/10-23-73)

>>>>>[They were the "Corporations" part of my previous post, not the "Humanis".  And while there are some Republicans that are their own people and work with what the party really stands for, the majority are in the Megas pockets (But that's true of all politicians.).  Also, a lot of Republicans in Seattle wish that he would flip his flag back to Arch-Conservative as well, but that's not likely to happen in Seattle.  Too many Metahuman voters.

Let's just say I've been talking to some folks at...  Some places...  That would love to see Brackhaven return to federal politics and a new Republican candidate be able to come forward.  Honestly, the best thing I've heard about him recently is that, "Well, at least he's a local."]<<<<<
Money Johnson (12:12:40/10-23-73)


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